Old Parents, Modern Workplace

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(I am laid off from my job and move back in with my parents while I sort things out. I manage to find a new position in good time. However, the following talk still occurs every so often.)

Parents: “Did you get in trouble at your last job? Like, were you late or anything?”

Me: “No, I did everything I was supposed to.”

Parents: “So, how come they let you go?”

Me: “I already told you: they were downsizing and I was one of the few people they laid off.”

Parents: “If you say so. We’re just trying to figure out what you did.”

(I didn’t do anything. My old company had to cut costs somewhere, and I, unfortunately, was a part of it. For some reason, the idea that a bad thing could happen to me for reasons beyond my control is a completely alien concept to them. My dad keeps telling everyone that I must’ve done something for them to let me go. Thanks. That REALLY helps my self-esteem.)

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