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(I’ve recently joined a Big Red Retail Store and while I have just over 2 years of experience cashiering, I am forced into taking a position in stock as they don’t have any positions open for cashiering. I adapt quickly to the new position, thankfully. On Sunday we have ad set up in the early morning for the week, and one set up involves two completely different sales on two different brands of soda. The deals are a similar 3 for $12 but one is on twelve packs and one is on 6 pack bottles, 8oz 8 packs of cans, and 8oz 8 packs of bottles. I’m called up to help ring through a morning rush.)
Me: Just the pop and tissues, then?
Customer: Yeah. Hey, the pop’s on sale, right?
(Not looking at the pop yet as I’m still signing onto the register, I nod.)
Me: Yup, pop’s on sale.
(Ringing the three twelve packs through, I pause when I realize that they didn’t ring up at 3 for $12 after the third twelve pack.)
Me: Huh. I guess…. Not?
(I glance the twelve packs over and realize that while two of the three qualify, the third is not the right kin and thus doesn’t count. I, politely, let the customer know.)
Customer: Well then I don’t want it! Just the tissues, then!
(While I have experience cashiering and am good at it, the system this company uses is different to what I’m used to. Thus it takes me a bit to find the void button.)
Customer: This is ridiculous! I don’t want any of it, never mind! If you’re going to take this long!
(She leaves. I just blink, figure out how to void out the transaction, and ring up the next woman in line.)

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( I’m a in-training pharmacy technician in Walgreens and today was one of our busier days of the week.)

Me: Welcome to Walgreens! Are you picking up today?

Customer: Yes

Me: Can I have your last name?

Customer: It’s (XXXXXXX).

Me: And your first name?

Customer: (XXXXXX)

Me: Alright, Looks like I have two ready for you. Give me a few seconds to grab that.
*I ran around the back of the shelf were we keep are prescriptions and start looking for his name. I found his two prescriptions, which were diapers, and one of them had a note written on it. “Does he want both? See Pharmacist.” After reading, I go to the pharmacist. *
Me: This patient is here to pick these up. *Holds up both bags of diapers*

Pharmacist: *she looks at them* We receive two scripts from his doctor for both. Ask him for which he wants or if he wants both.

Me: Okay. *goes back to the front* So it looks like we received two scripts from your doctor for two brands of diapers. There’s [ Brand 1], which we have 17 of for you, and [brand 2] which is a completion because you picked up 47 earlier.

Customer: Oh I can get both? Great. And I talked to my insurance and they said that they will cover 150 of the diapers every month, so can I get 150 of [brand 1] and 150 of [brand 2] ?

Me: Umm Let me ask my pharmacist that. *runs to the back to tell her what’s going on before she tells me that we can’t do that because they look at Diapers, not by individual brand. I turn back to tell the customer what the pharmacist told me.* So it looks like we can’t do that because your insurance looks at the total diapers and not by individual brands. So by the insurance’s records, you’ve already picked up 150 diapers, including the two I’m hold in my hands.

Customer: No. I didn’t pick up 150. And these two are not the same so they can’t be counted together. *points to brand 1* It’s like these are apples and those *points to brand 2* are oranges. They aren’t the same. You’d think in this time of the world, with out technologically advanced we are, all the answers we want are just a few types away. Then we won’t have to deal with all this brain damage.

Me: …. *nods a long* Umm.. Let me see if my pharmacist knows of an override code that could help us. *Turns to the pharmacist for help because There is NOTHING that I can do, legally.* I need your help…. he’s still going on and on.

Pharmacist: *she walks out* Hi. What seems to be the problem here?

Customer: She’s telling me that I’ve already picked up 150 diapers already.

Pharmacist: Yes that is right, that is what we have on file. *she pulls up his profile on the computer* It looks like you picked up a partial fill last week, 47 of [brand 2]. And with the 17 of [brand 1] and the 84 of [brand 2], that makes up the 150 of this month.

Customer: No. I never picked up any last week.

Pharmacist: If you want, I can call the manager to check the cameras to see who picked it up for you last week.

Customer: No, just give me the 150 of the [brand 1].

Pharmacist: I can’t do that because you’ve already picked up 47 of [brand 2] and you have to complete the doctor’s prescription of 131 diapers of [brand 2].

Customer: *he sighs* But they aren’t the same! You don’t understand! *he points to brand 1* This is like a man that has a penis! And *points to brand 2* this is like a woman that has a vagina! Now. They are NOT the same! Can’t you get the manager or someone that knows what they’re doing to solve this. We are in a technology advanced world! Shouldn’t everything be just a few clicks away on the computer and then we wouldn’t have to suffer brain damage from all of this?!

Pharmacist: …. *A small… awkward pause because she was just absorbing what he said, being that she is the Pharmacy manager….* If you want, I can give your insurance a call to see if they can revert it but again, it will only be able to work starting next month. I can also leave a note in your chart saying to only use [brand 1] as well but this will only be able to go into effect next month when the insurance will start paying for 150.

Customer: *he sighs* Fine, give them a call and call me when you find an answer. But [brand 1] and [brand 2] ARE NOT THE SAME. *he leaves*

Pharmacist: *she just smiles* Have a good day, sir. *she walks quickly back to work area, shaking her head* Anyone up for burgers? My treat.

** Brand 1 and Brand 2 are both diapers, but under two different brands. Example, Huggies and Pampers are both diapers but under different brands.

I’ll Have A Slice Of Cancellation

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(I have just recently moved across the country for a job and am settling into a new place. One night I decide I want pizza, and decide to place an order with one of the local stores of a national franchise. I order online, and get an estimate of about an hour. I wait an hour… and then longer. Eventually, I get back to check their tracker, but it’s not working for some reason. I decide to place a call.)

Employee: “[Chain] on [Location], this is [Employee]. How can I help you?”

Me: “Yes, I placed an online order about two hours ago, and I haven’t received it yet. I was trying to see if it had come out but I am having trouble with the tracker.”

Employee: “Let me check… Oh, I see. We cancelled your order.”

Me: “You cancelled my order?!”

Employee: “Sorry.”

Me: “Are you freaking kidding me? You cancelled my order and you didn’t even tell me?

(Click. He hangs up. I’m pissed, and still hungry, so I order from a local chain, which gets me my delivery in less than twenty minutes. Normally, this would be where it ends, but this crossed a line for me, so the next day during the day I call back to talk to a manager. What I’m hoping is that I’ll find out this was a fluke and I won’t have this issue again.)

Manager: “What can I do for you?”

Me: “I placed an order last night, and when I called in two hours later, they said they had cancelled it. And they didn’t even call me to tell me.”

Manager: “Yeah, the night manager told me about that. Sometimes it gets busy and wait times are long, and we don’t have the staff to deal with it, so we cancel them.”

Me: “That’s not acceptable! You can’t just cancel people’s orders without telling them!”

Manager: “We don’t have time to call up everyone whose order we cancel. That would just put us further behind.”

(The more we talk, the more clear it is that not only was this NOT a fluke, the manager talks about it like it’s the most normal thing in the world, and even has the nerve to get annoyed with me for calling it bad customer service. All this smells of crap to me, especially when the manager claims they can’t hire more people but that they do more business than any other member of that franchise in the area. Then, he drops a real doozy of a line.)

Manager: “This is just how it is, sir. We just don’t have time to call everyone when we cancel their orders.”

Me: “And you think that’s acceptable? To just leave them not knowing that they’re not getting their pizza?”

Manager: “Well, we don’t charge them.”

(That had never been the thing I was complaining about. It was clear he didn’t get it, so I turned down his offer of a credit — what good is a credit when you probably won’t even make the food? — and told him I’d never be ordering from him again. I contacted corporate to inform them of this and to see if I could arrange for delivery from a different store. They tried to placate me with ANOTHER credit and told me that they don’t allow that. I then told them that I would not be ordering from them again unless I moved to a different location. It’s a shame; I like their pizza, but it’s a moot point if I can’t get it, anyway. I’ll give my business to the locations that actually want my money.)

A Paperback With A Violent Ending

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Late one foggy night, I was driving to my parents’ house on a rural road which, at that hour, had little traffic. I came across a car ahead of me going the same direction, well under the speed limit, that was slowly drifting from the left lane toward the right. I slowed down and the car eventually went off the road onto the shoulder and then, with a jerk, back up onto the road. Then, the car slowly began drifting from the right off to the left. Repeat. Crap, a drunk driver, I thought. Oddly, I could see the dome light was on in the car.

This was pre-cellphone, or I would have called 911. I waited until they were almost off the road on the right, then sped past in the left lane. I glanced over and the forking idiot had a paperback book open up on the steering wheel and was reading it. While driving. At night. IN THE FOG! I don’t think the guy even noticed me as I went past.

As I got ahead of him and just before he disappeared in the fog I could see him still drifting across the lanes…

The World’s Least Fun Game Of Tag

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Customer: “So, I have these two swim cover-ups, and you guys forgot to take the security tags off.”

Me: “I’m sorry about that! I can get those off for you, but if I could see a receipt, that usually makes security happy.”

Customer: “No, but I swear to God I bought them here.”

(I take the swimsuit cover-ups out. They have no tags, but the security devices are similar to ours. However, the brands are not two I recognize.)

Me: “Are you sure you got them here? These don’t look familiar to me.”

Customer: “Yes, some girlfriends and I were shopping for our cruise a few months ago, so I bought them right here on clearance. They were only, like, fifteen dollars.”

Me: “We didn’t have swimsuits or cover-ups a few months ago, especially not on clearance. We just moved swim back up here from downstairs last week. We’re at [Retail Chain]; are you sure you didn’t mean to park outside [Other Two Anchor Chains]?”

Customer: “No, I bought it here. Right up here, in that corner over there. I bought them right here. I swear to God, I did, I bought them right here. They weren’t that much money.”

Me: “Okay, but my computer isn’t even showing that we carry these brands. So I’m just going to call a manager, okay?”

Customer: “Do whatever, but I need those tags off. I’m going on a cruise and I need them today. I don’t have time for this.”

(The manager comes and hears the whole story, and we have security Google who carries the brands. They are a [Different Retail Chain, not in our mall] exclusive brand.)

Manager: “So, you really will have to go over there and get these off. See?” *shows her on her phone that they aren’t our brand* “I’m afraid it isn’t our policy to remove other people’s security tags.”

Customer: “I didn’t buy them there! I’ve never gone there! I bought them here; I always buy things here. I swear to God they were on clearance. I bought them right here. I don’t know why you won’t believe me.”

Me: “Well, the problem with that is that I’m here 40 hours a week, every week. We did not have swim up here a few months ago; it was downstairs. We did not have any clearance, and those brands are [Different Retail Chain] exclusives, meaning we don’t carry them, we can’t carry them, and we never carried them. So, we can’t take off the security tags because they aren’t our merchandise. I don’t know else I can say this.”

Customer: “You are wrong. You are both wrong. I swear to God! I got them here!”

(My manager ends up taking them off and the customer leaves.)

Manager: “I didn’t really see how else we were going to solve that situation, so security said to just let it go.”

Me: “Well, if she did steal them, we know it wasn’t from us.”

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