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(I’m the customer in this story. My mom works across the street from the retail store I work at, so during my break I usually go to a quick-serve Mexican restaurant nearby and get us both our usual: a single enchilada meal. Usually, the restaurant employees initially think I want one double enchilada meal rather than two singles, so I try to make myself very clear from the start… usually only ending in confusion.)

Me: Hi, could I get two single pork enchiladas?

Employee: You want two enchiladas?

Me: Yes, TWO single enchiladas, please.

Employee: A double?

Me: No, two different meals.

Employee: Okay, no problem!

(I’m relieved as he starts making two different meals, but about a minute in I realize he’s making burritos instead of enchiladas.)

Me: Uh oh… are those enchiladas?

Employee: *freezes* I thought you said burritos.

Me: No, enchiladas, I’m so sorry!

(The employee tosses the burritos and begins making a single plate of two enchiladas)

Employee: Okay, two enchiladas…

Me: Two separate single meals, I’m so sorry!

(The employee is obviously very confused at this point, but eventually we get it right. I felt like such a bad customer!)

Cycling The Recycling Signs

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I was at a food court in a mall, sitting fairly close to the trash cans. Next to the trash cans, there were a couple of recycling bins, one for bottles and one for cans. As I was watching, a woman walked up and dropped her bottle into the bin marked for cans. There was a clinking as the bottle hit metal, and I could see her realize that she’d just dropped the bottle into the wrong bin.

After pausing for a moment, she then reached down and pulled the lids off both bins. I thought maybe she was planning to pull out her bottle and put it in the right container, but instead, she swapped the two lids, placing the lid marked for bottles on the container for cans, and vice versa. She then turned around and spotted me watching. She quickly looked away and hurried off.

I ended up walking over and switching the lids back, but I really have to wonder how you can get so stubborn that you feel the need to swap the lids on recycling bins to pretend that you are “retroactively right” in which bin you dropped your trash into.

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This Evening Turned Out To Be A Waist

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(My husband and I are out for the evening having a drink and a bite. As we order our drinks and pizza, we give the server our card to keep the tab open, and she sticks it in her pants — not her pocket, but inside her pants — as she walks away.)

Me: “Excuse me, but did you stick my card into your pants?”

Server: *looks at me oddly* “Yeah… it’s just the waistband.”

Me: “That’s incredibly unhygienic. Please, can you close our tab? We do not want to stay.”

(The server walks away and starts talking to another server, pointing at us. She comes back and throws down the bill.)

Server: “I sanitized it for you.” *walks away*

(After a fifteen-minute wait, I ask when the pizza is ready to go.)

Server: “I don’t know.”

Me: “Can you check if it’s twenty minutes, an hour…”

Server: “No. I will not serve a b**** like you.”

Me: “Ma’am, I was not rude; I just don’t like that you keep putting your hand into your pants and serving people.”

Server: “I’m refunding the pizza; you can leave.”

Me: “I would like to speak to your manager.”

(The manager came over with a refund for the pizza. I explained to him that the only reason I asked for him was because the server had sworn at me because I did not want to be served by someone sticking their hand and other items in their pants during work. The manager refused to give me a receipt of the refund and told me to leave. This is why locals stick to dive bars!)

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We Think We Know How They Got Into This Situation In The First Place

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(I am a team lead for a group of sales setters for credit repair businesses. Their job is to talk about the client’s credit and life goals to match them with credit repair or debt help. This is a short conversation between one of my agents and his client.)

Agent: “Based upon what you’ve told me so far, I’d recommend a process called credit repair. We are affiliated with a company called [Company] Law, a credit repair law firm. I’m going to have you speak to one of their paralegals about how they can help you improve your credit situation.”

Client: “I don’t need none of that. I’ve got a Master’s degree in Paralegalism!” *click*

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Diagnosed With Not Quite Surgical Precision

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(In college, I start getting severe fatigue; I am sleeping ten hours a night, getting an hour or two nap each day, and still feeling exhausted all the time. I go to the student health center where they do some blood tests and diagnose me with hypothyroidism, where my thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormone. I am given a prescription for the generic of a synthetic thyroid hormone, and things improve drastically for several months. But after I have my prescription filled at a different pharmacy, I start having different symptoms: anxiety, feeling jittery all the time, being unreasonably cold, etc. I go back to the health center where they run more blood tests. This is what happens at the followup appointment when those blood test results come back.)

Doctor: “So, your thyroid hormone levels are much too high. You have hyperthyroidism.” *goes into treatment options, which basically boil down to either radiation to kill off part of my thyroid or surgery to remove part of it*

Me: “Okay. Well, before we start talking about surgery, don’t you think we should try reducing my [medication] dosage?”

Doctor: *stares at me for a second, then reads my chart more carefully* “Ah. Yes, yes, we should probably try that first.”

(A DIFFERENT doctor in the health center was able to explain that I’m in a small group of people that are sufficiently sensitive to thyroid hormone that the different levels in different generic brands can act like a completely different dosage, meaning that I need to be on the name brand to ensure my dosage stays constant. We put me on the name brand and I didn’t have any more problems, and I never saw the other doctor again.)

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