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I work at a popular ice-cream store, and am currently taking a woman’s order at the drive through.

Me: “Welcome to [Ice-cream store], how may I help you?”

Woman: “I’d like a medium brownie shake.”

Our store doesn’t carry any ice-cream flavors with brownie in it. I inform her of this.

Woman: “No, I want a brownie shake.”

Me: “I’m sorry ma’am, but we don’t have any flavors with brownies in them. Could I get you a different flavor instead, like [flavor]?”

Woman: “I said I wanted a brownie shake, how hard is that to understand?”

Me: “I… I’m sorry ma’am, but we don’t have any flavors with brownies in them…”

Woman: “Can’t you just add brownies to the shake?”

Our manager made it clear to us a while ago that we weren’t allowed to add anything to shakes that wasn’t already on the list of pre-approved items. Brownies are not on that list. Again, I inform her that I’m unable to do what she wants.

Woman: “Are you ******* kidding me? I’m a customer! Can’t you find some way to just add it for me!?”

My manager, who had been listening in, overrides me and speaks to the customer. We’ve already had several troublesome customers, and the manager is fed up at this point.

Manager: “We can’t do what you’re asking because we have no way of ringing in the price of the brownies. Please order from one of the flavors we do have.”

Woman: “But I’m a customer, you have to find a way to serve me!”

Manager: “What you’re asking is impossible, we can’t do that. Like I said, we have no way of ringing the extra price of the brownies in.”

Woman: “But I want a brownie shake!”

The manager tells me to offer the woman [flavor] or [flavor], which are similar to what the customer wants, and washes his hands of the situation before he losses his temper.

Me: “Because we can’t make the shake you wanted, would you like to switch your order to [flavor] or [flavor] instead?”

Woman: “No! If I wanted [flavor] or [flavor], I would have asked for it!”

I’m completely unsure of what to do- I’ve never had a customer so set on one impossible to make shake with such determination before. Not wishing to anger her even more, I decide to play it safe by simply staying silent. After a couple minutes of incoherent muttering, the woman finally speaks.

Woman: “…I’ll take [flavor].”

I ring her order up and greet her at the window, accepting her money and giving her her recipt. She doesn’t pull ahead, instead leaning towards me.

Woman: “Why the **** doesn’t your store carry anything with brownies in it!? If customers want brownies, you should ******* have to add a flavor with brownies to your menu! I’m a customer, you should ******* have what I ******* want!”

Me: “I don’t have any say in what flavors we have, ma’am- I just work the drive through.”

The woman huffs and drives ahead to get her shake. After she leaves, my fellow employees, who have heard everything, jokingly insist that I add brownies to every order with shakes in it that I take afterwards.

Getting Very Shirty About Those Three Dollars

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(There’s a large sale going on at our store, and extra 40% taken off the lowest marked ticket price on clearance items. I am working at customer service, doing what few returns we have had, when a gentleman walks up to my register.)

Customer: “I just checked out with the cashier over here, and all your clearance is an extra 40% off, but he didn’t take the discount off.”

Me: “Okay, would you like me to double check?”

Customer: “Oh, yes, please; that would be lovely.”

(I go through the 50+ t-shirts he bought, price-checking them one by one to make sure they ring up right and match his receipt. He lets me do this on every item, taking at least five minutes.)

Me: “Well, sir, according to your receipt, and the prices the register pulled up, everything rang up correctly.”

Customer: “Okay, but what’s the total?”

Me: “The total is at the bottom of your receipt. Everything rang up the same, so the total should be correct.”

Customer: “Well, I want you to ring it up again and make sure the totals match up. Now.”

(I decide not to argue and just go ahead and do it; however, his total is about $3 less than on his original receipt, not enough to be a clearance issue. After double-checking everything, once again the process taking several minutes, I see he also bought some candy and cookies at the register.)

Customer: “So, why is the total less now than it was then?”

Me: “Well, when you made the purchase, sir, you also purchased some candy and cookies, causing the $3 difference.”

Customer: “Well, I want my $3 back!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. I can’t give you money back for something you purchased and consumed.”

Customer: “You’re just trying to take my money. That’s all these stores are good for. Keep the $3. But I won’t be back again.”

Me: “Have a good day, sir!” *to coworker* “Think that was a promise?”

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(I’m stocking shelves when a customer comes up to me asking about this kind of cracker I’m putting up.)
Customer: Excuse me, can you tell me the serving size in these?
Me: Yeah, it’s 4 crackers per serving.
Customer: And how many servings in the box?
Me: 4 and a 1/2
Customer: …4 and a 1/2. That doesn’t make any sense.

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(The phones are busy on this day, but this call sticks out in particular:)

Me: “Thank you for calling. How can I help today?”

Customer: “The internet on my phone isn’t working. I need my interwebs!”

Me: “I can help you with that. Let me ask, is your wifi and data turned on?”

Customer: “It’s turned on but its not working.”

Me: “Okay well let’s check. Go into wifi and turn it off.”

(The customer does as instructed after giving her step-by-step instructions.)

Me: “Okay now is data turned on?”

Customer: “I guess…”

Me: *sigh* “Okay, I guess isn’t 100% positive though. We need to make sure. Go to Data Usage and check to make sure Mobile Data is turned on. ”

Customer: “Oh my god, its working… how’d you…”

(After a brief pause, it was like a light bulb suddenly turned on inside her head because the next thing I hear is:)

Customer: “…this conversation never happened… THANKS!” *click*

(Sadly, this happens several times a day.)

Mistrust By The Bucket Load

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(The movie theater where I work has annual buckets that are $20 when you first buy them, but then you can bring it back and refill it for $4. I’m working in concession when a man and his 12-year-old son walk up to me.)

Customer: “I forgot my bucket at home!”

(I shrug this off because a lot of people forget their bucket.)

Me: “Okay… What can I help you with today?”

Customer: “I want two tickets to [Movie].”

Me: “Okay! Any concessions? Drinks? Popcorn?”

Customer: “I forgot my bucket at home.”

Me: “Okay…?”

Customer: *gesturing to the stack of buckets I have next to me* “So can I…?”

Me: “I’m sorry… what?”

Customer: “I forgot my bucket; don’t you trust me?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. I cannot GIVE you a bucket.”

Customer: “But I forgot my bucket!”

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