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I work in a call center that processes payments. Usually customers receive email notification when one of their customers makes a payment.

Customer: why didn’t I receive a email about the payment my customer made on Saturday? I called him because I hadn’t received his payment and then he said he had so now I look like an idiot because your system didn’t send me an email.

Me: Well looking at your account I see [email]. Is that the right one?

Customer: No it’s [other email]. We changed emails on Friday because we are switching servers and that email isn’t active anymore.

Me: Did you log in to change that email in our system?

Customer: No. You know, I bet $50 that is the reason I didn’t get that email!

Me: …..

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Heading Down Rocky Road

(I’m working a stall at an amusement park. A lady and her 4, maybe 5 year old come over.)
Customer: Hello! We would like to play this game, please.

Me: Okay, $5 to play.

Customer: Here you go!

Me: Thank you. Now, the point of this game is to throw the rubber chickens onto that target over there. It’s the one held down by rocks-

Customer: Rocks?! You said he would be throwing rubber chickens, not rocks!

Me: I didn’t say he would be throwing rocks, I said that rocks are holding down the target-

Customer: I demand a refund! This isn’t safe for kids!

(She actually pushed me out of the way, and took about $50 back)

Coworker: Hey! You can’t take all that money!

Customer: Shut the f*** up, b****! I am taking my money back and there is NOTHING you can do about it!

(Another coworker signaled the owner over)

Owner: What’s the problem?

Customer: This stall is NOT safe for kids, so I’m taking my money back!

Owner: I’m afraid you can’t do that.

Customer: Why the h*** not?

Owner: Because security should be coming over in about 3 minutes to bring you to the cops.

Customer: Too bad I won’t be here!

(She starts running for it, but looks back at us, and flips us the bird)

Security: Excuse me, ma’am, but where do you think you’re going?

(Customer recaps the story)

Security: Yeah, I’m not gonna let that happen.

(Security handcuffs her, and takes her out to a cop car)

Security: Oh, and I’ll take that money, too. Thank you, and come again!

A Like-ly Story

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(My coworker was the assistant manager last year. I don’t know what happened exactly, but I was told by my managers that she and the general manager couldn’t handle it, and quit after about three weeks. They were hired again as cashiers. I don’t like my coworker because she treats everyone younger than her as an idiot — not good when 90% of employees are in their early 20s. She doesn’t like me, either, and always talks about me behind my back. I don’t pay attention because I am in between jobs and waiting to start my engineering job. The managers put us on different schedules to prevent conflict. This is about 30 minutes before I am supposed to clock in.)

Assistant Manager: “Hey, [My Name] is coming in about half an hour. Can you let me know when she does?

Coworker: “No.”

Assistant Manager: “Excuse me?”

Coworker: “No. I don’t like her.”

Assistant Manager: “Well, I don’t care about that; just tell me when she gets here.”

Coworker: “No! She’s a spoiled brat and acts like a know-it-all and doesn’t respect her elders. I try to help her and she just rudely cuts me off and says she’s so smart that she can figure it out herself. If she’s so smart, then why is she working as a cashier? I’m not helping that rude w****!”

(My managers and I have a great relationship. I always come when they’re short-handed, I show up on time, and I am a great worker. They also know my story and know I’ll be starting a new job soon.)

Assistant Manager: “Okay, fine. It’s okay if you don’t tell me when she gets here; I’ll just keep you on register. In fact, I’ll call her and tell her she can have the day off. I know she’ll appreciate having more time to move into her new place after her stepdad kicked her out, and I know she’ll love a break after working 28 hours these past three days because you called out ‘sick’ twice. And once this job is over, you can go back to your full-time cashier job at [Grocery Store] while [My Name] starts her new engineering job with [Well-Known Local Company] and you’ll never have to see her again.”

(I only wish I could’ve seen my coworker’s face when this happened. I did show up about half an hour later, and my coworker told my manager I was here and sulked out. The job and customers weren’t the best, but I was glad to have such amazing managers!)

Tech Support Retort

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(A minor note before I go into this story. I work in tech support. We’re not talking the “have you rebooted it,” outsourced type, but serious tech support — the kind that deals with digging through code to fix issues, patching, and some hardware support. Recently, I found myself thinking about upgrading my graphics card, not because I really needed one, but I thought it’d be just a nice change compared to what I had. So, with that in mind, I head down to the local big-box tech store on my way home after work. I head inside, wander back to the parts department, and start looking through the shelves for the specific card I’ve had my eye on. It’s about this time that one of the salesmen approaches.)

Sales: “Finding everything you need?”

Me: “Not entirely sure.”

Sales: “Well, what do you need help with?”

Me: “I’m looking at getting a new graphics card, but…”

Sales: *cutting me off* “Well, it depends what you’re doing with it. Take this—“ *grabs a cheap card* “—It’s good for most things, but you don’t want that. Nah, you need this.” *grabs the most expensive card*

Me: “You think so, huh?”

Sales: “Oh, yeah. I’m an expert!”

Me: *muttering* “Sure, you are.” *aloud* “I get that you’re trained in these things to some degree, but you didn’t let me finish explaining the issue.”

Sales: *rolling his eyes* “Oh, go on, then.”

Me: “As I was about to say, I’m looking for a graphics card, but I’m not sure what kind of connector this type has, or if it’s for a laptop or tower. It doesn’t say it on the box, and I need a specific type to fit my system.”

Sales: “They’re all the same thing! I don’t know what gives you the idea they’re different.”

Me: “Education, training, experience…”

Sales: “What?”

Me: “Ever hear of [Well-Known Tech Support Company]?”

Sales: “Yes. And?”

Me: *producing badge* “I’m a technical support agent for them. So, yeah, the connections are different. I don’t need the upsell into something more expensive than what I want, and I don’t need the condescending ‘I know everything’ attitude. I just need to know what kind of connection this is, or if it’s for a laptop or tower.”

Sales: “Whatever. They’re the same [censored] thing! Here.” *grabbing a box off the shelf* “That’s the one you want.”

(With that he left. I ended up having to go back a second time, returning the one he picked up when I found out that yes, it was a laptop card. I also had a long talk with the department’s manager and the store manager about my experience. They ended up trading me the PC version — which was fifty bucks more — even for the laptop card I’d picked up, and assured me that they were going to have a long sitdown with that employee. I got the impression that this wasn’t the first time something like that had happened.)

They’re Both Good Eggs

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Me: “Dad, how long do you want your scrambled eggs cooked?”

Dad: “I don’t mind if they’re a little brown; I don’t need them to be perfect like how your mother likes them.”

(Later, when I make my mom scrambled eggs and ask her:)

Mom: “Make sure they’re yellow but not runny. Unlike your dad, I like my eggs edible.”

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