Apparently, Appearances Are Everything

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(I only eat strictly kosher food; this means that the only establishments I can eat at are kosher-certified. There are only a handful in the city and none are near my work. I am out for dinner with my coworkers at a non-kosher restaurant. Typically when this happens I bring my own meal in a bag and eat with them. I’ve been doing this for six years at many different restaurants, from small Somali joints to huge steakhouse franchises, and have never had an issue until now. There are eight of us at a burger/wings joint and I’m halfway through a deli sandwich when a manager comes up to me.)

Manager: “I’m really sorry, but we don’t allow any outside food here. We are a restaurant.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t eat any of your food due to dietary restrictions.”

Manager: “We can try to accommodate your restrictions, but you are absolutely not allowed to have outside food. We usually have security stop people at the door.”

Me: “Are you a kosher-certified establishment?” *knowing they aren’t*

Manager: “I think we have some kosher food in the kitchen. I’ll go look.”

(I know this is impossible but he leaves before I can say anything. Throughout this my friends have been trying to argue with him asking why this is a big deal, as we’re here with a big group, and he has refused to move. I wait with my half-finished sandwich in my lap like a rebuked boy in school while my friends continue to eat. He comes back fifteen minutes later with another manager in tow.)

Manager #2: “Well, we don’t have kosher food in our kitchen, but you’re not allowed to eat outside food.”

(I’m ready to crawl under the table from embarrassment; I just wanted to sit with my friends and this has turned into a whole ordeal.)

Me: “What do you want me to do, exactly?”

Manager #2: “Well, we really don’t want anyone looking at you and thinking they can bring their own food. Can you eat your food off our plates?”

Me: “No, I’m sorry. The plates aren’t kosher.”

(They pause for thinking, while my friends continue to try to convince them to let it slide.)

Manager #2: “If we put a lining on top of the plate, could you eat it, then?”

Me: *not willing to argue any further* “Yes, I could.”

(I’d actually much rather prefer not to do this, as making it look like you’re eating non-kosher food is a no-no. But I just want this experience to end at this point. Another five minutes pass and they bring me a plate with a French fry liner on top of it. I put my sandwich and container of farfel — a Mediterranean dish — on it. Five minutes later the manager comes back AGAIN.)

Manager #2: “I’m sorry, but could you just empty your container out onto the plate? We really don’t want anyone thinking you’re eating outside food.”

(It was incredibly obvious to everyone at the table that this establishment served nothing like the food I was eating. Farfel is a bit messy, and all I had on me was a plastic fork since I’d assumed I’d be eating out of the container. I bit the bullet and dumped it out, and for the rest of the meal I held my container in my lap like it was contraband. The funny thing is that my company, which has 400 people, had come to this establishment in the past for a company event. We pretty much agreed that we would talk to the admin team to make sure that never happened again.)

We Support A Feminine Future AND Mexican Food

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(This takes place shortly after the Women’s March, for which I purchased a shirt that says, “The Future Is Female.” After the march, I head to work, where the uniform policy is fairly progressive and lax.)

Customer #1: “What does your shirt mean?”

Me: “Well, I strongly support a lot of the protests and marches that are going on, and the company making them is donating some proceeds to organizations with similar views.”

Customer #1: “So, you want to feed the hungry?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer #2: “What are you talking about?”

Customer #1: *confused, stares at [Customer #2], and then reads my shirt again* “Oh! Sorry. I thought it said, ‘The Future is Tamales.’”

Customer #2: *to me* “He lost his glasses yesterday. Sorry about that.”

(I laughed my way back to the kitchen, though I do wish there were substantially more tamales in my future, as well.)

An Injustice Caused By The Police

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(I work as a server at a fast food restaurant. We have a multi-lane drive-thru, and servers run out to the cars to serve them.)

Me: “Welcome to [Restaurant]. How may I help you?”

Customer: “Finally! I’ve been waiting fifteen minutes for service!”

(I know for a fact that he hasn’t been waiting nearly that long, but I don’t say anything.)

Me: “My apologies, sir. What can I get for you?”

Customer: “I want [largest family meal on our menu].”

Me: “Will that be all, sir?”

Customer: “Yes, and I want the police discount.”

(The police discount is 50% off a meal. Company policy doesn’t allow us to give it on family meals, only individual meals.)

Me: “Sir, I can’t give you the police discount on a family meal, only an individual meal.”

Customer: “But I’m a police officer.”

(The guy is in a regular car and isn’t in uniform. Whether or not he is a cop, I don’t bother asking.)

Me: “Even if that’s the case, I can’t put it on a family meal.”

Customer: “Let me speak to your manager.”

(I go inside and get one of my assistant managers, since the general manager isn’t here.)

Manager: “What seems to be the problem, sir?”

Customer: *relays his version of the story*

Manager: “Sir, we can’t give you the discount on that meal.”

(After a bit of back-and-forth between them, the dude drives off. The next day the guy comes back, conveniently while someone from corporate is at the store. I am outside when this happens, but this is how I think it went down from what I am told.)

Customer: *to the manager he talked to last time* “I want my food, and if you don’t give it to me, I will post a 45-minute video on every social media site about my horrible experience.”

(My manager gets ready to call his bluff when the corporate guy walks up.)

Corporate: “What’s the problem?”

Customer: *tells the story from the previous day and his bulls*** ultimatum*

Corporate: *to manager* “Just give him the food for free.”

Manager: *reluctantly* “Yes, sir.” *proceeds to ask the customer what he wants*

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(I am a customer at a restaurant in Venice, Italy. I hear this exchange between two other customers, a pair of British tourists.)
Tourist #1: This is just terrible. The lack of English food in this city is disturbing.
Tourist #2: Such savages. Do they really expect civilized people to eat Italian food?
(They were met with dirty looks from just about every other English speaker in the restaurant)

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(I work at a meat place and a person comes in)

Customer: Hi, do you have a vegan meal?

Me: I’m sorry. This is a meat place. We don’t have a vegan meal.

Customer: Well then how do you serve vegetarians???

Me: Probably go to the salad place next door.

Customer: *turns to everybody* You all act like pigs! You’ve got sauce and meat on your faces! Carnivores!!!

Me: At least we don’t behave like one.

Customer: Excuse me?

Me: Sir, you’re behaving like a carnivore.

Customer: I want to see the manager!

Me: You’re looking at him.

Customer: You’re employee refuses to give me a vegan meal!

Me: …..

(At that point, I asked him to leave, but still calling the place a carnivore.

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