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(I was working the drive thru in a chain retail Pharmacy alone. There are two lanes, and I as fairly as possible switch and juggle between the lanes when their are multiple cars. After finishing one car in lane one I juggle back to lane two, who was next, as a woman riding in a taxi comes to lane one.)

Me: *to lady in lane one* Just a second please ma’am. *proceeds to close the window and address lane two*
Woman: Ma’am I’m in a cab!
Me: *holds up one finger to ask for a second as I’m entering lane two’s information*
Woman: *practically wailing* Ma’am I’m in a cab! Ma’am I’m in a CAB! MA’AM I’m in a CAB!
Me: *finishes lane two and reopen the window* How may I help you ma’am?
Woman: You should take care of people in a cab first! *tosses her stuff at me and drives off before I can get any relevant information, such as pick up time, for her prescription.*

Cashiers Who Can’t Handle Cash Keep NAR In Business

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Years ago, my grandfather owned a number of convenience stores. He hired and fired all kinds of crazy cashiers; the ones that stuck around for years might have been the craziest, but they were reliable. Every summer for years, I would be one of those cashiers; from the ages of fourteen to twenty, there I was every summer. 

Since he usually had regular turnover, it wasn’t hard for him to find me a shift to work, but one year he was fully staffed; he was just miffed by one employee. 

This one girl was great at all the assignments — stocking, cleaning, maintenance — but my grandfather noticed that he was going through a lot of rolls of dimes and pennies, and usually on her shifts. So, he decided to sort of watch her one day. It wasn’t until someone was owed $0.97 in change that he put it together.

Sure enough, this cashier gave the guy nine dimes and seven pennies as change. 

He tried to teach her, but it didn’t stick. 

Needless to say, he still found an opening for me that summer.

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After an average-weight librarian popped a mint in his mouth, a nearby man screamed:

The librarian could only blink.

Wrong Bench, Wrong Store, Wrong Attitude

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My supervisor is talking with a very irate customer about how her mother was treated when she came into the store.

Customer: “I need to speak to your general manager!”

Supervisor: “Could you tell me what the problem is first?”

Customer: “Your general manager chased my elderly mother off your bench last night and told her to never come back. I don’t appreciate the way she’s been treated!”

Supervisor: “Well, ma’am, we don’t have a general manager. This is a locally-owned store. Are you sure it was here?”

Customer: “I’m positive! That man was rude!”

Supervisor: “Ma’am, I’m positive it wasn’t here. We don’t even have a bench outside.”

Customer: “Oh… Well, let me go call her.”

The woman later came back and said my supervisor was correct. Her mother was not in our store or even this town. No apology, either.

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So I work at a movie theater over the summer, and we have a strict policy against free refills for our annual bucket (it only costs $4 to fill it every time compared to buying a $9 large bag). Anyways we have tons of banners all around the concessions area, and signs that explain that bags are the only things that get free refills (besides drinks). We also have the main concession stand where you pay for everything then go maybe 10 feet to a counter where you fill your drinks and a worker fills up your bag of popcorn. Anyways this is an exchange that recently happened.

Customer *storms over to the concession area with her bucket* Um, is she right?
Me: I’m sorry?
Customer: That lady over there at popcorn said I had to pay to fill my bucket up!
Me: Yes ma’am that’s always been our policy.
Customer: This is outrageous! I’ve come to this theater since it opened and I’ve never been charged for a refill! *she storms off and I think nothing of it*
*10 minutes later, the lady has stormed back up to the counter and is now talking to another one of my coworkers*
Customer: This is ridiculous! And this will be the last time I come to this theater!
Coworker: Ma’am we have signs in front of both stands, and a giant banner when you walk in that says you have to pay for a refill.
Coworker: No ma’am it says all popcorn bags.
(My manger had over heard the whole thing and so he steps in and points out where it says POPCORN BAGS)
Manger: I’m sure that ______ theater would love to have your business ma’am. Have a nice day.
Customer: *in disbelief that he said that* I’M SURE THEY WILL TO! *she cusses us under her breathe before finally returning to her movie leaving all of us laughing since customers like this usually happen at least once a week*