A Buildup Of Spice

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(I’m on a bus tour of Eastern Canada, and so far I’ve had no reason to complain about the tour or the guide. One evening, our guide takes our party to the revolving restaurant in the CN Tower for dinner and eats with us. Note that I have Asperger’s, which means that repeated small stresses accumulate into really big ones.)

Me: *between mouthfuls* “Hmm. It’s very spicy.”

(I’m just making a comment here. I’m enjoying the spicy food, as well as the view. However, the guide seems to take this as a complaint for some reason.)

Guide: “Oh, it’s all right. I can get you something else—“

Me: “No, that’s all right. I just—“

Guide: “No, really, let me—“

(I’m starting to get really annoyed at this point, since all I want to do is eat the rest of my meal and I don’t need her constant interruptions.)

Me: “I’m not complaining!”

Guide: “No, seriously, it won’t take me a moment to—“

(By now I’ve really had enough.)


(I felt guilty about yelling, especially in front of the others, but at least it shut her up and I was allowed to finish eating. I have resolved never to comment on my food in public again in case somebody takes it the wrong way.)

This Sweet Child O’ Mine Knows His Stuff

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(Some coworkers and I decide to eat out during our lunch break. One of them is showing off some vacation photos on his phone.)

Coworker: “This photo we took at Dunluce Castle. This is the same place Led Zeppelin took a picture for one of their albums.”

(One of my older coworkers turns to another one, who is in his mid-20s. )

Older Coworker: “You see, Led Zeppelin was this rock band that started up in the 60s. We’re not talking about blimps made out of lead.”

Younger Coworker: “Really? Next thing, you’re going to tell me that Pink Floyd isn’t actually a person.”

Older Coworker: *pause* “Ooh, I didn’t expect that pull.”

(The older coworker didn’t try to tease the younger coworker over generational things anymore. In fact, they frequently get together during breaks to talk about music now!)

Not Really Getting To The Meat Of The Issue

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(I work at a restaurant that caters to the vegetarian and vegan crowd. I answer the phone.)

Me: “Hello. This is [Restaurant]; how may I help you?”

Customer: “Hi. I was calling to make a reservation for a party of seven for next Saturday.”

Me: “Sure, shouldn’t be a problem. We have tables available for 5:00 or 8:00 pm that day; which would you prefer?”

Customer: “Eight will be fine, but I have a question. Does [Restaurant] serve any meat dishes?”

Me: “I’m afraid not, sir.”

Customer: “Are you serious? Not one thing? My daughter wants to eat there for her birthday; what am I supposed to do?”

Me: “Well, uh, I’m certain there’s something on our menu that you’d enjoy.”

Customer: “Probably not. So, how come you folks need to have your vegetarian dishes at regular restaurants, but you refuse to cater to us?”

Me: “Sorry, I couldn’t tell you. What we serve is the owner’s decision, not mine. So, did you want to cancel your reservation, then?”

Customer: “Nah, I’ll just eat before we go.”

Me: “…”

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Me: Good morning, Splash Restaurant. This is Ashleigh speaking.

Customer: Hey, I’m wondering if you take reservations for half a person?

Me: Half a person…??

Customer: Yeah because I’m in a wheelchair.

Me: Oh! Yes of course we do!

Customer: And is it half price for half a person?

Me: Ummm, I’m not sure it is.

Customer: But I’m half a person so I would eat half as much.

Me: Sorry mate, I don’t make the rules. You’ll have to talk to the Manager on this one.

Customer: Is he in?

Me: He does get here in around an hour.

Customer: Cool! I’ll call back then!

She Darkens The Doors That You “Block”

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My boyfriend and I have just gone out for the first time in a good while to a local steakhouse. I use a walker to get around due to complications of some meds I take and so on. I have just gone to the restroom before we leave the steakhouse and my boyfriend, also my primary caregiver, has pulled his SUV to right in front of the doors and come inside to help me walk to the car as I have a tendency of falling.

As we reach the outside doors, this random grouchy old woman starts screaming at him for “blocking the doors.” He patiently tries to explain that I am handicapped and have just come out of dialysis. Bear in mind, I am standing right there with my walker and she can plainly see me.

But nope, not good enough. This entitled harpy of a woman continues to throw a tantrum while he ignores her and proceeds to assist me into the car.

Finally, she realizes he isn’t listening and storms off in a huff, leaving us shaking our heads.

I am sooooo sorry that my safety got in the way of you being right in front of the doors to pick up your to-go order, lady. At least you can walk unassisted!

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