An Unrewarding Revelation

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A customer comes in angrily, holding up our store’s rewards card.

Customer: “Hey, did you know that this doesn’t work at any other store?” 

Me: *Long pause* “Yup.”

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(I’m working a stat holiday that falls on a Monday. On our door is a sign with our holiday hours on it, and we are close to closing. I let any customer that comes in know that we are closing in a few minutes.)
Me: *as customer walks in* Hello! Just letting you know we close in ten minutes.
Customer: But your hours say you close at nine!
Me: Yes, but it’s a holiday so our hours are different, we close at six today.
Customer: Oh.
She quickly finished her shopping, and we had no other problems with people coming late.

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A customer comes up to get help looking for a black Light to help find pet urine stains in carpets. On our way to the product she is holding a 6 pack if flea control.
Customer: How many doses are in this?
Me: Uh, 6. Ma’am here is the only thing we have for stain detection, it is an LED type light and has the stain remover as well.
Customer: (while walking towards the item about 5 steps away) Is that really $40
Me:Nope just 25
Cusomer: Oh guess it is on the tag. So how does this work?
Me: You shine the light, kinda like a flash light in the area you think the odor is coming from.
Customer: How long does the bulb last?
Me: Depends on how long you are using it for, and how long the batteries last.
Customer: Does it come with batteries?
Me:(looking all over the package) I am not seeing if it does or not, sorry.
Customer: Oh it’s LED that means it doesn’t need batteries.
Me: Uhhhmm. Yeah, it does. They need electricity to work, the batteries supply that.
Customer: Whatever, it won’t need them, I will take this then. Thanks!
That ended the interaction and left me wondering how she does anything. Her(what I am assuming daughter) just stood there with a blank stare and offered nothing to the conversation.

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I work in a grooming salon inside a popular pet supplies store. It’s about two or three minutes before the store closes, but I’ve just closed the salon and am checking out with a bag of cat food before I head home. At the register next to me, I overheard a conversation.

Customer: I recently bought a fish here but it died and I would like to buy this fish now for the same price as I got the last one.

Cashier: (looks at the receipt she shows him) I’m sorry ma’am, but the fish you had is not the same as this fish. This species of fish is a little more expensive.

Customer: Look, this is the third time I’ve wasted my time and gas coming down here. I want this fish for a dollar.

Cashier: Ma’am, this is not the same species of fish. I can’t sell it to you at the same price as another species.

Customer: I want to speak to your manager.

I had to leave right after that, and I have no idea what the manager did. I was just taken aback that a woman walked in right before closing and demanded a fish for a dollar for absolutely no reason.

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I am a sales associate/animal care expert at the store I work at. It’s about an hour after open, and I’m cleaning fish tanks – so, my arm is completely submerged in a fish tank.

Customer: (in a rude tone) Excuse me!

Me: (arm still in fish tank) Hi, how can I help you?

Customer: Is there anybody in grooming?

Me: Yes, our groomer is here today.

Customer: Well, she’s not back there and there are several dogs waiting. I demand you come and groom my dog.

Me: I’m sorry, I am not certified to groom your dog, and we currently have only one groomer. I know it’s inconvenient, but you’re going to have to wait until she is finished with her current dog.

Customer: (yelling at this point) Your customer service here is TERRIBLE! I’m going to call corporate and get you and your horrible groomer fired!

Me: Well, if our groomer gets fired, we won’t have any groomer here, and then you won’t be able to get your dog groomed here…

Customer: (yelling incomprehensible jibberish as she storms away)

Later my manager and the groomer were both crying. The same woman had screamed at both of them, even worse than she was with me.