A Bag Full Of Ignorance

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(Out of everyone on our team, there is one man we’re almost certain is willfully ignorant. He moved to the US when he was two years old, and at the time this story took place, he was into his early thirties. In all the thirty-some years he lived in California, he never bothered to learn anything about the culture that surrounded him. It often ended in hilarity like this story. One quiet workday, when there is only a single customer in the store, and I’m chatting with a manager, the ignorant coworker shouts across several aisles:)


(The manager and I stare at him in shock. He has shouted so loudly the nearby customer literally dropped what she was holding and is staring at us, also shocked.)

Manager: “Err… ah…”

Me: “Are you serious?!”

(We all burst out laughing because we didn’t know how else to handle the embarrassing situation, while the ignorant coworker stood there and was utterly confused as to what was so funny. The manager later had to take the employee to the side and tell him that next time he ought to ask his random questions quietly, when he was on his break.)

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(*Keep in mind this story does not violate HIPPA regulations as none of the patients personal or health information is stated.* I am an EMT currently working in an ambulance company doing interfacility transport, taking patients from nursing homes or care centers to hospitals, from hospitals back home, etc. My partner and I are dispatched to a nursing home we have been to before where we don’t like the nursing staff as they seem to not care about their patients much, this call is no exception to that. We arrive and ask the nurse some basic questions about the patient, who they want to send to a hospital a few miles down the road instead of the one just down the road, less than a quarter mile away, and who has severely swollen legs, which they suspect might be DVT, blood clots formed in the legs that could break loose and cause blocks throughout the body in places like lungs, heart, or other organs.)
Us: How long has this been going on?
Nurse: I have no idea, the other nurse said they were swollen when I got here at 3 (it is now 5) and I’ve been on vacation for 3 days so I don’t know anything about it. Do you have any more questions or?
Us: You don’t have a timeframe? Did it start this Morning? Yesterday? Why do you want her to go to (farther hospital) instead (closer hospital)?
Nurse: Our doctor wants her sent there so that’s where we want her to go.
Us: But this could get serious quickly and we aren’t comfortable taking her to the farther hospital.
Nurse: You need to take her to (farther hospital) because last time the paramedics (meaning they called 911 not interfacility transport) took her to (closer hospital) and her family was angry because we told them (farther hospital) and they almost pulled her from our care.
(At this point I’m steaming because this nurse doesn’t seem to have any regard for what’s best for the patient and wants to blindly follow doctors orders and not only gave family what may have later been false information but didnt call to tell them afterwards and is now trying to blame what they did wrong on the paramedics. We let her walk away and continue assessing the patient and discussing which hospital we should go to when another nurse comes over and peeks through the doorway to the room.)
Nurse #2: *nicely* Oh, you guys are here to take her to (farther hospital)?
Us: Well we are more comfortable taking her to (closer hospital) because of her condition, we were just discussing this.
Nurse #2: *now a little angrily* No, she needs to go to (farther hospital) because our doctor works out of that hospital, this is something we can handle in-house but he wantrs the better equipment in the full hospital and to be able to oversee her care.
(Keep in mind it is entirely our decision where to take her, if a patient is stable enough we can take them to a requested hospital instead of closest but we feel this patient has enough risk of extra complications she needs to be seen as soon as possible, especially since we don’t have a timeframe for when the swelling started, and she had some concerning vitals along with it. After that nurse leaves we discuss it for a few minutes and ultimately decide to go to (closer hospital) and head out with the patient.)
My partner: *on the way out, to the patients nurse* You may want to call her family and tell them we are taking her to (closer hospital), we feel that is in her best interest as she needs quicker care. Have a good day.
(We left quickly with the patient and luckily didn’t encounter Nurse #2 again, and we made it to the hospital and got her into a bed without any complications, but still, the gal of the nurses still angers me and my partner to think about it!)

Brain Unable To Ketchup With The Mouth

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(It is a hot day. I am picking up two vanilla milkshakes and nothing else in the drive-thru. I get to the pick up window.)

Worker: *hands me the milkshakes* “Would you like ketchup with that?”

Me: *pause* “What?”

Worker: “Would you like ketchup with that?”

Me: “I don’t think that would taste very good.”

Worker: *realizing her mistake* “Oh… um….”

Me: “You automatically ask that with any order don’t you?”

Worker: “Yes…”

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Gonna Be Some Dracarys Up In Here…

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(I see a trailer for the show “Game of Thrones”, which I have never seen, nor read the book series off of which it is based. I turn to my elder brother.)

Me: “Hey, didn’t you watch Game of Thrones? Why is it popular?”

Brother: “I never watched it. I think it’s because of the nudity.” *pauses* “And dragons.”

Brother’s Girlfriend: “It’s for nerds.” *pauses* “It’s for nerds who can’t get laid.”

Me: “…”

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About To Have A Coronary

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(I walk into the break room one morning to fill my coffee cup. Coworker is preparing a fresh pot of coffee. She empties a bag of regular coffee grounds into the basket, then puts an orange decaf pot under it. The regular pot is sitting a foot further away. Coworker just grabbed the closest one.)

Me: “Hey, that’s regular coffee. You need to use a regular black pot.”

Coworker: *laughing* “Oh, it doesn’t matter! Do those wimpy decaf drinkers good to wake ’em up a little!”

Me: *swapping in the correct pot, then dumping and washing out the decaf pot* “How do you know that none of our coworkers has coronary issues and isn’t allowed to have caffeine? Or whether it could trigger a migraine for someone? Would you like to be responsible for someone ending up in the hospital or dead from drinking that?”

Coworker: *alternating between shocked and huffy* “What? Well, but… but… nobody told me!”

Me: “Nobody should have to, because other people’s health issues are no one else’s business. The orange isn’t a fashion statement; it’s a warning. Messing with people’s food and drink isn’t a joke.”

(I finished getting my (caffeinated) coffee and went back to my desk, while Coworker kept repeating “Nobody told me!” Note that I’m not in HR, nor do I have food allergies. I just really have a problem with people risking someone else’s health and well-being because they’re lazy or because they think it’s funny.)

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