Doesn’t Get The Fundamentals Of Waiting

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It’s lunchtime and we arrive at a casual place. The menu, the combos, and the system are a little confusing but we manage to order. The woman on the register is clearly on a working holiday, so the language and our multiple accents add to the confusion.

My companion and I sit at an outside table and comment on how her attitude didn’t help but at least we got there. After a few minutes, she comes out from behind the counter and outside to our table and says, “Your food is ready. You need to come in and get it.”

Yes, she came out empty handed to tell us to come in and get it!

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My dad and I have a long standing tradition of trying to steal each other’s food, with the house rule being “you snooze, you lose.” We are out at breakfast in a small mom and pop place. It’s crowded, noisy, and difficult to have a conversation across the table, but very much worth it for the amazing food and service.

Our waitress takes our order and brings it out in record time. We have asked for the exact same thing, right down to the sides of eggs and bacon. As the waitress sets down the food, I can hear my dad talking to her and get the gist of “doesn’t need bacon.”

Initially, the waitress is confused, but quickly realizes what’s going on when she sees me glaring at my dad and pulling my plate closer to me. She smiles, immediately grabs my dad’s food, and starts handing it to me. We all start laughing, she puts the food back down, and my dad “complains” about how messed up it was that he tried to steal my bacon and the waitress turned on him.

Something about women sticking together. We had a great breakfast, waitress got a great tip, and we will definitely be going back.


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My husband and I went out to eat at a wings restaurant. We had a great meal, paid, and left. My husband has a tendency to forget things, so I always go through the same spiel anytime we go anywhere. Do you have your phone? Keys? Wallet? Sure enough, he had left his wallet at the restaurant.

We went back and they brought it out to us from lost and found. My husband looked inside to see if everything was there, and there was a $100 bill missing. The week prior was his birthday, and his coworker/mentor gave him $100 as a gift. My husband had been saving it to buy a nice jacket, which we were going shopping for later that day, so I know for sure the money was in the wallet.

When we realized that the money was gone, we asked for a manager. We pointed out the waitress, who denied taking it. We asked to see the cameras, but the manager said in order for us to watch them we had to file a police report, but he himself watched the video and said he saw no one open the wallet. I don’t know if he really watched the video, though, because he didn’t seem to be gone long enough. At this point, we were at a loss of what to do, and the manager was acting as if we were lying and asked us to leave.

We did call the police, but it was going to be a lot of red tape to get them involved, and my husband was so angry he just said forget it. I think the waitress took the wallet away from the cameras, anyway, to take the money.

The very next morning, I got a call from our bank asking if we had tried to purchase a really expensive gaming system online. The charge had occurred the night before and was declined. No, it was not us; neither of us plays video games. We had to cancel our card and get a new one issued, and I am positive that the waitress must have written down the card info from my husband’s wallet. After reading stories on NotAlwaysRight, I can totally see how the manager thought we were trying to scam them. But sometimes, the customers aren’t lying.

Entree-Level Honesty

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I’m pretty strapped for cash, but I am out running errands and really want to have lunch at a new favorite spot that is having a “buy-one-get-one-free” deal on their entrees. I get there on the last day of the deal and place my order, but I realize the cashier forgot the deal when he tells me my total, so I gently remind him. He re-rings my order, but he doesn’t tell me my new total.

I take my receipt, get my drink, and sit down to wait for my meal; I plan on having the second entree for dinner. Halfway through eating, I decide to check my receipt, just to see which entree was taken off, and am surprised to see that both entrees were deducted, and I was only charged for my drinks and a few extras.

I’m not going to lie; I am sorely tempted to not mention it, seeing as I am super broke, but as a longtime reader of NAR, I don’t want to be that customer. Besides, I’d hate to see the cashier get in trouble later for entering the order wrong.

So, when I’m ready to leave, I approach the cashier — off to the side, so as not to alert his manager — and quietly show him my receipt, explaining I’ll be more than happy to pay for the incorrectly-deducted entree. To my surprise, he alerts his manager and explains what happened. I make sure to point out that I do not want the cashier to be penalized in any way, and that I am ready to make good on the balance, but the manager doesn’t seem to mind. She says, “Don’t worry about it; today was your lucky day!”

I’m really grateful to both of them for cutting me a break and not making me pay for the extra entree. I think the employees were surprised I actually made them aware of the error and offered to pay, but I know “what goes around, comes around,” and had I snuck out without mentioning it, it would have come back to haunt me later. Honesty sometimes really is the best policy!

Shaker With Rage

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My mother, my teenage daughter, and I are eating at a local diner, which is still relatively new and very popular. We’ve eaten here many times before because of the good food, reasonable prices, and friendly staff. My mother has a spaghetti dish, and the server brings us a small shaker of parmesan cheese. As we’re finishing up our meal, the server notices we are done and, while clearing our dishes, takes the shaker back with her. As we approach the register to pay the bill, the cashier “politely” informs me that she saw me place the cheese shaker in my purse, and if I return it, no questions will be asked and no charges filed.

I’m speechless. The shaker was nothing special to begin with — it was the kind you’d get from a dollar store — and Lord knows I don’t need parmesan cheese that badly. As I’m showing my shaker-less purse to the cashier, my mother, who has always been ultra-protective of her kids, goes ballistic. It’s a very small restaurant — you could easily toss a dinner roll from one end to the next — so everyone turns to watch the show as Mom basically tears into the cashier: “How dare you accuse my daughter of stealing? She was waitressing before you were even born! She would never do such a thing! Is your precious shaker worth that much?!” and so forth.

The server finally surfaces and confirms she took the shaker with her when she cleared the table. The cashier apologizes profusely and offers to comp our meals, but that isn’t good enough for Mom. My daughter and I have to almost drag her out of there before she gets physical. It takes her several hours to calm down. She never asked for gift cards or other compensation; she just wanted the cashier’s head on a platter. Needless to say, we never set foot in that place again, which is a shame, because it really was a good dinner. The place has since closed.

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