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Several years ago, I started to receive bills at my home in Nebraska from an insurance agency on a policy that I no longer had denying payment for psychiatric care/services. When I got the first bill, I called the number listed for the practice – in North Carolina. It turns out, that they had a patient with the same name, down to the middle initial, and the same birthday. The doctor’s office agreed that I was not their patient, but said that it was up to the insurance carrier to sort out.

Three weeks after I contacted the insurance company letting them know I was not the right person, I got a letter in the mail telling me that according to their records, I *was* the right person, and could I please pay the bill. So I contacted them again. I was assured that it would be straightened out.
Sure enough, I got another letter in the mail from the insurance company telling me that their “investigation” was complete, and that I was the “right” person after all, in spite of living half-way across the country.

This back and forth with the insurance company went on for 6 MONTHS, each time the insurance people coming back telling me that I had made these appointments for psychiatric care, and increasingly nasty demands for payment.
Finally, I contacted a college buddy who was a lawyer for [insurance company], where upon he taught me the magic words: Violation of HIPPA.

Finally after nearly 7 months, the magic words did the trick. I later found out that the Insurance Billing Department was looking up patient information by name and birth date instead of social security number, and that my name was apparently the first one listed, in spite of the fact that my policy had been cancelled over 4 years prior due to a job change.

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I work at a pretty popular pizza buffet food chain and am one of the closers for the evening. After having a late rush, we were finally able to take down the buffet for the night and start cleaning up. After I already have the buffet cleared, two men walk in.

Me: Welcome to *restaurant*, how can I help you?
Customer #1: Yeah, two of us for the buffet.
Me: I’m sorry, but we’re finished serving buffet for the evening, but you can order a pizza for dine-in. Our buffet only goes until 7:30.
Customer #2: That’s bulls**t.
Me: I’m sorry, but it is written on our hours.
(at this point, the manager has come up front to see what’s going on and chimes in)
Manager: Our buffet hours are from 5 to 7:30
Customer #2: Since when? I’ve gotten buffet at 10 o’clock before!
(We actually close at 10 most days of the week)

Both customers leave angry and cursing at me in a foreign language. The buffet hours have never changed in the entire time my manager – who happens to be my mother-in-law and has worked there for 19 years – has been an employee.

It’s All Just Noise

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(I am at school at the beginning of the day. I hear this comical announcement over the PA:)

Announcement: “This is a test announcement because of problems with the speakers in some of the rooms. Please contact the main office if you did not hear this announcement.”

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“How To Be A Lawyer” For Dummies

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(An older woman comes up to buy a book for her granddaughter.)

Me: “Did you find everything okay?”

Customer: “Well, I did have a question. You see…”

(She goes on to tell me a very long story about how she is drowning in credit card debt and can’t make her payments, and how the bank is going to take away her house soon. The entire story takes about ten minutes.)

Customer: “…So, I guess my question is, do you have any books that I could buy so I don’t have to hire a lawyer?”

Me: *stunned* “Um. Well, we have a finance section over there.”

Customer: “Those books are too expensive; I can’t afford to buy them.”

Me: “All right. Well, your total is $29.59.”

Customer: *pays with a credit card*

(I didn’t say anything at the time, but lady, there is no book in the world that will replace a lawyer, and you should probably not use credit cards if you’re drowning in credit card debt.)

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Statement Of Recount

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(A customer calls me on the phone in a panic.)

Customer: “Why am I still getting a bill for this line of credit? I thought you closed it! It’s ten pages long! I haven’t used it. “

Me: “I did close it, but I know you had some fraud, so let me call card services to see what’s going on.”

(I call card services.)

Me: “My customer is still showing a balance on her line. We paid it. What’s going on?”

Card Services: “We show no activity, but that card did receive a large payoff a month ago.”

Me: “Well, my customer is still getting a bill with a large balance…”

(I continue to argue with card services for 20 minutes before hanging up in frustration. I call my customer back and say they show no money owed so that statement must just not be printing correctly.)

Me: “Can you read exactly what it says at the top?”

Customer: “’Statement of Accounts’.”

Me: “That is your monthly statement.”

Customer: “Yeah, but it says I owe all this money!”

Me: “That’s your monthly account transactions and balance, not a bill! You don’t owe anything.”

Customer: “Well, why is it so long?!”

Me: “I don’t know, but it’s the same as you get every month; it’s nothing new.”

Customer: “Okay, thanks for checking for me!”

(I just spent thirty minutes arguing with people to find out my customer thought her monthly statement was a bill. I ask more questions now.)

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