When You’re Bean An A**-Hole

, | | Right | July 13, 2016

(A customer walks in, cutting in front of a 35-person-long line.)

Customer: “I’ll take three soft tacos to go.”

Me: “Would you like any rice or beans on that?”

Customer: “Steak.”

Me: “Okay…. Rice or beans?”

Customer: “Steak and green salsa…”

Me: “Sir, do you want rice or beans on the tacos?”

Customer: “This is the third time I’ve told you. Steak and green salsa.”

(Another employee puts the steak and green salsa on while I help the next customer.)

Customer: *shoves the current customer out of the way* “Hey, you, where the hell are my rice and beans?”

Me: “Sir, I asked you three times if you wanted any and you ignored me and repeated ‘steak and green salsa’ each time. If you want to change your order then you can go to the back of the line that you cut in front of the first time and ask politely.”

How To Identify The Smallest Person In The Room

| WA, USA | Friendly | July 13, 2016

(I’m at a popular fast-food chain known for ice cream and burgers. My boyfriend and I are ordering. Note: I’m pregnant, but just showing enough that it could be mistaken for being a little thicker.)

Me: “Can I get a number one, with a large fry, a [ice cream], and onion rings?”

Customer Behind Me: “Ugh, fat-a**.”

(I’ve had a long, particularly stressful day. I turn around and give the customer a murderous look.)

Me: “I will order everything they have in stock and you will not say a word.”

(I turn back around like nothing happened. The customer stood there for a minute before walking out.)

Cashier: “I really don’t know if I should be scared or high-five you. Your total is [amount].”

Needs Better Protection From Those Kinds Of Slips

, | Winona, MN, USA | Working | July 13, 2016

(I’m the embarrassed employee in this incident. I am taking orders on the counter and feeling kind of tired when a good looking guy comes up to order.)

Guy: “Can I get a [combo meal]?”

Me: “Would you like a medium or large condom, COMBO, oh, my god, I’m sorry.”

(I was so bright red and I just thank goodness he didn’t laugh at me.)

A Really Depressing Sign

| France | Right | July 12, 2016

(It’s 11 pm, and we have just got out of an amusement park. Before taking the train back we decide to have a good old junk-food dinner at a well-known fast food place. On the doors outside, there’s a sign taped which reads “sorry, no soda left.”)

My Friend: *I’d like Meal #2, and to drink I’d like a co—”

Me: *interrupting* “No, they have no soda. Remember the sign?”

Cashier: *looks up at me with amazement* “You’re the FIRST patron tonight to actually notice the sign.”

(My friend was embarrassed and I really felt sorry for the cashier, and wished her a good end of shift!)

Raising Pre-Teens Is A Full Job

, | Philadelphia, PA, USA | Related | July 9, 2016

(I work at a popular fast food restaurant, and due to a lot of people coming in all the time, we need to hire more workers, which we are advertising all over the restaurant. I am approached by a little girl.)

Girl: “Can I please have an application?”

Me: *I see how young she appears to be* “Umm, is it for you?”

Girl: “Yes.”

Me: “Can I ask how old you are?”

Girl: “I’m ten.”

Me: “Sorry, you have to be at least 16 to work here.”

Girl: *starts screaming* “BUT I NEED MONEY AND I NEED A JOB, SO GIVE ME ONE!”

(At this point, the girl’s mother sees what her child is doing and walks over.)

Mother: “I’m very sorry about that.” *to girl* “Come on; we’re leaving!”

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