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(I’m the idiot customer here. Well, not so much idiot as completely out of it. I’ve been adjusting my sleep schedule from waking up at 10 am to waking up at 6 am, and it’s not going so well.)

Me: *checking out* “G’morning.”

Checker: “Good morning. How are you today?”

Me: “A bit tired, not really awake yet.” *hands the bagger my cooler for the meat, but brainlessly forgets to hand her the bag for the vegetables – in LA county disposable plastic bags are illegal* “How are you today?”

Checker: “Good.”

Me: *zoning out watching the bagger bag the meat, and notices the bag has ripped* “Oh no, the bag ripped on the meat…”

Bagger: “I’ll get you a new one; I’ll be right back.” *runs off*

Checker: *finishes ringing me up* “Do you have a rewards card?”

Me: “Oh! Yes. Sorry. Did I mention I’m not very awake?” *finally remembers to take out wallet and pulls out both rewards card and debit card to pay*

(The bagger comes back while I’m paying, rebags the broken bag of meat in another bag and, finishes filling the cooler. There’s still vegetables and a couple containers of yogurt.)

Bagger: “Do you have another bag?”

Me: “Huh?” *realizes my other bag is still under my arm* “Oh! Yes. Sorry. Man, I need more coffee…”

Come As You Are, In A Shirt

, , , , | Romantic | February 11, 2018

(My husband and I decide to go out for breakfast, and this conversation happens while we’re seated outside, waiting for our food.)

Husband: “I can’t believe it. That kid was born at least a decade after Kurt’s death, and here he is, walking around in a Nirvana shirt. It’s absolutely shameful. He’s probably wearing that because he thinks it’s all retro and whatnot.”

(I let him dig himself as deep as he will go. As soon as his rant is over, I ask him a simple question.)

Me: “So, who’s that on your shirt, again? And when did he die?”

(He was wearing a Che Guevara shirt. He died 20 years before my husband was born.)

Washing Your Hands Of Him

, , , , , | Right | January 31, 2018

(It’s the opening night at a brand new location of an upscale movie theater chain in Los Angeles. A colleague and I are working customer service. An enraged man with a stain on his shirt confronts my colleague.)

Customer: “I demand that you reimburse me for this shirt!”

Colleague: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “I spilled ketchup on my shirt during the movie, and I demand that you reimburse me! The shirt is ruined! I tried washing it off, but none of the taps in your bathrooms work!”

(He goes off into an profanity-laced rant, and my colleague is letting it get to her. I interrupt his tirade.)

Me: “Excuse me, sir. Maybe you could show me the taps?”

(We walk off to the restroom, which has about 15 taps in a row.)

Me: “So, none of these are working?”

Customer: “Yeah, there’s no running water in here. You people make me sick!”

(The faucets are operated by a photocell, so I try one out and, of course, it works perfectly.)

Me: “You see these red things on the taps, sir? Just put your hand in front of them and water will come out.”

(I proceeded to do this with all fifteen taps while the customer just stood there with his mouth open. He muttered something under his breath, exited the restroom, and RAN though the main hall and out the door. I normally don’t like to humiliate people who are having a dumb moment, but he was being a real a**hole to my colleague.)

Flipping Out Over This

, , , | Healthy | January 1, 2018

(I accidentally remove most of the tip of my middle finger with a gardening tool and am getting fixed up in the ER.)

Nurse: “There you go. Would you like me to tape your middle finger to the one next to it?”

Me: “Um, no. Why would you?”

Nurse: “Well, sometimes with a injury to the middle finger people ask us to tape an adjacent finger too so that they don’t inadvertently flip other people off.”

Me: “Are you kidding? This is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for!”

Lost A Sale, And The Ability To Listen

, , , , , , , | Working | November 24, 2017

(I’ve purchased my first home, so on Black Friday I take advantage of a large electronic store’s sale to order a full set kitchen of appliances for $2,700, regularly $3,400. The order goes through, but the website is not allowing me to set the delivery date on one of the appliances, so I call the customer service line. The woman sets the date for me, and I hang up and refresh my page to find that, instead, my whole order is cancelled. I call back again.)

Me: “Hi, there seems to have been an error. I just called to set a delivery date on my order, but I’m now seeing that my order was cancelled.”

Customer Service Representative: “Oh, no! I can fix that for you! I see you ordered under the Black Friday sale, and that is no longer happening, so it looks like your new total is $3,400, with tax. May I get your card number?”

Me: “Um, no. See, I didn’t cancel my order. I spoke to one of your reps to set the delivery date and it seems they cancelled the order by mistake. It doesn’t seem fair that I’m penalized $700 dollars because of a mistake I didn’t make.”

Customer Service Representative: “I understand why that might be frustrating, but the order was cancelled and that sale is no longer happening. Do you still wish to order?”

Me: “Me wanting the appliances has never changed, as I never cancelled the order. Your service rep did. I can afford $2,700; I cannot afford $3,400. That’s why I purchased them on sale.”

Customer Service Representative: “That is a big price difference. Taking advantage of our Black Friday event is highly recommended to get the best deals. The current price is $3,400, plus tax. Would you like to proceed?”

Me: “I’m a bit at a loss for words. Does your computer show notes on who cancelled the order and what my previous call was regarding?”

Customer Service Representative: “I can see what mistake may have been made that led to the order being cancelled, yes.”

Me: “Great! So, as this wasn’t my fault, we can agree that I should be able to pay the price I ordered at originally, right?”

Customer Service Representative: *suddenly very irritated* “Ma’am, what is it that you want? What do I need to do to make you happy?”

Me: “…”

(It took several phone calls, but I eventually did get my order back at the correct price, with an additional $75 discount!)

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