A Cents-ible Decision

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(While waiting to pay for an energy drink, I am amazed by a drive-thru customer handing her cell phone to the cashier.)

Me: *incredulously* “She gave you her phone?”

Clerk: *rolling her eyes* “Yep. She has a fifty-cent coupon on there.”

Me: “So, for fifty cents off, she lets a stranger have control of a device with her personal info on it?!”

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I am a customer in this story, browsing in an Asian market. Like most others this has a LOT of different types of rice, in anything from small plastic bags to 20+ kg sacks. I overheard a young man talking to a member of staff:

Young man: Do you have any rice?
Staff member: What kind of rice?
Young man: …Regular rice.

I would have been facepalming by this point!

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(I’m the customer in this story)
clerk begins wrapping a 12 pack of beer in a plastic bag
me: “oh you don’t need to bag that, it’s fine thanks”
clerk: “are you sure?”
me: “yes, it’s too heavy for a bag anyway, it would just rip.”
(clerk looks unconvinced)
me: *cheerfully* “besides it comes with its own carry handle!” (points at case)
clerk: “I just wanted to hide it”
me: “…”

Fret About The Wet

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(It’s about 4:00 in the morning and I’ve just finished mopping the store so it’s clean for the next day to start. I have several of the bright yellow “Caution: Wet Floor” signs spread throughout the very small store, including right when you walk in the entrance. A lady comes in and sees me putting the mop and bucket to the side as she comes in and starts talking to me. She is standing directly next to one of the bright yellow signs.)

Customer: “Excuse me. The floor is wet.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, it is; I just finished mopping.” *gestures to the mop and bucket I’m still pushing to the side*

Customer: “But the floor is wet. I thought you should know the floor is wet.”

Me: “Yes… I just finished mopping, ma’am. And that is why there are also wet floor signs up.”

Customer: “Well, you should do something about the floor being wet. At least warn people or put up signs.”

(I’m just baffled, and I think about pointing out the wet floor signs again, but I realize she isn’t listening to me, anyway, so I just smile and go back up to my register where I wait for her to check out.)

Customer: *upon leaving* “Make sure you put up some signs or cones about the floor or someone could sue your a**!”

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(It’s important for this story to note that I only have a few dresses that I don’t wear all that often, but all of them are flow-y, summery things. This conversation happens a handful of times every time I wear one.)

Customer: “Well, don’t you look pretty! Are you going out after work or something?”

Me: *Looks down at my dress and flats, neither of which have any buttons, zippers, or laces on them.* “You do realize this is, quite literally, my ‘too flipping lazy for pants’ outfit, right? This is what I wear when I just cannot be bothered with zippers or waistbands.”

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