Charity Never Starts At Home For Some People

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(My store is hosting a Safety Week, and throughout the store parents can pick up free flyers, stickers, magnets, and mini coloring books with child safety tips on them. Overall, it’s to raise awareness for a fundraiser we’re doing for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, where we ask for a $1 donation at the registers. A mother and her young daughter come up to my register, and I see the daughter has collected all of our free items and looks very excited.)

Me: “I like your stickers! Did you get some magnets, too?”

(I point to the pile of magnets we have at the register, and the daughter proudly holds up her own magnets. At that moment, her mother grabs another sheet of magnets and puts them in her purse.)

Customer: “For my son at home.”

Me: “Great! I’m glad you guys like those; they’re for a great cause. All right, your total is [total]. Would you like to donate a dollar to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children?

Customer: “Nope, I’m fine.”

(I looked incredulously at the excessive amount of free safety trinkets they’d collected, before continuing with the transaction as politely as I could. It was pretty baffling, though!)

To Steal A Phrase

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(I am a customer, shopping for a new shirt. I’ve picked up a few to try on, but I can’t see one of the ones I want in my size.)

Me: “Excuse me, but do you have this shirt in a large?”

Employee: “Let me go check in the back.”

(She goes to the stockroom and returned a moment later with a shirt.)

Employee: “It was the brown, right? Here you go!”

Me: “Oh, great! Can I steal that from you?”

(Then I realize what I said.)

Me: “Oh, my gosh! I mean, ‘buy!’ ‘Can I buy that from you?’”

(I did end up buying the shirt.)

Vending Some Hope For Humanity

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The week before Christmas, my brother-in-law and his family stayed with us for a few days. They wanted to meet up with his grandmother while they were here, so we tried to think of a warm place to sit and visit with her. We decided on the lobby of one of the buildings on Temple Square, since it was near Grandma’s apartment. We also wanted to visit the Light the World vending machines in that lobby. These were five charitable vending machines that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints had temporarily placed that allowed the user to choose specific donations to some organizations.

When we arrived at the lobby, we found that a local high school madrigal group was performing Christmas carols. We very much enjoyed visiting quietly on the ground floor while the choir sang in the mezzanine above. As we neared the time we had to leave for other appointments, my nieces and nephew were steered toward the vending machines to choose their gifts for the charity.

One niece chose 100 meals for the food bank. The other chose a pair of glasses for the eye-care group. As my four-year-old nephew was trying to choose his gift (he eventually chose to help the water charities), I realized the choir had stopped singing. I looked around to find that most of those teenagers had joined us at the vending machines, even having to stand in line to reach them. They had just finished their third of five concerts in various buildings on Temple Square that same day, and instead of resting or visiting the small cafe in that same lobby, they had come to spend their money on other people. No one forced them. No one was watching to make sure the money wasn’t used elsewhere. They chose to do it.

Makes you think there’s hope for the future, after all.

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Because of financial difficulties my husband and I have started to coupon. I’m still new but I’ve started to figure out on most of my purchases how to buy stuff and get the total cut my 75% a popular store for stuff is a drug store that is next to a hospital. I come late at night to avoid holding the line up with all my coupons and multiple transactions.
But this night a woman comes up behind me on my first transaction she looks sick and still has her wrist band from the hospital on, she has 5 items and I have 2 more transactions I decide to let her go first.
When she is finished being rung up she has the check EVERY PRICE, meaning she has them run and find the item and check the price. Only 1 rung up wrong, this took 10 minutes.
Than the total comes up, she decides to take a couple of items off. Meaning manager approval was needed to go back. Adding 5 extra minutes.
Finally she decides to pay, she does so with cash. She takes her dear sweet time counting out the cash (When I say sweet time I mean 5 minutes) she has exact cash available. But a penny she had was “new and shinny” and she didn’t want to let it go. So she ends up putting that away and giving as 20$ bill instead.
By this time I am internally screaming it has been almost 30 minutes for 5 items and she doesn’t seem to be getting the idea.

Finally, she leaves. I go to check out and the cashier says “bet that’s the last time you’ll let someone go ahead of you”
I laughed and said “yup.”

My transactions toke 10 minutes, even with all my coupons. I was so frustrated.

Working On Different Prints-iples

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(I’m the receptionist for a corporate office. Our company is primarily retail, and we have a customer service line and online chat room, yet people always try to bypass those and call me for help.)

Caller: “I’m looking for a [Popular Artist] print. I tried customer service before, and they told me they had the painting at my local store, but when I got there they were asking $500 for it! I said, ‘I don’t want to buy the whole store!’ you know? Ha ha ha! I want to find a cheaper print.”

Me: “Okay, so, you already checked with customer service?”

Caller: “Yeah, I did, but they sent me to my local store.” *he repeats the above, verbatim*

Me: “Well, I just checked our website, and it looks like there are several different-size prints in stock, so I apologize for the confusion. I’m sure customer service just misunderstood what you wanted. I’ll transfer you back to them—”

Caller: “The confusion is probably because [recently deceased Religious Leader in the area] was a hell-raiser. He probably went in and changed the website to mess with everyone.”

(He laughs as if I’m without a doubt thinking the same thing. Since I’m not sure why he thinks a religious leader would mess with a retail company’s website, and I happened to really respect said recently-deceased religious leader, I don’t laugh.)

Me: “All right, well, let me connect you back to customer service, and they can find that print for you. Or, if they say that we really don’t have it, then you can find all of [Popular Artist]’s works on his website. The web address is—”

Caller: “No, no, no. I don’t do computers.”

Me: “…”

Caller: “And I’ll tell you why! Because I didn’t have them growing up. I didn’t have them in college. I didn’t have them in 45 years of business. So, I don’t do computers. The only time I use a computer is to play solitaire, because that’s all they’re good for. I don’t do computers.”

Me: *pause* “All right, then—”

Caller: “Is there someone intelligent there that I can talk to?”

Me: *through gritted teeth* “Just let me transfer you to customer service.”

Caller: *as if he didn’t just insult me* “Thank you very much for your help, ma’am!”

(Apparently liking computers and not laughing at the expense of the dead makes me unintelligent?)

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