Beautifully Weird

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(I’m ringing up a couple and their son, who is about four years old. The boy keeps talking to me throughout the entire purchase. He’s very blunt and quite honestly hilarious.)

Boy: “What’s your name? You’re pretty!”

Me: “Aw, thank you! My name is [My Name].”

Boy: “That’s a weird name!”

Dad: *turns red* “No, son. Tell her it’s a beautiful name!”

Son: “It’s beautiful!” 

(I didn’t even care. I was too busy laughing.)

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(I over heard this whole at a mall pretzel place)

Woman: Excuse me! Where is your manager? I can’t eat this! *holding up a pretzel*
Manager: What’s wrong, ma’am?
Woman: I can’t eat this! It’s too salty! To bready! To buttery!
Manager: *looking slightly dumbstruck* Ma’am it is a pretzel.
Woman: *looks at the manager as though she had been insulted, throws the pretzel on the counter and leaves*

Need To Take A Steak Break

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(I’m ringing up a customer who has bought three T-bone steaks.)

Customer: “Wait. You’ve done something wrong. I only bought two steaks.”

(The steaks are priced differently because of different weights and each item on the screen has a different price.)

Me: “No, ma’am. You can check your bag. There are three steaks in there.”

Customer: “Well, I don’t know what exactly you did, but you need to take one of those steaks back right now!

Me: “Are you saying… Nope, never mind. Yes, ma’am. I’ll put one back for you.”

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She Really Put The “Wait” In “Waitress”

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My husband and I decide to give another try to a burger-themed restaurant where we experienced problems years ago. They are running a meal deal that includes an appetizer and a dessert for a reasonable price. We end up going on a Friday night, which is, of course, a little busy, but not overly busy and we are seated immediately.

Our waitress comes over very quickly and asks us what we would like to drink. We let her know our drinks and that we already know what we would like to order as we looked at the menu before we came. We place our orders and go ahead and ask her to bring out a basket of their bottomless fries for the table along with our drinks. We watch her walk to the back… and then the problems begin. 

We wait for our drinks and fries… and wait and wait. After ten minutes, we stop another waitress that’s walking past our table and ask if something happened to our waitress, as we have been waiting for some time for our drinks and fries. The other waitress mumbles something to us that we cannot fully understand before quickly walking to the back, as well.

After another five minutes, I mention to my husband that maybe we should just leave and go somewhere else, but lo and behold, as soon as I mention it, our waitress comes back with our drinks but no fries telling us that they’re still waiting on some to finish cooking. We say okay for now and ask about how much longer our food will be, as we’ve noticed other tables around us that ordered about the same time as us have already been given their food. She tells us it might be about ten more minutes as the kitchen is a little backed up, and she walks off.

We decide ten minutes isn’t too terrible, so we decide to stick around. I start paying a little more attention to a little bit of what’s going on around us. That’s when I start noticing that our waitress is coming out of a different kitchen door and deliberately bypassing our table to bring food and drinks to people that I watched get seated well after we were; they had to walk past our table to be seated.

I then watch as our waitress sits down at the table with them and starts joking around with them. I’m very hungry and now I’m starting to get mad. I point this out to my husband and he gets a bit upset, as well. We decide to just wait and see what happens after she gets up before escalating the matter. 

When she finally gets up from their table, after five minutes of sitting and talking, she walks over to our table and tells us our food will be out in just a second and asks if she can get us some refills when she brings the food. 

Remember that at this point we still have not received our bottomless fries or appetizers, and it has been over 30 minutes since we have been seated. We ask her to please bring refills and both the appetizers and burgers if they’re both ready. Thankfully, she is only gone for two minutes before she comes back with all of our food, except for the desserts, of course, and we thank her and dig in. 

We both notice that our food, while not exactly cold, is not really hot, either. In fact, it’s barely warm, but we’re hungry and we know we’re getting an excellent deal; plus, even though it’s only just warm, it still tastes pretty decent. 

As we are getting to the point where we are about to finish, we are both completely out of drinks, but our waitress has not been back by to refill. It’s been another 20 minutes since we’ve gotten our food. I’ve seen her multiple times at other tables near ours, but she always walks around a different way to avoid our table when going back to the kitchen. We flag down another waitress, again, and ask her if she can get our waitress as we would like refills and our desserts. 

Another five minutes pass before our waitress comes back. We ask for refills, both for our drinks and our “bottomless fries,” of which we’ve only had one basket because she has never come by. We also tell her which desserts we want. 

After another five minutes, she returns with a couple of drinks and our bill, but no fries and no mention of the dessert, before quickly walking back to the kitchen again. 

I decide to open the bill to look and notice that instead of charging us for the meal deal, which we each specifically stated we wanted, she has charged us individually for each appetizer, burger, and dessert. The appeal of the meal is that you get miniature appetizers, suitable for one person, and a smaller dessert, also suitable for just one person, and with the burger you end up paying $10 for that, and the drink is extra. Instead, we are looking at a bill that is over $60. When I finally flag the waitress back down, I politely tell her that the bill needs to be fixed as we ordered the meal deal and got smaller appetizers, and that we were still waiting on the extra fries and ice cream desserts we wanted. 

She then informs us that they are no longer running that particular meal deal. I pick the little advertisement up off the table and show her that it’s literally on our table advertising it and that it says it won’t end for another two weeks. She again tells me that she can’t change the price because they aren’t running that deal anymore, but she can take the desserts off since we haven’t received them yet. 

I tell her I would like to speak to her manager, instead. She huffs off back into the kitchen, and then we wait, and wait, and wait. After another 20 minutes pass, I pull out the notebook and pen I keep in my purse and start writing. 

I write a note to the manager detailing everything that has happened: the long wait times, the times I noticed our waitress go to other tables and then walk around another way to skip our table, and the fact that the waitress does not want to honor a deal that is advertised on every single table in the restaurant and that if the deal is, in fact, over she should have told us as soon as we told her we wanted to order their meal deal instead of waiting until the check was ready to let us know. Finally, I include my name and multiple phone numbers, and I finish with writing that I will pay for the meal that was consumed after I am able to speak to the manager. 

It should be noted that the restaurant is no longer even remotely busy and has more empty tables than filled ones. My husband and I walk up to the hostess and I ask the hostess if she could deliver the letter to the manager and if we could speak to him. She takes the note and disappears into the back before coming to the front and telling us that the manager will be out in about ten minutes as he is on a call.

We wait another 20 minutes at the front before I ask the hostess again if the manager is available yet. She goes to the back and comes back out and informs us that the manager left about 15 minutes ago. 

I am beyond mad. We have been here for almost two hours, had only two small drinks, one small basket of “bottomless fries,” and just barely decent food. My husband and I decide to just leave. 

This has been the only time in my life I have ever eaten at a restaurant and left without paying. This was roughly six years ago and somehow this place is still open, but I have never been back, and I vow to never go to any other of these restaurants again, even if it’s another location!

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H2-Oh, Will You Shut Up!

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I work as a manager and I get called to the front. I come up front and the cashier points at a customer for me to talk to and quickly turns away. My sense of dread is already increasing.

“Hi. How can I help you?”

“Yes. I’d like to complain about your store not carrying any spring water.”

I start to answer but she stops me and continues.

“I went up and down your water aisle for twenty minutes and couldn’t find any!”

I know this can’t be true because I have just been helping restock the water and we had a variety of spring waters.


“All you have is purified water, which is nothing but chemicals!”


“Your store should be ashamed of itself for giving customers no choice but to buy chemical water.”

I’m actually attempting to talk over her to get her attention but she keeps going.

“This is the last time I will shop at your store, and you can let them all know it’s because you refuse to carry any spring water.”

I pause and wait, halfway expecting her to interrupt me again

“Well, what are you going to do about this?”

I turned and took a bottle of spring water from the stand we had been standing by the entire time and put it on the register to be scanned. Even if the lady hadn’t listened to me, she just needed to follow my gestures or even just look around to see the big display stand of water we were standing next to the whole time.

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