There’s Only One Brat In This Restaurant

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(I am pregnant with my second child and a bit upset I have passed the 200-pound mark. To try to cheer me up, my mother takes me, my sister, and my daughter out to spend the day together. We have stopped at a diner for lunch and have just been seated when my daughter starts getting fussy because she is hungry.)

Customer: “Hey!” *snaps at the waitress* “That baby is causing a racket! It shouldn’t be allowed in here!”

Waitress: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but this is a family restaurant. They have every right to be here.”

Customer: “My meal has been ruined by that brat! I want it for free!”

Waitress: “I can’t do that, ma’am. You have ordered and eaten five entrees, and have already received your check. I can’t comp your entire meal just because a baby starts crying as you are getting ready to leave.”

Customer: “I’m going to call corporate on you for this! F****** brat has ruined my entire day!”

(The customer finally pays and leaves, but not without more foul language and many nasty looks in our direction. My mother has had her hand on my arm to keep me seated and has been whispering to me to stay calm the entire time. After the customer leaves, the waitress approaches our table.)

Waitress: “I’m very sorry about that. Can I get you ladies something to drink?”

Me: “Boy, I wish I could have some alcohol right now…”

Waitress: “I know how you feel. That’s the third time this month that lady has tried to get a free meal out of us.”

Me: “And I thought it was only us pregnant chicks that were that bat-s*** crazy…”

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Will Call Out An A-Pee-B On Her

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Employee #1: “Hey, remember that woman we wouldn’t do EBT for?”

Me: “Yes…”

Employee #1: “She’s peeing on the sidewalk out front.”

Employee #2: *walking in from a delivery* “Hey, some lady is poppin’ a squat out front.”

(I went outside to investigate. By the time I got out there, she was jumping in the car — where her young child was waiting — and trying to pull out of the parking lot. I pretended to try to obtain her license plate number, causing her to reverse all the way down the parking lot and pull out as fast as possible, nearly taking out another car.)

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Shameless, Not Homeless

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(At our restaurant, we start a program where we take food stamps from a specific set of people in an approved homeless program. You have to be part of the program to use food stamps for our hot prepared food, the idea being that homeless people can’t prepare foods without a kitchen. A customer hands me an EBT card.)

Me: “Can I see your Homeless SNAP card, please?”

Customer: “Oh, I left that at home.”

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Unable To Address The Issue

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(I work in a restaurant. We have been getting online orders from a certain person several times with the wrong address. Unfortunately, he usually orders late at night and we end up waking up the real resident of that address and then have to call him to get to the right one. After the third time, we flag his number and an employee lets me know when his order comes through.)

Me: “Hi. This is [My Name] with [Restaurant]. I do apologize but we are unable to deliver to the address you provided. It is not accurate to where you really are and the actual resident has asked us to not bother him anymore.”

Female Customer: “What?”

Me: “The address you provided is not right and we can’t deliver there anymore as the actual resident is very upset with our drivers repeatedly waking him up.”

Female Customer: “Uh… I think that’s the right address.”

Me: “Unfortunately, it’s not. If you could provide the correct address we would be happy to make and deliver your order.”

Female Customer: “Okay…” *hangs up*

(A few minutes later:)

Boyfriend Customer: “My girlfriend said you are refusing to deliver to her!”

Me: “I’m not refusing to deliver to her. We just have the wrong address and need the corrected address before we can deliver.”

Boyfriend: “I did give you the right address.”

Me: “No, sir, we have been out there several times and have woken the actual resident of the address to the point where he has requested his address no longer be delivered to by us.”

Boyfriend: “Your stupid drivers are going to wrong place; I gave you the right address.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but it’s been three times now. The address you have given us just isn’t yours.”

Boyfriend: “Let me talk to your manager.”

Me: “That is me, sir.”

Boyfriend: “I want the manager above you.”

Me: “I’m the general manager of this location.”

Boyfriend: “Then I want your f****** corporate number. This is complete bulls***.” 

(I give him the corporate number.)

Boyfriend: “I want my f******–“

Me: “I would be happy to deliver it to you, but I can’t use the address you provided. We have been asked not to by someone we have woken up three times now on your behalf.”

Boyfriend: “Well… every time I order your driver calls me and I have to direct him to my house!”

Me: “Yes… that is because you give us the wrong address each time.”

Boyfriend: *click*

(The girlfriend ordered probably three weeks later with a completely different address and made no mention of the incident.)

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Dine And Dash And Rehash

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A young man came into our restaurant, drank two beers, ate a meal, and then dine-and-dashed on one of our servers. A few weeks later, he comes in alone again. We believe that we recognize him as the dine-and-dasher from a few weeks before and keep a close eye on him. At the end of his meal, when he believes no one is looking, he picks up his backpack and speed-walks out the front door. This time, however, our kitchen manager is lurking behind the podium and follows the young man outside. A few moments later, they both return, the young man looking rather sheepish. He apologizes to his server profusely for “forgetting” to pay before he left. He then produces a wallet with several cards. 

The first one does not work. He slips it into his pocket.

The second doesn’t work. He slips it into his pocket.

“Just one minute,” he says, “I’ve got another card in my truck.” He drops his backpack on the seat of the booth, goes outside for a few minutes, and comes back with another card. This card also does not work. The young man is becoming very anxious and is starting to shake. Fifteen minutes have passed and it is obvious that he has no way to pay for his meal. He pulls out his iPhone and calls somebody. He tries another card. No dice. The card goes into his pocket. 

Then, he hands his wallet to the server and says that he is meeting someone outside and they will come in and pay for his meal. He takes his backpack and leaves. He does not come back. 

We open the wallet to find two unregistered [Coffee Shop] loyalty cards, one [Burger Joint] gift card, and an expired condom. That’s it.

We don’t have to pay for walk-outs; of course, we did our due diligence. But we think we embarrassed him enough that he will not be back.

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