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I work at a crawfish restaurant and its bring your own beer. One day a very tall drunk man comes stumbling in and I take him to a table.
Customer: How old are you?
Me: im 18
Customer: You look like your 10
Customer: Well arent you going to respond to my insult.
Me: i didnt take it as a insult sir.
Customer: I want 10 pounds of crawfish and a pound of shrimp.
Me: Alright it will be right out.
I walk into the kitchen and start to make his crawfish then he yells,”WAITER” and i hurry to his table.
Customer: Can i get my food already its been an hour since i ordered.
It had only been 5 minutes..
Me: Sorry Sir ill have it right out for you.
Customer: Ok thank you And by the way you have a big butt for someone so tiny.
I walk away slowly and get his food. After i get his food i tell the manager she walks out there and says.
Manager: Excuse me sir, did you just tell my waitress she had a nice butt??
Customer: Yes i did
Manager: You have no right to harrase my girls like that you need to pay for your food and leave. So he gets up gives me 300$ and takes his food and leaves. His food was only 132$.

You Get Two Explanations For The Price Of One

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(My friend and I have gone to a restaurant, which we chose specifically to try their cocktails. The waitress comes to take our order, we place orders for food and a different cocktail each, and all goes well until this:)

Waitress: “So, that’s two of that cocktail for you…” *to me* “…and two of the other cocktail for you?” *to friend*

Me: “No, we only want one cocktail each.”

Waitress: “No, it’s two cocktails for you, and two cocktails for you.”

Me: “No, one cocktail each, please.”

Waitress: “It’s two for one on cocktails. That means you get two cocktails each.”

Friend: *gives up* “I’ll have a diet coke, please.”

Waitress: “A diet coke? Okay, so one diet coke and two cocktails?”

Me: “I only want one cocktail.”

Waitress: “It’s two for one on cocktails! So, you get two cocktails of the same type for the price of one. But it only applies to cocktails of the same type. You can’t get two different cocktails for the price of one.”

Me: “Yes, we understand. So one diet coke and one cocktail, please.”

Waitress: “But it’s two for one!”

Me: “Yes, but I’d only like one. So, please, can I pay full price for one and only receive one?”

(The waitress finally leaves to place our order and it seems to be sorted… until thirty seconds later she comes back again.)

Waitress: “I checked, and it’s two for one. You get two cocktails!”

Me: “But I only want one cocktail. I want to pay that price—” *points at price on menu: £8.95* “—and get one cocktail. I don’t want a second cocktail.”

Waitress: “But it’s the same price!” *bends over to show me the screen she’s taking orders on* “See, if I click two for one, it’s £8.95, and if I click the button for individual cocktails, it’s still £8.95.” *all while adding this to our order screen*

Me: “Yes. Thank you. I understand. But I don’t want to drink two cocktails. I want to pay that price, and I only want one cocktail. Please don’t bring two cocktails. I only want one.”

(The waitress left again. Another waitress brought out the drinks — just one cocktail — and I also asked for table water, which we never received. Thankfully, everything else went well, and the bill only included one cocktail at £8.95. I was worried we’d get charged for three or four when she kept adding them on the screen. We paid without quibbling, and tipped, then left. I should have just let her bring out two and left the other untouched, but I hate waste. Seriously, though, it shouldn’t be this hard to get less for the same price from someone!)

This Conversation Keeps Rolling Around

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(A customer is standing in front of where the rolls are served on the buffet, but the pan is almost empty.)

Customer: “Are y’all going to put any more rolls on the buffet?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. They will be ready in five minutes.”

Customer: “Oh, okay. That’s fine.”

(I take five steps away from where she is standing, then immediately walk the five steps back.)

Customer: “Are they ready yet?”

Me: “Not yet.” *points to my watch* “They will take about five more minutes.”

Customer: “Okay, I’ll come back.”

(I walk a few steps to the salad area to wipe the counter, and then she starts waving at me from the same spot she has been standing in.)

Customer: “Are they ready yet?”

Me: “…”

Talkin’ Tomato Time

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(At the cafe where I work, the food line is right behind the register. Customers can see the employees take their food out of the toaster and finish preparing it.)

Customer: *runs up to counter* “I forgot to say if there’s tomato on that I don’t want it!”

Me: “Tomato does come on that sandwich but I’ll tell him to leave it off.” *turning to my foodline worker, who just pulled the sandwich from the toaster* “[Coworker], she doesn’t want the tomato on that!”

Coworker: “Gotcha!”

Customer: *shooting a look of disgust from [Coworker] to me* “Nuh-uh! NUH-UH! Nobody talks over my food! I want a refund! Y’all nasty!”

Thank GOD That Wasn’t As Bad As It Could Have Been

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(I am serving tables during breakfast. While serving hot coffee to a customer, I accidentally spill some, and it lands on the bare skin of his young daughter’s foot.)

Me: “OH, MY GOD! I’m so, so sorry, miss!”

Daughter: *waves her hand* “Oh, don’t worry, hon. It must be God’s way of telling me that I shouldn’t be wearing uncovered shoes on Sunday!”

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