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About every month or so I go and get takeout from the same restaurant. My order is a bit complicated but I am always friendly and I have no problem waiting longer because of that. I have offered multiple times to pay for the extra sauces I ask for (an offer they have rejected every time because it apparently is not cooperate policy to charge for them).

Everyone always seems very happy to see me, except for this one manger. He will also constantly only half fill the small sauce containers I request. The last time, however, he filled my sauce almost the whole way and didn’t glare at me once, though he still didn’t smile. I think my friendliness might be growing on him, kind of like fungus!

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(I work at a fast food restaurant where we have half price shakes throughout the summer after 8 pm. It’s mid October and the deal ended August 31. A customer comes in around 8:30 pm.)

Me: “Hi! Welcome to [restaurant]! My name is [My Name]! What can I get for you tonight?”

Customer: “Yeah, I’d like [about eight different shakes].”

Me: “Okay! What size would you like for those?”

Customer: “They’ll all be medium.”

Me: “Alright! Anything else tonight?”

Customer: “No that’s it.”

Me: “Okay! Your total is going to be [total]! Thank you for choosing [restaurant]! Well have it right out.”

Customer: “Excuse me?! Shakes are half price after eight o’clock.”

Me: “Oh. I’m sorry but that deal actually ended in August.”

Customer: “What?! I was here LAST NIGHT and my shakes were all half off. I want to speak to a manager RIGHT NOW!”

Me: *wants to bang head on the wall*

Fish Of The Day Is Taking All Day

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(I work at a counter service bistro that has half Asian cuisine, half Western/Australian dishes. I am located in a coastal town, meaning many assume we have seafood without checking the menu, even though it is pretty obvious we are not an upper-class restaurant.)

Customer: “Hi, could I order fish of the day?”

Me: “Sorry, sir, but we do not have fish of the day. We have either battered and fried fish, grilled barramundi, or grilled Atlantic salmon from our regular menu.”

Customer: “What?! No. I want the fish of the day!”

Me: “We actually don’t have a fish of the day, but you can choose from the battered, barramundi, or salmon.”

Customer: *visibly angry* “What about this do you not understand? I was here last week and ordered fish of the day!”

(I have worked at this establishment for nearly two years; we have never had “fish of the day.”)

Me: “We don’t have a fish special, but there is a specials board, or the fish on the regular menu, sir.”

(My boss wanders over.)

Customer: “I want the fish of the day!”

Boss: “No, sir, we do not have fish of the day.”

Me: *desperately wanting to move on to the large line behind the customer* “Please, sir, choose either the barramundi or salmon as a special.”

Customer: “Ugh! Whatever! Just choose whichever! I want fish of the day!”

(I write down the barramundi and ring up the very grumpy customer.)

Customer: *mumbling as he walks away* “Idiots.”

(He came in the next week insisting on the same thing: fish of the day. I really wish customers would just read the menu and not assume we are like other restaurants!)

Doesn’t Have A Nice Ring To It

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(I’m working a normal day in a restaurant, and everything is going fairly well until this happens. A customer approaches me at the front counter.)

Customer: “Hi, excuse me. How many onion rings do you get in one order?”

Me: *thinking* “Uh, should be five. Did you not get that many?”

Customer: “No, I did, I was just thinking, is that all you get?”

Me: “Um…Yes? Were they really tiny?” *gestures a one inch diameter circle*

Customer: “No, they were all this big.” *gestures a large three inch diameter*

(Usually we do not give out even three onion rings of this size, so this lady has had a fairly generous order.)

Me: “Yeah, that sounds about right.”

Customer: “That’s really all you get? For two dollars? You only get five onion rings?!”

Me: *dumbfounded* “Yeaaaaahhh.”

(I am so confused; usually people like our onion rings because of the different breading and because they are so large.)

Customer: “Well, then. We’ll never come here again.”

Me: “Okay? Have a nice day!”

Cultural Stereotypes Are On The Menu

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My family and I are visiting Europe and Armenia over summer, and while in Vienna, we stop for dinner at a tavern. The waiter brings us the German menu, which is about the size of a ruler, but folds out. The German shouldn’t be a problem since my sister and I both speak German, but since we both learned high German, the menu in Austrian German makes less sense.

We ask the waiter for an English menu, and he goes off to get one. He comes back a few seconds later with a huge menu, complete with pictures and descriptions. We all burst out laughing as the waiter walks off.

I guess they do think Americans are stupid.

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