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I’m at a chain pet store, buying cat food.

Me: By the way, if I buy a couple of tennis balls, would you be willing and able to make two cuts on them so I can put them on the legs of my walker? (I point to the walker, which has worn thru the tennis balls.)

Employee (voice flat, pacing slow): I don’t have a knife.

Me: Well, could you ask around and see if there’s someone who has a knift? Or an Exacto-Knife? Like you’d use for opening cartons of stuff?

Employee: I can ask I guess.

He finds an Exacto-knife, manages to cut open two tennis balls, and puts them on my walker legs.

Me: Thank you! May I talk with a manager, so I can tell him or her what a big help you’ve been?

Cashier: He IS the manager!

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(I am a dog food specialist at the local petstore, a new customer comes in and this is the convo.)

Customer: “Hi, I need some dog food, my dog can not have grain what soever, he gets very sick”
So i explain to her the different kinds of food and show her the kind I feed my dog, as he has the same issue.

Customer: “No, to exsensive. Ill continue to feed them dog chow. That doesnt have grain at all.”

Me: “Ma’am, with respect, that food has grain and corn in it”

Customer: ” No it doesnt, I read the label. Doesnt say anything about grain an corn. Your lying.”


Customer: “see” *pulls bag and shows me ingredients* “oh, yellow corn.. they changed the bag! This is old! How dare they lie and you guys lie!!” *storms out of store*

Me: “well then..hope her dog is doing ok..”

They Kind Of Look Like Chow Chows

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(I got my dog last Friday. When I’m picking him up from the bath, a man approaches me and this conversation ensues. I’m Asian.)

Man: “Cute puppy! Is it Chinese?”

Me: “No, he’s a Keeshond.”

Man: “And that’s Chinese?”

Me: “No, it’s Norwegian.”

Man: “Oh. What’s his name?”

Me: “Brynjolf.”

Man: “And that’s…?”

Me: “Nordic.”

Man: “Oh! So you’re from Japan?”

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One lady is in line with a bag of dog food, bragging about how much money she spent on her kids this year. While checking out, she uses a coupon.

“Since I am getting an emailed receipt, how will I get my coupon?”

“If there were any possible coupons, they will print, regardless of getting a paper or emailed receipt.”

She seems okay with this. Two hours later, she storms in the door. She slams her phone down on the counter with the email up and asks where her coupon is. I start to explain (again) and she cuts me off.

“I only asked for an email receipt to make your life easy! Now I’m missing savings! I demand you reprint my receipt!”

“It’s been over two hours. The system won’t let me reprint anything other than the most recent previous transaction.”

“Remove my email, then!”

“The system will only let us edit entered info, not remove it; you have to do that yourself online.”

She turns to leave and her last comment is:

 “You need to relearn the system because you are doing everything wrong!”

I wanted to ask when she ever worked there since she apparently “knew the system” better than I did!

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(One day at work I see a large group of teenagers crowded around the rabbit display we have in the shop. Trying to figure out what’s going on, I stand back and eavesdrop on the conversation.)

Customer 1: That’s the rabbit I was talking about.

Customer 2: Which one?

Customer 1: The spotty one.

Customer 3: Oh my god, it’s got spots and has one ear up and one ear down!

Customer 1: See what I mean.

Customer 4: You’re right! It looks like Jeff!

Customer 1: Should I get the Jeff rabbit and take it to school to show everyone?

Customer 5: All the stuff you need for it will cost over £100.

Customer 6: You can take a photo of it.

Customer 1: That’s a better idea.

(The customer takes a photo of the rabbit and the group of friends leaves the shop. I have no idea who Jeff is but this sounds like something I need to see for myself.)