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A Wonderful Lightbulb Moment

, , , , , | Right | July 28, 2021

I walk into an auto parts store.

Me: “Hi! I need a new headlight bulb and two windshield wiper blades, please!”

Associate: “Absolutely!”

The associate quickly gets what I need.

Me: “Could I be a bother and have you assist with installing these?”

Associate: “I can do the windshield wiper blades no problem, but I can’t help with the bulb. I’m sorry.”

Me: “Gotcha! No worries, my dude!”

A line forms behind me and the associate says it’ll be just a minute before he can step out to help me. I try to get a jump on installing the bulb.

I can’t get the bulb out with my crappy grip strength on my dominant hand due to an old injury, and I don’t realize the associate is behind me. He is laughing really hard at my struggle — but in a nice way. I realize I have taken the wrong bulb out and continue cursing while the employee laughs more. Having fixed my wipers, he bids me good luck and heads back inside.

I realize just how inept at car maintenance I actually am and get an idea, so I head back inside.

Me: “Hello! Quick question, and I promise I’m not trying to be that customer.”

Associate: *Playfully ducks under the counter* “Oh, no!”

Me: “I was wondering if you could take the old bulb out and I put the new bulb in. I have an old injury and next to no grip strength in my right hand.”

Associate: “You know what? Sure!”

Back outside, the associate removes the old bulb like he could do it in his sleep. I remove the new bulb and wait for him to scoot so I can get it plugged in.

Associate: “Here, I’ll just go ahead and do it since I’m here.”

Me: “No, I can do it! I don’t want you to get in trouble. Really, thank you for doing this, but I can get it!”

Associate: “My mama raised me to help people and have manners, so it’ll be okay.”

I reluctantly hand him the new bulb which he installs in three seconds max.

Associate: “There you go, ma’am! All good to go! Just try to turn your headlights on real quick to test them.”

I quickly turn them on and grab two $5 bills.

Associate: “Looks like they work perfectly!”

Me: “I know it’s not much, but please take this.”

Associate: “No, ma’am! It’s all good!”

Me: “Please, I have worked customer service long enough to know what it’s like. Please. You don’t realize just how much you helped me.”

I hand him the money.

Me: “I would also like to commend you to your manager if possible. You made this a very pleasant experience and didn’t talk down to me, and I really appreciate that.”

I called the next day and told the manager just how nice this employee was, and this seemed to catch her off-guard. I wish more people would call or talk to the manager about how much good employees really matter!

To Be Frank, This Is A Delightful Change Of Pace

, , , | Right | CREDIT: thiccwitch2601 | July 27, 2021

Tonight, a lady called in to make reservations for next month.

Customer: “I need two rooms for four adults for the first weekend in April. I think I saw online the rate was $81. Can you help me with that?”

Me: “I sure can! Was there a specific discount you were looking for, like AAA?”

Customer: “It sure was the AAA rate. And thanks for doing this; now I don’t have to fuss with the ding dang computer. Now, I want one room with a king bed and the other with two beds. I think the two beds are more expensive, but that’s okay.”

Me: “I show that two queens are the same rate as the king for those dates. Do you have a rewards number you want to attach to the reservations?”

Customer: “The two beds are the same price? That’s even better! I do have one of your numbers, but I don’t know where it is. I think I have it saved in my ding dang phone. Don’t worry about it, hun.”

Me: “You said your name was [Customer]? What city and state do you live in?”

Customer: “Oh, I’m from [City], [State].”

Me: “Okay, Ms. [Customer], I found your rewards profile right here.”

Customer: “Aren’t you a clever one! Thank you!”

I finish up the reservation and confirm her email address for the confirmation.

Me: “Would you like to write down your rewards number? That way you can log in with the app to see your reservations and check in.”

Customer: *To her husband* “FRANK! The girl said I can use my phone to check in!” *To me* “Yes, dear, I’d like that number. You have been so helpful and kind. We can’t wait to stay there.”

I hung up the phone chuckling as she started shouting at Frank again about the hotel.

It’s Worth The Cost To Be Kind

, , , , , | Right | July 26, 2021

I’m the customer in this story. A new small bakery opened up in my town, and I tried it. It was owned by a lovely immigrant family who all helped to run it. The pastries were delicious and the family would always try to find something that you would really enjoy. I decided to order a few cakes from them for an event, and I was in a hurry the day I picked them up, so I didn’t notice until I got home that the amount on the bill was too low.

One of the daughters was running the counter that day, and she answered when I gave them a call.

Me: “Hi, I was just in there picking up some cakes, and I just noticed that you only charged me for two cakes, not three. Can I give my credit card information over the phone, or do I need to come back in?”

Employee: “I’m sorry… Was something wrong with the cake?”

Me: “No, the cakes were fine. I just didn’t get charged for one of them.”

She sounds very, very confused.

Employee: “So you… want a refund?”

Me: “No, I want to pay for the cake that was left off my bill.”

She finally seems to get it.

Employee: “Wait, you want to pay more?”

Me: “Well, I just want to pay what I owe you. I don’t want you guys to lose money.”

She finally looks back at the transaction and realizes what happened, and we manage to get it all sorted out. She sounds like she’s about to start crying.

Employee: “Thank you so much! I would have been in so much trouble!”

I moved out of the area soon after, but I visited a couple of years later and was happy to see that the bakery had gotten so popular that they were able to purchase the building next door and add on a cafe!

Leaving A Lasting Impression

, , , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Artsy_Trashbin | July 25, 2021

Back in my high school days, when my friends and I were sixteen to eighteen, we went to a tiny diner out of town. All of us worked in the service industry so we would tip pretty decently. I think the bill came to around $80, and I just put in a $100 in the bill book and we left.

After we got in the car and drove a few miles, my friend asked if we thought it was enough that she only tipped our waitress $15. I expressed that I’d tipped her about $20 already, after which my other friend chimed in that she’d left a twenty on the table. We laughed it off and said we probably made her day with the over 65% tip.

Three years later, we were passing through that town and we decided to stop by that same diner. Lo and behold, the waitress was there and she remembered us! She mentioned that she was lowkey confused at the amount of cash left after the tip my friend handed to her but was grateful as it helped her buy her son a birthday present. It’s just amazing how she remembered after three years.

Thoughtful Customer. Does Not Compute.

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: AmenusUK | July 14, 2021

I have been working at my first part-time job in a store for about two months. I work in the dedicated section that sells home computers. A customer comes in and wants to purchase a computer and other bits. I go through it with him, and he needs a modem, printer, and comms software. All we have in stock is the computer. Without prompting, I get on the phone and call the other shops up and down the street to see what they have in stock. I then draw a map and show him where to get stuff, and off he goes. At this point, I have not sold anything and my customer has left the shop.

An hour later, the customer comes back.

Customer: “I purchased all the accessories, so now I’ve come for the computer.”

Me: “Did they not have the computer?”

Customer: “Yes, they did, but as you were the most helpful, I think you deserve the sale.”

So, I sold him the computer and will always remember that customer.