Your Friend Is Imaginary, Just Like Your Courtesy

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I work in a home decor store where all the registers are at the front, and people go to the next available register. It’s a busy Saturday, so all the registers are staffed and there’s a line. When my previous customer leaves, I look back at where the line starts. I call out that I can help the next person, but no one moves. At the front of a line is a woman with one item — a painting — who seems to be almost deliberately avoiding eye contact. I repeat that I can take the next person, thinking maybe she’s with the customer at the register closest to the line and the people behind her are next, but none of the customers move around her.

After about a minute goes by, I step out from my register so I’m more visible, and call for the next customer again, still to no avail. The customer at the front of the line is looking everywhere but at me. I finally start to walk closer to her, which gets her attention. We go to my register, where I start to ring her out.

“Sorry about that!” she says. “I must not have heard you; I was talking to my friend!”

Not only was she there alone, but she never said a word until she got to my register.

Matching Headlights

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(I am pulled over by a police officer:)

Officer: “Good morning, ma’am. Did you know you have a headlight out?”

Me: “Good morning, officer. No, I didn’t. Did you know you also have a headlight burned out?”

Officer: *looking back at his cruiser* “No. I didn’t know that. Have a nice day.”

Admitting To The Mistake Is The First Step…

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(I am the horrible customer in this story, and I’ve never done anything like this since. I work retail and our store closes at six pm on Sunday. I have had a rotten day at work, but I am starving, so I stop at a not-so-fast food establishment that specializes in ice cream.)

Cashier: “What can I get for you?”

Me: “I’d like a plain chicken sandwich combo. Please hold the lettuce, tomato, and mayo.”

(Since it is a not-so-fast food place, I wait a few minutes before I receive my food. I grab my food, get in my car, and start home. At the first stoplight, I open my sandwich, only to find it has lettuce, tomato, and mayo. I turn around and go back.)

Me: “I asked for my sandwich to be plain. Bun. Chicken. Bun. This has lettuce, tomato, and mayo.”

Cashier: “We’ll make another one for you.”

Me: “No. I want a refund. I’ll go somewhere else.”

(The cashier processes the refund, but only refunds me for the sandwich.)

Me: “I’d like a refund for the whole thing. I’m going somewhere else.”

Cashier: “But there’s nothing wrong with the fries or drink.”

Me: *shoving the bag with my fries and the drink on the floor* “Now there is.”

(The cashier refunded me for the combo. I never set foot in there again… mostly out of embarrassment. I still can’t believe I did that, all these years later.)

In Retail Sixty Days Can Seem Like Two Years

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(The company I work for has been around for a few decades, but about two years ago it underwent a name change and rebranding effort. The whole store looks different, to accommodate the name change and new logo, including the outdoor nameplate. The two names are not remotely similar, but the store is in the same location. We also have a 60 day return policy. I am manning the registers when a customer comes in with a bag with the old logo.)

Customer: “Hi, I’d like to return this, please, but I don’t have my receipt.”

Me: “Okay, we can look it up on your card to see if it’ll show up.”

(I haven’t yet seen the bag fully at this point, so I hadn’t noticed the old logo. We try both of his cards, but can’t find any transactions, so I call over my manager to see about getting store credit. Then he puts the items on the counter.)

Manager: “Oh, these are [Old Store Name] bags and barcode labels. We changed name about two years ago, and we have a sixty-day return policy.”

Customer: “Really? I can’t even get in-store credit for them?”

Manager: “Unfortunately, no.”

Customer: “Oh… okay, I guess. Can I leave them up here while I do my shopping?”

(We held the bag up at the front while he shopped, and he ended up only buying a water. I can’t see how he let this stuff sit in his home or car, in the original bag, for well over two years before he finally got around to returning it.)

Unfiltered Story #123449

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(I have had a bad night at work and just wanted to go home and this lady comes through the drive through and asked if we had chicken strips, but ended up ordering a ten piece nugget meal)

Me: “Anything else for you tonight?”

Her: “I actually have a strange request. See these are for my two kids so could you split it up into two bags?”

Me: (after a moment of silence) “Yup. Your total is $$$ at the window.”

(I go and tell my coworker how to bag this while the lady pulls up to the window. This is when I realized she didn’t tell me how she wanted the drink.)

Me: (opening the window to let the freezing cold air in) “Hello, did you want your drink split up also?”

Her: “Oh! Ya. Sure”

Me: “Alright. That’s $$$.”

Her: “Here’s for that, and that’s for you since you split that up for me.” (Hands me two extra dollars)

(I’m stunned because this very rarely happens)

Me: “Thank you.”

(I grab her change and hand it to her along with the food and drinks.)

Her: “Have a fantastic night!” (Drives away)

(That made my night and I finished the shift with a smile)

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