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(I work at a well-known hotel in a part of the country where snow is hardly seen. At this point there is 5″ of the good ol’ white stuff on the ground. This is one of many, similar conversations.)

Me: “Good evening, (Hotel Name). Where may I direct your call?”

Guest: “Can you guys come pick me up from the airport?”

Me: “No, sir. Our company car is currently unavailable due to closed roads.”

Guest: “Ugh! Well aren’t there any cabs that will come get me?”

Me: “No, sir. They will not be servicing anyone due to road closures and bad weather.”

Guest:  “Well isn’t there anything you can do to come pick me up?”

Me: “No, sir. Roads are closed due to bad weather.”

Guest: “I want to speak to a manager!”

Me: “Yes, sir. One moment, please.”

(After I transferred him I don’t know what happened, but he obviously hadn’t looked out of a window!)

Giving Him An Earful

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(My boyfriend and I are lying in bed watching TV. We are spooning, with me as the big spoon. He is really talented at watching TV and forgetting the world around him. I kiss his ear and he jumps up, freaking out.)

Boyfriend: “What the heck, babe?! Were you trying to slice my ear open or something?”

Me: *deadpan* “No, I need something sharp to do that.”

Boyfriend: “Oh. Yeah, that’s true.”

(He snuggles back against me for a second before saying:)

Boyfriend: “I don’t know which is worse…”

Me: “What?”

Boyfriend: “That that is your answer to why you didn’t slice my ear open, or that I accepted it without a second thought.”

Not Making A Choice Argument

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(I work at a fast-casual sandwich place. Of course, our food is a bit better quality than some sub shops, but everything is still prepped in the morning and isn’t cooked to order.)

Customer: “I’d like the grilled steak sandwich, and I don’t want my steak medium rare; I’d like it well done.”

Me: “Sorry, but our meat is already prepared, so the steak only comes medium rare. We do toast the sandwich, so by the time it goes though the sandwich oven, it will be a bit more well done, but it won’t be truly well done steak.”

Customer: “But why can’t you make it well done? It says on the menu that I get a choice.”

(She then pointed to the description on the menu that states that the steak is choice beef.)

You Better Beer-lieve It!

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(I am 17, and a cashier at a big pharmacy store. I work at the front registers, while the pharmacy and pharmacy registers are in the back of the store, out of view. If people are purchasing items in the store and also picking up a prescription, then the pharmacy is allowed to ring up their purchases, as well, with the exception of alcohol. A man walks from the back of the store carrying two large cases of beer. I start to move away from the door and head to a register to ring him up; however, before I even make it two steps, I stop, as the guy is still walking straight towards me. Without thinking, I put out my hand and stop him; it seems to surprise him that a small girl would physically stop him, especially as he is more than twice my size. Instead of faltering or backing down, I stand firm.)

Me: “Sir, I’m sorry, but I have to get you to go over to the register to check you out before I can allow you to leave with that.”

Man: “Oh, don’t worry, little lady; I already paid for this in the pharmacy.”

Me: “Sir, if that is the case, then I do apologize, but I will need to look at your receipt just to verify. I hope you understand.”

Man: “Well, I don’t have my receipt; I told them they could keep it.”

(I’ve already broken one rule by physically touching the man, but I’m not going to break another by outright accusing him of theft.)

Me: “In that case, please let me walk back there with you so that we can clear this up with them. You see, it’s against store policy to ever ring up alcohol back at the pharmacy, so I really need to know who rang you up so that they can be dealt with appropriately. If you are still unwilling to do this, then I am going to have to ask you to either let me ring you up for a second time, or you can leave the beer here, but without actual proof of purchase I cannot allow you to leave the store with the beer.”

(The man just kind of looks at me for about twenty seconds and then glances over to my supervisor, who is still standing next to the door. However, she is in her 60s, and I’m sure this man could probably overpower both of us. Luckily, things end rather well. The man looks back at me and sits both cases of beer on the floor.)

Man: “All right, here you go. I’ll go ahead and leave now.”

(With that, the man actually just walks out of the store. After he is gone, my supervisor turns to me with the most shocked expression on her face, and I can feel my heart about to explode out of my chest.)

Me: “Oh, no. Did I actually just physically stop a man and then keep him from shoplifting?! I can’t believe that just happened.”

Supervisor: “Yeah, I’ve never seen something like that before, but please, next time, just let him walk out of the store. It’s not worth your life trying to stop someone from getting a couple of cases of beer. You never know if someone is crazy, or drunk, or just doesn’t care.”

Smearing Your Education

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(At the age of 19 my mother decides it is time for me to get my first pap smear and checkup with a gynecologist. My appointment starts out normally; the nurse is very nice and explains what will happen, before leaving me alone to change into a gown. I settle myself on the table before the doctor comes in. He is an older man in his late 50s, rather heavy set, and with a bulbous nose.)

Ob/Gyn: “Good morning! So, what brings you in today?”

Me: “I recently turned 19, and my mother suggested it was time for me to get my first pap smear, since I am sexually active.”

Ob/Gyn: “Your mom is silly to worry about that. You really shouldn’t be here before you’re 23.”

Me: *remains silent as the doctor explains the procedure again*

Ob/Gyn: “So, are you a student? What are you studying?”

Me: *not wanting to explain my complex writing major* “Oh, I’m majoring in English.”

Ob/Gyn: “So, what are you going to do with that other than be unemployed?” *chuckles* “Serve burgers?”

(The rest of my appointment was spent in stony silence while the doctor began an already nerve-wracking and intimate procedure.)

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