Greed Burns

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(I am working in a popular supermarket’s call center’s canteen as a general assistant. One weekend, our general manager is working as the chef in the kitchen, and another general assistant is working, as well. I am busy deep-cleaning the vending machine in our canteen when I see a potential customer approach.)

Customer: “Will I be able to get myself a coffee?”

Me: “No, sorry. The machine is in the middle of a clean cycle.”

Customer: “Are you sure there is no way to for me to get one?”

Me: “Sure, in ten minutes.”

Customer: “Well, why does it need cleaning?”

(By this point, I’m through not treating her like she is stupid.)

Me: “Because this is full of harmful cleaning chemicals, and we wouldn’t want anyone with bits in their coffee.”

Customer: “Okay.”

(Then, she proceeds to walk towards the canteen and ducks under the shutter — which is half-closed, as we are not open yet — whilst the other general assistant is setting up down the bottom. I finish cleaning up and go down to the general manager.)

Me: “Seriously, she just tried to get a coffee when I was busy cleaning the machine. How stupid can people be?”

Manager: “I know, right?” *laughs*

(The weekend manager was really chill and would only laugh at stupid customers, like when another one burnt herself on her cup of soup after she filled it to the top in her greed, and spilled it.)

Salty About The Chips

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(I’m a carer for a young man who has autism. Like a lot of autistic children, he can be picky about what he will and will not eat. As a reward for recent good behaviour, I take him to the local fish and chips shop for some hot chips.)

Server: “What can I get you?”

Me: “Can I please have a large chips, no salt?”

(The server sighs and stalks away. I think it is weird, but I let it go. The server cooks up a fresh order of fries… only to add salt to them.)

Me: “Sorry, but it was a large chips with no salt.”

Server: “Oh. I forgot. No big deal, though, right?” *tries to give me the chips*

Me: “No. Big deal. I need you to make a fresh order with no salt, please.”

Server: “C’mon, I know that this is just a ploy that people do to get a fresh batch of chips, and you’re just going to add salt to them. You saw me cook them fresh, so it’s fine.”

Me: “No. If I give [Boy] chips with salt, he will lick off the salt and not eat the chips. Please give me what I ordered, or I’ll be forced to ask for a manager.”

(The server sighed, rolled her eyes and muttered up a storm, but eventually she gave me an order of saltless fries. I think I’ll try somewhere else to get hot chips, next time.)

Their Pie Is A Katy Perry Song

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(I am in a local restaurant for lunch. A man and woman at the table next to mine have just been given their meals, which are both some kind of meat pie with potatoes and veggies on the side. They call for the waitress.)

Male Customer: “Excuse me! Our food is almost cold.”

Waitress: “Really? The plates were very hot.”

Male Customer: “No, the plates are hot, but the pie is just barely warm.”

Waitress: “I’m sorry; I’ll go get you new meals.”

(A few minutes later:)

Waitress: “Here you are. I’m so sorry. I spoke to the chef and he said customers have complained the pie was too hot, so he lets it sit outside the oven for a bit before he serves it. This was fresh from the oven; I hope it’s all right for you.”

(They both began to eat and then both put their forks down.)

Male Customer: *to female customer* “This is way too hot; I’ll have to let it cool down.

Female Customer: “Mine is, too.”

(They both sat there for a good five minutes before they could eat their food. I saw the waitress watching them; she seemed to think it was quite amusing.)

Their Days In Business Are Numbered

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(Some coworkers and I decide to order take-out from a Mexican restaurant for lunch. We look at the menu online and I call in the order. The meals on the menu all have numbers assigned to them, so I order by telling the employee which numbers we want. I pick up the food and bring it back to the office. We are able to sort out each meal, except for mine. The only meal left is not what I ordered. I call the restaurant.)

Me: “I ordered a #7, but I didn’t get the enchilada meal. This is something different.”

Employee: “Oh, the #7 is chile rellenos, not enchiladas.”

Me: “Your menu says it’s enchiladas.”

Employee: “No, we changed the numbers.”

Me: “You changed the numbers, but you didn’t change it on the menu?”

Employee: “Right.”

Me: “How are people supposed to know what they’re ordering?”

Employee: “Sorry.”

(We never ordered from there again. They’re not in business anymore.)

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(We make several trips a year, to a small town in another state, to visit relatives. We see a new restaurant in that town and decide to try it out. Upon entering, I see a chalkboard with “New… Cheeseburgers”. When the waitress arrived, I ask:)

Me: “Since you have cheeseburgers, you have hamburgers as well, right?”

Waitress: *pauses a bit* “Yes.”

(The rest of our table orders their meals. When my turn arrives, I asked for a hamburger, with mayo, lettuce and tomato only. After a short wait, my order appears, but it is a cheeseburger. I point that out to the waitress, and she takes my order back to the kitchen for a re-do. Subsequent trips… same restaurant… different waitresses, same cook, same “hamburger with mayo, lettuce and tomato only” order (their burgers are really quite tasty!) On each trip, it was an adventure to see what arrived. Cheeseburger, or loaded hamburger, or burger with everything BUT lettuce, tomato, mayo, or a burger with mustard instead of mayo. The puzzled waitresses assured me they wrote down what I wanted. The order was corrected each time, but the rest of the party was well through their meals before I received what I ordered. On the last trip, I decided to order something different; an Italian Sub. Rather than repeat the “mayo, lettuce and tomato only” mantra again, I wanted everything but mustard. Guess what I found after the first bite? Yep… a loaded sub with mustard. The waitress showed me the slip, and she had written “NO MUSTARD” in caps, just to make sure… but the cook ignored it. Order returned. “Fixed” order received… with the bite in the bun still visible, but the mustard scraped off. The sandwiches, once “fixed” were very good… but, I am beginning to think that restaurant’s cook wants me to go on a diet, by adding things I really do not like!)

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