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It’s important to know that Swedish alchol laws are very strict and we are not allowed to give away any type of alcholic beverages under any circumstances for free, we can replace a bad product(unless youve drank it anyway) but if you simply don’t like what you order there’s no way for me to compensate with new alcohol.
I used to work at the bar of a restaurant located at a mall, when one evening as the slighty more upscale restaurant next door to us closed for the evening, their guests wandered over to us.

3 women came up to the bar and I could tell they had already had a few glasses of wine at the other restaurant.
me: Welcome, how can I help you today?
woman 1:(not looking at me) give us 3 mojitos.
I make their mojitos and hand them over, and they sit down at the closest table from the bar. I can clearly hear everything they say as theres next to no customers in the restaurant.
woman 1: Ugh there’s no alcohol in this!
woman 2: Yeah! they’re not very strong these drinks!
I dont pay them any attention as I start cleaning up for the night and I’m used to people trying to lure their way to more alcohol.
Soon they come up and order more
woman 1: Make them strong this time!
woman 2: Yeah!
Me: actually if you want more alcohol in the drinks it costs extra
woman3: fuck that!
woman 1: yeah, were not paying any extra
I’m seriously considering not serving them as they are now starting to slurr their words and are behaving like children, but give them the benefit of doubt, but I’m not pouring any extra in like they want me to.
Shortly thereafter woman 3 comes up to me to order once more.
woman 3: give me a beer!
me: ok which type of beer would you like? we have 3 draft beers and several bottled ones.
woman 3: just give me a beer!
I pour her my favourite of the drafts even though I know it’s a slightly darker lager then most people usually go for but most are pleasentry suprised by.
She sits down with her friends and shortly after I hear them exclaim quite loudly and in baby-like voices.
woman 3: UGH! gross beer!
woman 1: let me taste! Yuck! that’s gross!!
woman 2: thats absolutely disgusting!
woman 3: gross beer!!
I don’t pay them any mind as I have more imprortant stuff to do, even though I know they are being deliberatly loud so that I will hear them. I walk by their table on my way to the dishes several times and everytime I walk past them they exclaim similar things louder and louder, still using baby voices. this goes on for about 30minutes but they never come up to me to complain but simply keep shouting it in silly voices as I walk by and I just look at them daring them to come up to me, but they never do.
finally as we close fo the night they go to the register and pay all the while sipping their shared ‘gross’ beer and once they leave the hostess comes up to me while holding thir half drunken beer.
hotess: Wow they did not like you! They keept accusing you of serving them bad beer.
Me: yeah well I don’t let complaints from 30 year olds who talk behind my back in baby voices get to me…

The Perfect Place For A Coronary!

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A friend of mine and I are hanging out on the weekend in the next town over, and we stop to get lunch at a deli that’s just opened up that someone else I know has been raving about. The place is small, with several tables close to where you place your order, and all of said tables are full. We walk up to place our orders.

Server: “What can I get you guys today?”

Me: “Can I get a [Special] on white, with no mayo and extra onion?”

Server: “Sure thing!” *Turns to my friend* “What can I get for you, sir?”

My friend is a bit of a picky eater, so it takes him a second to respond. And he tends to like meat and cheese… a lot of meat and cheese.

Friend: *Still skimming the menu* “Yeah… Can I get [Sandwich], no veggies or condiments, with double meat, triple bacon, and quadruple cheese? And some salt.”

The server gives him a strange look and I just snicker.

Me: “He’ll have a heart attack on a bun, basically.”

The server and my friend laugh, and one of the tables behind us pipes up.

Random Person: “Just so you guys know, we’re off-duty.”

I turned around to see who was talking to us; seated directly behind my friend and me was a group of off-duty EMTs, still in uniform! My friend, the server, and I all cracked up laughing for a good minute, and so did the group of EMTs. One of the funniest stars-aligned moments I’ve had to date!

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So, I’ve been serving at a family sports restaurant for about 4 years now. We have always had 4 different types of chicken wings. (Friend, breaded, oven roasted, or all meat [aka boneless]). Now… I’ve had people ask for the “regular” way, which in all honesty, there is none because it depends on where you normally go.

On this late evening, I was basically done with stupid customers but this person’s stupidity just took the cake. Keep in mind, ordering CHICKEN wings. So I ask them what kind they would like and list them off as per usual.

Me: And how would you like your wings cooked? Oven roasted, friend, breaded, or all meat?
Customer: what’s all meat? Is that like… Beef?
Me: ……. *Deep breath* no, they’re chicken wings.
Customer: Oh, that makes sense I guess.

Umm… What? You guess? They’re chicken wings for goodness sake!

Digging Their Own Graves

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There has been a Japanese Hibachi restaurant in our area for decades before it was a trend. It is unique for the time — dinner and a spectacle of service. The food is top-notch and — according to the adults — the drinks are phenomenal. It is my go-to birthday dinner growing up.

I don’t go there for some time due to financial problems limiting “special eating out” to “value meals, once in a long while.” Once things get better, I finally convince my now-husband to come with me and give it a shot.

And things turn bad quickly.

Hostess: “Hello, table for two? Hibachi or no?”

Me: “Actually, this is his first time here, and it’s my first time back in a long time. We were wondering if we could see some menus before we sit down so we know what we’re looking for?”

Hostess: *Instantly turning icy* “You can’t take the menus home, sir.”

Me: “That’s not what I’m asking. We’re just not certain if we do want hibachi-style or not yet. May we please look first, and then sit?”

This goes back and forth a minute before she finally deigns to — GASP — let us look at a menu before sitting and placing a drink order! And I’m glad we did; all their signature dishes are gone, replaced with generic fare you could find at any of the dozen other places that have opened up within a twenty-minute drive, at $10 to $15 more per meal. I know it has been a while, but that is double the price inflation anywhere else. It is the equivalent of seeing a quality steakhouse turn into a Burger King with fancy placemats but charging even more.

Husband: “Ooooh… That’s a little…”

Me: “Yeah, I’m sorry, but this is kind of way out of our price range at the mo—”

The hostess snatches the menu out of my hand.

Hostess: “You should know what you want before you go out!”

Me: “Yeah, we knew what we wanted, but we just wanted to make sure you offered it; you don’t.”

We left, with the hostess still shouting at our back. The place closed down a year later, and it’s now a funeral home of all things!

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A Long Way From The Surf And Turf

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I’m working in a restaurant in a landlocked state with no access to the ocean. We do have shipments of Maine lobster, though. I get a call.

Caller: “Hi. I’m wondering if your lobster is locally sourced.”

Me: “No, but we get our lobster from Maine. We actually have a shipment coming at two if you want something really fresh tonight.”

Caller: “That’s a shame; you should really support local businesses.”

Me: “I absolutely agree; however, since we’re in a landlocked state, we have to buy from Maine.”

Caller: “But supporting local businesses helps the economy.”

Me: “Unfortunately, we can’t buy local since we’re a landlocked state.”

Caller: “Huh?”

Me: “We don’t have access to the ocean.”

Caller: “Why not?”

Me: “Why don’t we have access to the ocean?”

Caller: “Yeah.”

Me: “Because we’re very far away from the ocean. It’s nearly 500 miles away.”

Caller: “But why can’t you just get local lobster? You should help support local businesses.”

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