Could Have Helped Her In A PIN-ch

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(A nurse comes in to see one of our residents and she is signing in at the kiosk. She has a snotty air right from the get-go, which is fine, whatever. Then the fun starts.)

Nurse: “It won’t let me in. I’ll try it again…”

(The machine hasn’t even printed out a denied tag so I’m curious what she’s on about.)

Me: “Can I see?” *reaches out to turn the kiosk towards me*

Nurse: “No! I’m trying it again.” *taps angrily at the screen* “Ugh! I don’t know what my PIN is. I’m just going to go in.”

Me: “No, I’m sorry, but I can’t allow you to. If you’ve forgotten your PIN, it can text it to you…”

Nurse: “I can’t get texts. HIPAA–” *a health insurance privacy law* “–won’t allow us to get texts.”

Me: “Okay, then is there a supervisor you could call to see if they have your PIN stored?”

Nurse: “She’s already working on it. They said I could just go in.”

Me: “Well, she’s probably working on getting your credentials to the system that runs our kiosk. Unfortunately, I can’t just let you go in, though, for security reasons.”

Nurse: “Well! Fine, then. I guess I just won’t see [Resident]!” *mutters angrily as she stomps off out the door*

(I could have helped her more, but I won’t help someone when they’re being such a b****. I don’t understand what she was on about HIPAA not letting her text. And she obviously doesn’t care about HIPAA anyway, yelling the resident’s name in a busy lobby with who knows who listening. Idiot.)

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(My mom is a nurse and she works at hospice but before she was a nurse and she tells me all about it. Anyways another nurse was helping an elderly woman and the elderly woman was screaming because the nurse wasn’t white so the nurse got my mom)
Mom: I’m sorry ma’am I’ll help you.
Elderly woman: thank you.
(My mom gets the woman ready and as my mom goes to leave she says….)
Mom: you realize I’m black, I’m just light skinned.

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(I work at a restaurant for elderly people at a retirement home and an old couple comes down)
Me: hello there welcome to (restaurant name) how may I help you?
(The couple order and I bring their food out when it’s done)
Elderly woman: this isn’t what I ordered!
Me: Yes it is ma’am.
Elderly woman: no it’s not!
Me: what did you or- (my moms a nurse here and she calls me over.)
Mom: honey you work at a retirement home of course she doesn’t remember.
Me: well what do I do then?
Mom: (gives me a piece of paper) write down what you gave her then she’ll eat it.
Me: what if she’s allergic to it?
Mom: what did you give her?
(I tell her what I gave her)
Mom: she’s not allergic to that.
Me: okay.
(I do what my mom says and it works. Btw my mom works with her so she knows what she’s allergic to.)

Technically, That Could Be A Resolution

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(A couple of coworkers and I are talking before we clock in this morning. We’re all kind of punchy from the early hour.)

Coworker #1: “Any plans for tonight?”

Me: “No, I work tomorrow morning. Collecting all that time and a half, you know.”

Coworker #2: “I’ve got to start working on my New Year’s revolution.”

Me: “Your what now?!”

Coworker #1: “Do you mean resolution?” *snickers*

Coworker #2: “What did I say?”

Me: “New Year’s revolution.” *giggling* “I honestly like that better than resolution.”

(We were laughing for a good five minutes as we made our way up the elevator. And we’ve been yelling, “VIVA LA REVOLUTION!” when we see each other through the day.)

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(working in a retirement community leads to lots of frustrating customers, this is just one of MANY stories I have… about this lady mostly)

Resident: I need more vegetables with my meal instead of the starch. The noodles in the soup yesterday were too many! *continues telling the people sitting with her about how she needs more fiber because of the noodles throughout the entire meal*

Me: Ok, what would you like instead of the potatoes?

Resident: I’d like peas, and can I get extra peas? I don’t care if you have to charge me

Me: ok, so the special with two sides of peas?

Resident: yes, I need extra peas because of all those noodles!

Me: *tired of hearing about her constipation* Ok, I’ll go put that in for you

(Resident gets her food and finishes and asks for her ticket)

Resident: You charged me $2 extra!

Me: yes, that’s for your extra peas!

Resident: That’s too much!

Me: That’s the price of an extra side of peas

Resident: That wasn’t an extra side!

Me: You asked me to add an extra side of peas and that you didn’t care if I had to charge you

Resident: But you charged me for a whole side! I’m going to talk to [my supervisor’s supervisor] about this, because that’s just not right!

Me: alright, you do that.