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Lady walks into pet store angry
Struggling to pick up the cat little I grab it for her and she yells saying that she doesnt want that cat litter and I said “dont worry you dont have to take it.” i grab a different cat litter for her and begin to ring it in. She yells again “i want cat food! Its in the back!” and i ask her her phone number to bring up the order and she says “its under (blank)” and so i try to type in her name and nothing pops up and again ask her for her phone number and she yells it. I go grab her cat food and returrn. “Your total is 56.87$” and she says “cat litter is so expensive now a days ive been buying this for 20 years now and its gone up in price.” and so i suggest a similar but cheaper cat litter and she yells saying “but thats not this cat litter and thats not what i want!!!” and so i apologized and offered her 5% off this bag. She doesnt take my offer and pays for the litter. I begin to carry her 40lbs bg of cat litter and her cat food out for her and she yells and says shell take it. Later on, she emails my boss amd i was the one to get in more trouble by him!

We Think Lassie Will Want To JOIN Little Tommy Trapped Down The Well

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A couple approaches me with a dog collar in hand, size large.

Male Customer: “Will this fit my dog?”

Me: “Well, what kind of dog do you have?”

Male Customer: “His name is Mac.”

Me: “Okay. Is Mac a German Shepherd, a poodle, a Chihuahua…?”

Female Customer: *Defensive* “Why? Do you not allow certain dogs in your store?”

Me: “Oh, no, it’s just easier to get an idea of what will fit if I know roughly what size dog you have.”

Female Customer: “He’s a… Oh, one of those Lassie dogs!”

Me: “Okay, a collie! They’re gorgeous dogs, and so smart! This seems like a good collar for a collie.”

Male Customer: “Good! We’re going to pick him up today!”

Me: “Oh, congratulations! Where from?”

The female customer mentions a backyard breeder she saw online.

Female Customer: “He’s perfect.”

Me: “Oh. Wait, how old is Mac?”

Both of them speak at the same time.

Female Customer: “Eleven weeks.”

Male Customer: “Eleven months.”

Me: “Uh… weeks or months?”

Both: “Yes!”

Me: “Okay. So, we know he’s a puppy. But how big—”

Female Customer: “Obviously, he’s a puppy! Who buys adult dogs?”

I take a deep breath.

Me: “If this collar doesn’t fit, hold on to the tag and receipt and we’ll exchange it for you. And don’t forget to bring Mac in so we can pet him!”

Male Customer: *Confused* “Okay, then. Thanks for your time.”

The female customer mutters to the male customer as they’re walking away.

Female Customer: *as they’re walking away* “What an idiot. Why would we bring Mac to a store full of stupid people?”

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They Need Some Human Temperament Classes

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Our store has a designated area for dog training classes. Only staff and students in the current class are allowed in the arena. I am finishing up on register when I see a couple take a dog in the arena and begin training. I leave the register and walk in, closing the door behind me. 

Man: “Occupied!”

Me: “I hate to do this to you, but you can’t train in here.”

Man: “Oh, it’s okay.”

Me: “No, sir, I’m sorry. This space is for store-run training classes only.”

The man waves to his dog.

Man: “I am training!”

Woman: “Mind your business!”

Me: “Maybe I misspoke. You may only use this space if you are enrolled in a training class with our trainer, during the time of your class.”

Man: “No. I talked to your trainer.”

Me: “Oh?”

Man: “He said it was fine.”

Woman: “Yeah!”

Me: “How strange.”

Man: “Why?”

Me: “It’s been a long time since I’ve been confused for a man.”

Man: “What the f***?”

Me: “And I certainly don’t remember you asking to use my space.”

The couple stopped and looked at me and then at each other. They grabbed their dog and stormed out, shouting for a manager. The manager explained our policy and backed me up, much to the frustration of the couple. They demanded a free large bag of dog food and a $100 gift card for their trouble, which she also refused.

On their way out, the man gave me the middle finger and the woman told me to go f*** myself. I smiled and waved.

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Needs Some Dog Food And Some Ritalin

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A customer enters, clearly in a rush.

Me: “Welcome to [Pet Store]. Can I help you find anything?”

Customer: “Nope!”

The customer speed-walks to the farthest aisle. Moments later, the customer returns, speed-walking back toward the exit.

Me: “Did we have what you were looking for?”

Customer: “Nope, you don’t have [Dog Food Brand]. You just lost my business!”

He exited as quickly as he entered. We do have that brand, but he wasn’t even in the dog food aisle!

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Should Have Coughed Up The Coupons Earlier

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A customer rushes in ten minutes before we close looking visibly distressed. She rushes right up to me and my manager.

Customer: “Okay, um, it’s okay if you guys can’t do this, but I left some coupons at home but I’m completely out of dog food. If I bring the food back with the receipt, can I get the money off?”

Manager: “No, sorry, we can’t do that. Coupons must be used at time of purchase.”

Customer: “Are you kidding me? I don’t have any dog food left! You’ve already made me come out here when I’m sick, and now I can’t get my money back?”

She storms off to get her dog food without waiting for a reply, the whole time coughing very loudly. My manager and I exchange confused looks while we wait for her. She slams her dog food on the table and coughs again.

Customer: “I’m not even supposed to be outside! I have whooping cough! I just want my dog food!”

Manager: “Ma’am, if you have whooping cough, why are you here? You could be spreading it to other people!”

She gave him a dirty look, grabbed her dog food, and stormed out of the store, coughing some more.

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