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I’ve had regular ear/sinus infections since I was a toddler, but with one exception when I was around ten or eleven they’ve never actually bothered me. As I get examined for one in my late twenties, I begin telling the doctor about a visit to my pediatrician when I was two.

Me: “–so he keeps asking my mom if I’ve been doing ANYTHING odd or seemed even SLIGHTLY upset, and she keeps saying no, so finally she asks why, and he looks at her and says: This baby has the worst ear infection I’ve ever seen!”
Doctor: “…you have the worst ear infection I’ve ever seen…”

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After dropping my fiance off at wok, I decided to get a coffee and snack from a fast food place. I put in my order ad sit down to wait for my drink when this guy comes up to the counter. He doesn’t order, he just stares over the counter for a moment before storming off and yelling for the whole restaurant to hear.

Customer: “F***ing stupid!!”

The cashier who had helped me called to him: “Sir, you can’t use that kind of language in here.”

I get my food and sit down and the guy starts wandering around the restaurant, carrying a dead phone and charging cable. I figure he’s looking for a place to charge his phone. At this point, the shift manager has come out and is watching him. When I finally left, the customer was approaching other people to ask if there were plugs by their table. As I drove, I saw the manager walk up to the guy and presumably to tell him to stop or kick him out.

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(Leaving the fast-food drive-thru window, I am overwhelmed with a wave of nausea and dizziness. I manage to pull across several parking spaces and wait, hoping I’ll feel better. I don’t. I think I might pass out, and wish I’d throw up because that might make me feel better. Clearly, I can’t drive, and I have no idea what was wrong. Dizzy, scared, and disoriented, I call 911.)

911: “911! What’s the address of your emergency?”

Me: “I have no idea. I’m at the [Fast Food Restaurant] on the corner of [Highway] and [Cross street].”

911: “But I need a specific address.”

Me: “I can’t give you a specific address. I’m in pain and scared. I’m at–” *repeats cross streets* “Please help me!”

911: “We cannot help you without a street address, ma’am.”

Me: *losing my cool completely* “Okay, start at the hospital. Drive north on [Highway] a few blocks. When you get to [Major Store], look to the east, to your right. You will see [Fast Food Place] with a car parked across several spots. That’s me!”

(Funniest thing, they did find me! It turned out to be a kidney stone.)

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