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I have been working for a national pizza chain that also shares its name with a game involving tiles with dots on them for almost 4 years, just at different locations due to my attending a university across the state from home. This company has a policy that if an order has not been picked up within an hour after it is placed, the order is immediately canceled and the staff is allowed to do with it as we please.
(A women had placed an order, which my manager had taken, 45 minutes beforehand. To ensure, the validity of the order, both my manager and I have called the customer a combined 6 times to confirm the order and repeatedly receive the line busy tone.
After canceling the order after an hour and ten minutes, a few of my coworkers and I partake in a few slices.
The customer then proceeds to walk into the store, while talking on the phone, 1 hour and 20 minutes after the order was initially place)
Me: Hi, Welcome to [pizza name]. Do you have an order to pick up?
Customer: Yeah, should be under [customer’s name].
(Immediately recognizing the name from the recently canceled order, I consult my manager and general manager, who is in the store working on a tech issue in the system. I explain the situation and they say to follow protocol)
Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but it seems your order has been canceled.
Customer: What do you mean canceled? (I then proceed to attempt to explain the policy to her)
Customer: So, did you guys throw it away or some s###?
Me: (being honest) Well, actually ma’am, we ate it as the order was canceled.
Customer: You f#####s ate my food???
Me: Well, yes, as we were given permission to by management. We will be happy remake your order if that is what you would like.
Customer: Well, if I’m going to have to wait longer for my food after you a###### ate it, then I want it for free.
Me: I’m afraid I can’t do that ma’am, if we remake the food, you will have to pay for it. It is not our fault that you showed up after the order expiration time.
Customer: MANAGER NOW!!!!
(I walk back into the office and once again explain the situation, I go about my business taking care of other tasks while my manager talks to the customer and the general manager leaves the store. I walk back into view of the customer and she points at me and starts misquoting me and how the conversation went in a mocking tone)
Customer: He told me that you guys ate my food when I asked for it. He’s blaming me for not having my food.
Me: That is not how I said that at all!
Customer: Yes it is! I’m a manager at [national restaurant chain down the street known for clown with initials R.M.] and you don’t argue with a customer!
Manager: Well, ma’am, I am the manager here and both [my name] and I attempted to call you to see if you were going to pick this order up 6 times and you never answered.
Customer: Well, I was busy, and when I placed my order, I was never quoted a time on when it would be ready to be picked up.
Manager: Ma’am, that is bull because I took your order when you called!
Customer: I want the general manager’s phone number!
Manager: I’ll be happy to give it to you, but it won’t do you any good. He was there when [my name] was explaining the situation to me and he said that we would remake the order but you are still going to pay for it.
(Customer starts sulking, whining, and wallowing in defeat)
Customer: Fine!! I’ll pay for the goddamn pizzas!! But I have been ordering from here forever and never been treated with such disrespect!!! [Note: I had never seen her before] I am never coming here again!!!
(The customer did receive her order and also was given a free two liter of soda for her trouble, all while giving me a death glare that could pierce steel. It is worth noting that we are good friend with a former employee of this pizza chain location that now works for the clown chain manager that wanted her food for free because we were following policy. Turns out she wasn’t lying about that.
The next day, my manager and I remembered that we could have told her about the microphones behind the monitors that capture sound for the security cameras that would have picked up the entire conversation.)

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I was talking to a regular customer about the food options at the bar. I’ll point out, I am half black, and it’s a small town bar so a lot of our customers are older people who grew up in this town before it became (VERY slightly) more diverse. I’ve never had any issues with racism or anything, but I laughed really loud when I heard this gem…

Me- “I heard this new item is really good!”
Customer- “One time, my brother went to the park here in town, and he even took a colored girl with him! So he can’t be prejudice!”

How do you react to that!?

Wish You Could Weed Out The Bad Customers

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I work for a gardening service. A new customer has called to complain about the state of their yard.

Customer: “This is a bunch of bulls***.”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “My yard looks like absolute s***. I thought you were going to be fixing this.”

Me: “Well, what’s wrong with it, sir?”

Customer:Everything! There are still weeds all over the place!”

Me: “According to our records, you just signed up with us two weeks ago.”

Customer: “Yeah, so?”

Me: “And we just made it out a week ago to do your first lawn application.”

Customer: “Yeah, and?”

Me: “How long had it been since you’d done anything with your yard?”

Customer: “Three years. What does that have to do with anything?”

Me: “You expected us to fix in one visit what has built up for at least three years?”

Customer: “Just fix it!”

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Jinx Hijinks

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I work in the electronics department of a major retailer. A man comes back with just a few non-electronics items.

Customer: “Can I check out back here, please?”

Me: “Yeah, that’s fine.”

Customer: “Thanks. It’s crazy up front. It’s nice and calm back here.”

Me: “Oh, yeah, I know. It’s always busy up there. Back here, it comes and goes.”

Customer: “You’re lucky you’re not up there.”

Me: “For now. It won’t be long until they send me up front.”

Not more than a second later, one of the managers comes around the corner.

Manager: “I’m gonna need one of you guys to go up front and cashier.”

Me: *Laughing* “I’ll go.”

Customer: *Smiling* “I jinxed it. You probably never want to see me again.”

Me: “Ah, it’s all good.”

I finished the transaction with him and headed up front where I spent the next hour and half cashiering.

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Wireless, Clueless, Hopeless, Part 37

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It is the time of the PlayStation 2.

Customer: “Yeah, I’m looking for a wireless controller for my PlayStation 2.”

Coworker: “All of our PlayStation 2 controllers are in the clear plastic baggies in the display case right behind you.”

Customer: “But how do I know which ones are wireless?”

Coworker: “Well, um, the wireless ones don’t have a wire coming out of the controller.” 

Customer: “Could you show me?”

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