The Longest Shortlist

, , , , , | Working | August 22, 2019

Where I work, we have several printers/scanners scattered throughout the building. Each one mainly serves the employees whose desks are closest. On the machines we had until a few weeks ago, each scanner had shortcuts for the email addresses of the employees who used it most frequently. We just recently got all the scanners replaced, and the new ones come with a general address book of the entire company and no scanner-specific shortcuts. A number of employees, myself included, found that irritating.

Then, one day, I discovered a way to use the “shortcuts” feature to make a short list of frequently-used email addresses on my nearest scanner. Certain that my other coworkers would appreciate this, I sent out a company-wide email letting people know that it was possible and I’d be happy to show them how. Multiple coworkers responded favorably. Then, one of the managers called me up and told me to let the IT guy handle adding any shortcuts, “so that he can put them on the server and they’ll be available on all printers.”

After about five minutes, I finally got her to understand that this would defeat the purpose of my idea, but she still failed to see what was so annoying about scrolling through several dozen names every time you scan. And her name isn’t at the top of the alphabet, she has to scroll, too.

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