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Air Conditioned To Think That All Her Life

, , , , | Related | August 17, 2019

(I’m visiting my grandparents at the end of finals week in the spring of 2006. It’s a hot late-spring day and my grandparents have windows open and multiple fans going. My grandmother is fanning herself and remarking on how hot it’s getting as the season progresses. My dad has told me stories about growing up, so I know a few things about his childhood home from the 60s. They moved to their current house a few years ago after it was built.)

Me: “You guys had this house built; why didn’t you have them put in an air conditioning system?”

Grandmother: “We had one of those in the house in Arizona and I didn’t like it because it smelled funny.”

Me: “Grandma… you moved out of Arizona… forty-two years ago. Don’t you think that ACs might have changed a bit?”

Grandmother: “I don’t know, I just didn’t want one.” *as she walks down the hall*

(I remember something else my dad told me about his house and call out to her while grinning.)

Me: “You didn’t have an air conditioner! You had an old swamp cooler. Of course, it smelled funny; it was full of old stagnant water!”

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