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(I’m at an interview to work at a restaurant. I’m from Hispanic descent.)

Manager: “Do you speak Spanish?”

Me: “A little.”

Manager: “Good. Don’t.”

Me: *puzzled* “Okay?”

Manager: “We’ve got a few Hispanics here and they talk, talk, talk in Spanish at the time and it’s really rude. They might be talking about me and I don’t understand, so it’s really rude.”

Me: “Don’t worry; I won’t.”

(He hired me and I began work. Then, I noticed that HE spoke Spanish to everyone! But he didn’t allow anyone else to speak it. Really bizarre but not the worst I’ve had. Why are managers so weird and hypocritical? Do they really think we won’t notice?)

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I work in a sandwich shop that has several varieties of bread and topping options. Near the end of my managing shift of being understaffed and having more sales than we’ve had in a long time, I had this conversation with a customer.

Me: “Thanks for calling [sandwich shop], my name is [name], how can I help you?”

Customer: “Uhhh… what kind of sandwiches do you have there?”

Me: “Sorry, we don’t have sandwiches. We only have pasta and blankets. If you want a sandwich you’ll have to call [hardware store].”

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(I’m the customer in this story. My mom works across the street from the retail store I work at, so during my break I usually go to a quick-serve Mexican restaurant nearby and get us both our usual: a single enchilada meal. Usually, the restaurant employees initially think I want one double enchilada meal rather than two singles, so I try to make myself very clear from the start… usually only ending in confusion.)

Me: Hi, could I get two single pork enchiladas?

Employee: You want two enchiladas?

Me: Yes, TWO single enchiladas, please.

Employee: A double?

Me: No, two different meals.

Employee: Okay, no problem!

(I’m relieved as he starts making two different meals, but about a minute in I realize he’s making burritos instead of enchiladas.)

Me: Uh oh… are those enchiladas?

Employee: *freezes* I thought you said burritos.

Me: No, enchiladas, I’m so sorry!

(The employee tosses the burritos and begins making a single plate of two enchiladas)

Employee: Okay, two enchiladas…

Me: Two separate single meals, I’m so sorry!

(The employee is obviously very confused at this point, but eventually we get it right. I felt like such a bad customer!)

Why Even Bother Putting Text On Coupons Anymore

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(During high school, I work as a fountain worker at a large chain of family restaurants. Every so often, the company sends coupon flyers in the mail to promote new entrees and new sundaes. All coupons state in fine print, “one coupon per party” — in other words, only one coupon per group paying together. One night, a woman at the window just doesn’t understand.)

Woman: “I’d like a [sundae and toppings].”

Man: “And I’ll take a [sundae and toppings].”

Me: “All right, anything else?”

Woman: “We have coupons!” *hands me two of the same coupon: half price for a regular sundae*

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I can only take one coupon; it’s one coupon per party. If you’d like, I can ring them up separately so you and your husband can both get the discount.”

Woman: *suddenly enraged* “What?! You’re kidding me! Where does it say that? That’s ridiculous!”

Me: *showing her the bottom of the coupon* “It’s right here.”

Woman: “’One per party’? That’s one coupon type per party! What, am I going to have a party by myself?!”

Me: “Ma’am, my register won’t even take two coupons on the same order. I really am sorry. Like I said, I can put them in as separate orders—”

Woman: “No! That’s stupid! Why the h*** would I pay twice?!”

Man: “It is kind of dumb…”

Woman: “Isn’t it?” *turns to the large group waiting to order behind her* “Isn’t it?! Who here can have a party with themselves? Huh? Anyone?! See? No one can! Now fix your machine!”

Me: “As I said, the machine can’t—”

Woman: “Fix it!”

Me: “Let me get my manager.”

(I shut the window and one of the senior waitresses near the window opens it to try and speak with the woman while I try and find the GM. I get to the back of the restaurant and I can still hear the woman in the front yelling about the coupons. The manager follows me up and talks with the woman.)

Manager: “Hello, ma’am, what seems to be the trouble?”

Woman: “Your stupid waitress won’t take my coupons!”

Manager: “All right, let me see.” *looks at the coupons* “Well, it says only one per party, meaning only one per check. Our system won’t even take two at the same time. If you’d like, I can split the order into two separate checks so you can use both.”

Woman: “No! Why would I pay twice?! I already told that teeny-bopper no! I’m not paying with my card twice!”

Manager: “I understand, but ma’am, our system—”

Woman: “No! You put it through!”

Manager: “All right, ma’am, I’ll pay for your sundae. Just remember for next time that it’s one per check.”

Woman: “Humph!”

(My manager rang them up and comped the sundaes, and when I handed them to the woman, she snatched them from my hands like I was diseased. At least the husband seemed to feel bad and slipped me $5 as a tip!)

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Don’t Anger Grandma, Even After She’s Gone  

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(I’ve just gotten out of the hospital after an unexpected heart issue and all I want in life is a salad from a famous fast food place. I know how that sounds, but priorities… I am in line behind a white SUV with my preteen daughter in the passenger seat. As we watch, the man in the SUV is leaning out his window, screaming at the worker. We hear something about not wanting cheese on his burger. He throws the burger and bag back through the window at her, and she spends the next several minutes with the window closed, presumably processing a refund for him.)

Me: “I want you to remember something, [Daughter].”

Daughter: “Don’t be that guy?” *points to the SUV*

Me: “Exactly.” *as recent hospital stay is making me emotional and profound* “There are plenty of real problems going on in the world. Save your energy for being upset at those things. No matter what happens in life, it’s never okay to be rude to anyone who is responsible for giving you food. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or they’re wrong. If you wouldn’t say it to your Grandma as you’re sitting at her table to eat dinner, don’t say it to anyone providing you any goods or services… especially food.”  

(While we are talking, the worker hands Mr. SUV back his money. This doesn’t seem to satisfy him, as he’s still screaming at her about how stupid she has to be to not be able to get him a simple burger. He throws the money back in the window at her.) 

Me: *loudly and with the window open* “And just because his grandma isn’t around right now to turn him over her knee doesn’t mean someone shouldn’t.”

(Mr. SUV swivels his head around to glare at me. I smile sweetly back at him. The worker shoves a bag at him and slams the window closed. He leaves without another word. I can see the worker is fuming red and near tears when I pull up.) 

Me: “Ma’am, I’d just like to apologize to you on behalf of the people in the world like that guy.”  

(She was clearly too upset to talk right then, so she closed the window and walked away. A few minutes later, someone else brought me a bag with my salad… and a free large fry. Case in point.)

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