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Your Demand Can Kick The Bucket

, , , , , , | Right | October 27, 2017

(I work at a barn so that I can ride the horses there for free. Today, it’s my job to clean and bleach every bucket in the barn, which can take hours. A lady I don’t know walks up to me and just completely blows my mind about how people treat stable hands.)

Lady: “Hey, you’re doing a great job there! I have six seriously dirty buckets in my truck, and you look like you could use the extra work!”

(I laugh, because I think she’s joking, and continue cleaning. A minute or two passes and the lady comes back with, no joke, six of the grossest buckets I’ve ever seen.)

Lady: “You thought I was kidding! Get to work!”

(She smiled and walked away, so I finished my job and drove home, leaving the random woman’s dirty buckets as a surprise for her when she came back.)

Death Of A Sale, Part 3

, , , , , , | Working | October 27, 2017

(Due to an inheritance, we have actual cash in hand to buy a car. We know exactly what we want and can pay for the entire thing up front. We walk into the dealership very excited. No one is in the showroom, but the offices along one side all have people in them. Despite several of them looking right at us and clearly talking about us, we stand around for half an hour waiting for someone to come help us. We finally decide to just leave in frustration. Suddenly, I have HAD IT. I turn around and walk back into the showroom, and one of the men from the offices comes right over to ask if he can help me.)

Me: “Well, you should have. We stood in here for thirty minutes waiting for someone to help us. I know you saw us because you made eye contact with me. My husband and I came in here with cash to buy a [Car] today, but you just lost the sale.”

(He begins to sputter and says that he isn’t a salesman and that they are all in a meeting.)

Me: “I don’t care what your job is; you could have come over when you saw that your store had customers and asked if we needed anything. Instead, you can explain to your boss when he gets my complaint why you sat on your butts and lost him a nice sale. Have a nice day.”

A Fresh Pot For A Rotten Attitude

, , , , | Right | October 27, 2017

(We mark coffee pots with the time they were put on, and rotate them so the oldest pots are served first. If a pot sits longer than 20 minutes, it’s tossed. Despite all of this, I still have this conversation every time I serve this regular.)

Regular: “I want a cup of coffee. Your freshest.”

Me: “Coming right up.”

(There are two pots that were put on at the same time, but one has slightly less because I’ve already poured a cup from it.)

Regular: “No! Not that stuff; use the other pot!”

Me: “Ma’am, they were both put on at the exact same time.”

Regular: “No, they weren’t! That one’s half-empty!”

Me: “See where I’ve written on them? They both say 12:15. I just served the customer before you a cup from this one, but they were made at the same time.”

Regular: *grumbles* “Lazy little… Just gimme my d*** coffee.”

Me: *sighs*

(Every time… eventually I decided to just shut up and serve her from the full pots. A supervisor found this out and scolded me for it. Eventually, he had to serve her, too, and apologized to me, saying I was right all along.)

A Surprisingly Healthy Option

, , , | Related | October 27, 2017

(I am in my room when my sister knocks on my door.)

Sister: “Would you like tea and biscuits with a surprise?”

Me: “What’s the surprise?”

Sister: “There are no biscuits.”

(I went out to get my tea and, lo and behold, there were biscuits.)

I Wash My Hands Of You!

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(I am in high school, and I work for a major fast food chain. We have a sink near the grill area where employees wash their hands. One of my coworkers constantly gives me a hard time about how often I wash my hands. Normally I am a quiet and non-confrontational person, but today I have had enough:)

Coworker: *seeing me heading towards the sink* “Look, [My Name] is going to wash her hands again. What, are you OCD or something?”

Me: *angrily* “I have just wiped down every table in the lobby, swept and mopped the floors, cleaned both bathrooms, and taken out all the garbage. Do you want me touching your food?!”

Coworker: *stammering* “Uh… No.”

(He never bothered me again.)