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I am a delivery driver who picks up food from various restaurants in my city and then delivers it to a customer. I am sitting in one restaurant on a busy night when this happens. I’m having a brief conversation with the manager when a man starts yelling.

Rude Guy: *yelling* Hey, where’s the manager?

Manager: That’s me, sir. How can I help you?

Rude Guy: I want to know where the hell my damn food is.

Manger: Let me check on that for you.

The manager leaves to go to the kitchen and comes back.

Manager: I’m sorry sir. As you can see, we’re quite busy. It’s making the order take longer than usual.

The guy walks to the bar in a huff. He gets his food about 30 seconds later and stomps past the manager as I sit on a bench nearby.

Rude Guy: Thanks for telling me why you worthless piece of shit!

Initially stunned, the manager and I laugh after he’s gone.

Manager: He was not the most positive individual.

Props to him for keeping his cool.

It May Not Be Pretty, But It’s A Pretty Decent Thing To Do

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(I used to work with individuals with special needs; I would help clients in any aspect of life to ensure they could live the best life possible.

Recently, I began working as a host in a restaurant. Little did I know that my previous job would leave me well-equipped for my new job.

I am up front with a few other hosts when an elderly couple comes up to the front. The woman is seeking the bathroom, and on her way in, the man says:)

Man: “She’s going to need help.”

(Having assisted with toileting too many times to count at my previous job — sometimes 20+ times a day — I step up to the plate, assuming — very incorrectly — that I will just need to help with getting her on and off the toilet. Once I help her lower her pants, I realize just how wrong I am. Her briefs are heavily soiled.)

Me: “Do you have any other briefs with you?”

Woman: “No, but you can ask my partner to see if maybe he has some.”

(Once I find him, he confirms that she is right; they have not packed extra briefs for their outing.

After consulting with the woman some more, I begin asking my general manager and manager on shift if there are any briefs available by any chance. No luck. The manager on shift, a female, comes to the bathroom with me to discuss our options: send someone to buy briefs or find a way to clean her up and get her home. She chooses the latter.

Cue several minutes of tearing the briefs off and cleaning her up, the manager keeping her steady while I use damp paper towels to wipe away any unpleasantness.

Eventually, we get her ready to pull up her pants, but we have to improvise her missing briefs. We end up laying one of the fresh linens we normally use for cleaning on the crotch of her pants, and two more running down the front and back of her pants.

When I take my gloves off, I end up scrubbing my hands for a particularly long time. Then, when I finally feel clean, I return to the host stand. When the other hosts find out what happened, the first response one of them gave me is:)

Host: “You know that’s not part of your job description, right?”

(A day or two later, I asked my general manager what he would have expected of us, and yes, it may not be part of our job description, but apparently, if a guest needs toileting assistance, we are expected to do what it takes to assist our guests.)

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Hamburgers Are The Cure

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I was talking with the waiter at a restaurant yesterday about how crazy the people are being about buying supplies due to the panic buying. My local grocery store was out of expected items such as water, toilet paper, and paper towels. The cheap eggs were gone, but the more expensive eggs were untouched. More unexpected to me, at least, was that shelves were bare of other basics like hamburgers.

The waiter indicated they have been having problems too: people were stealing the toilet paper from their restrooms. I can just imagine the next customer in the restroom…

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(I work at a well known wing restaurant which recently opened in our small town. I get drinks and appetizers going.)
Me: Do you have any questions about anything?
Guest: Yeah, what’s the difference between boneless and traditional?
Me: .. ah you mean size wise? Or are you wondering about breading?
Guest: No, what’s the difference?
Me: Well size wise they’re the same and only the boneless have breading.
Guest: That’s not it, what’s the difference?
Me: … well the traditional have bones in them and the boneless don’t.
Guest: *suddenly flustered* I know THAT. But what’s the difference?
Me: *annoyed and see I have another table being sat* Sir I don’t know what else to tell you here. Do you want bones in your wings or not?

(He ordered eventually and didn’t make eye contact through his meal. It was awkward for everyone involved.)

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(I’m a manager at a chain restaurant. Halfway through the day, we have this amazing exchange with a drive-thru customer.)

Cashier: Hi, how are you?

Customer: Do you still have your cinnamon deserts?

(We do change items fairly often, so it’s not an unreasonable question.)

Cashier: Yes, we do.

Customer: How do those come?

Cashier: You can buy them in a 2-pack, a 4-pack, or a 12-pack.

Customer: Oh, okay! How many come in a 2-pack?

(We all stop and turn to look at the drivethru speaker.)

Cashier: I – I’m sorry, could you repeat that?

Customer: How many come in a 2-pack?

(She’s completely serious. Not a hint of embarrassment or laughter in her voice. Everyone except the cashier LOSES it.)

Cashier: Uh… 2?

Customer: Great! Can I get a 2-pack and a large drink?

(It takes us 15 minutes to stop laughing. Customer never acted like anything was out of the ordinary at all!)