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I have just started working at a local restaurant, doing the salad bar. It is my first day working on my own after training. I am very easily startled.

I am carrying a full tin of tomatoes out to the salad bar.

Tiny Old Lady: “Excuse me, miss?”

She taps me on the shoulder. I am startled and accidentally spill the whole tin all over her.

Me: “Oh, my goodness! I’m so sorry!”

Tiny Old Lady: “It’s all right, honey; I’m eighty-seven years old! I need some excitement in my life!”

I apologized many more times and this lady gave me a hug upon finding out it was my first day.

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A group of three boys, most likely no older than 16 come wandering in through the side entrance, which is pretty well hidden from the outside. Completely distracted by their conversations and phones, they meander all over the restaurant, looking for something, and completely miss the front desk. Meanwhile, I’ve just walked to the desk after very briefly doing something in the back. A server catches them before they go too far.
Server: If you need something, you will want to go over there. *Points out the prominent front desk*
Me: How may I assist you today?
Customer 1:*long pause*… Uh, we would like some waters, please.
Me: Three waters to-go?
Customer 2: Wait, three dollars for a water? Why are they-
Customer 3: No, stupid, she said water is free!

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(I am a relatively new waitress at a Mexican style restaurant. It is a few hours after the end of Rosh Hashanah on a Tuesday, so on top of the regular taco Tuesday and happy hour customers, we have a lot more hungry people coming in for late hours. Side Note: The bar area is open seating, meaning that if there is a table open, you can just grab one no questions asked. However, it is clearly noted that this is only for the bar area, and that if you wish to sit outside of the bar area, you will have to wait in the queue. I notice a woman sitting at a reserved table outside of the bar area. She looks really stern and entitled. I approach her, and the following exchange takes place…)

Me: Hi, I’m sorry, but you are going to have to wait in the queue. We have a party of six who reserved this table, and should be seated any minute now.

Woman: Oh, I thought it was open seating.

Me: The open seating is only available for the bar area. If there is an open table marked with a red ribbon, you can take it.

Woman: That’s so weird why would they do that? Couldn’t you, like, put us down on that list of yours? I know you guys have that list thing, right? We are here, like, twice a week.

(Her two kids start to get up)

Kid #1: Mom c’mon we have to get up there are other people waiting.

Woman: No, sit down this is our table and we aren’t moving. (Woman, looking at me now) You’re new here aren’t you? They should get somebody good to train you. Like *****. He’s good. He should train you.

Me: Ma’am I have been here for well over three weeks and I assure you I am perfectly capable of doing this job. I am going to have to ask you to move now. I have to clean this table, and there are people that are waiting to sit here.

Woman: Sure, you can clean this table, but we aren’t moving.

Me: Ma’am-

Woman: Get me the manager.

Me: Okay ma’am, wait here one second.

(I go into the back to get my manager, relieved. The manager goes to deal with the customer.)

Manager: Hi ma’am, I’m sorry, but unfortunately I am going to ask you to move. We have twenty or so people who are waiting in the queue. It’s been a long day, and there are a lot of people. Please wait in the queue, it’s only about half an hour.

Woman: I thought this was open seating though.

Manager: The open seating is only for the bar area. See the tables with the red ribbons on them? Those tables are open seating. If you want, you can grab an empty table over there.

Woman: But I want to sit here.

Manager: Well, you are going to have to wait in the queue like everybody else.

Woman: I already got drinks though.

Manager: Again, ma’am, you can go sit at one of the bar tables, or go to the front, where there are benches that you and your kids can sit at.

Woman: But this is my table, I got here first.

Manager: Ma’am, you cannot be-

Woman: I have kids! Where am I supposed to go? What do I do?

Kid #1: Mom, she said you could sit at the high tables. It’s fine just go sit there.

Woman: *******, mind your own business.

Manager: Ma’am, like your son said, you could sit at the bar tables, or at the front and wait for a table to open up. More people are getting in queue as we speak, and the more time you delay, the more time you’ll have to wait. If you’d like, I can put your name down right now and you can wait at the front.

Woman: I have kids though.

Manager: Yes, I am aware that you have kids-

Woman: But I have kids! I can’t sit at the bar tables.

Manager: Ma’am, kids are allowed to sit at the bar tables. They are not, however, allowed to sit at the bar.

Woman: But I have kids!

Manager: Ma’am I want to make this as simple as possible. Is there any way that I could help you to understand the issue at hand?

Woman: No, no, no! God, you’re stupid. I get the issue, it’s just that… I have kids!

Manager: Ma’am, we have people waiting. For the last time, please get up and move to the front. This restaurant will not serve you if you are sitting here.

(Long story short, the woman ended up leaving. Later on I saw the kid and he apologized for his mother’s behaviour.)

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I am waiting to pay for my burrito at a certain well-known Mexican restaurant when an older man walks up to the counter with a plastic ramekin of salsa and hands it to the cashier.

Customer: “Here, I didn’t use all of it.”

He walks away.

Me: *To the cashier* “We have trash cans for a reason. Why did he give it to you?”

Cashier: “I think he thinks maybe someone else will want it?”

Me: “Eww. No one wants your nasty used salsa, dude. What’s wrong with people?”

Cashier: “Yeah, let me just put this back in the dish. No. They do this all the time.”

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*I work at a Mediterranean/Egyptian Restaurant and my position is a Server, I get these two customers that come in, so I seat them.*

Me: What can I get for you today?
Female Customer: Is beef chicken??
Me: Ummm…No ma’am.
Female Customer: Oh okay! Thank you!
*Feeling sort of weirded out, I walk to the kitchen and tell the Chef*
Me: Ummm…I had this female customer who came in and asked me if beef was chicken.
Chef: *He had a big grin on his face and then laughs* Yeah, then maybe we should give her pork chicken then!!

*Never in my life, I have felt so shocked, I hope she was joking but, she seemed pretty serious about her question!*