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A customer is contacting me to ask about a refund we made for him a few days earlier

(after checking the account)
[Me]: I see that the refund was correctly issued.
[Me]: it should appear after 5 to 7 days, but sometime takes up to 10.
[Me]: You should contact your bank to know when it will appear on your statement.
[Customer]: ? So i did get refund already????
[Me]: Did you check your bank account ?
[Customer]: I can’t see anything on my account online
[Me]: As I said, it take between 5 to 10 days to appear, the refund were made on the 5th and 8th so it should appear by the 15th and 18th
[Customer]: So i did received money or not??? This is too complicated
[Customer]: ?

(at this point I start to lose it)

[Me]: What is it you don’t understand (customer’s name) ?
[Me]: We made the refund, BUT it takes time to appear on your account, so please wait until the 18th of April and if you still can’t see it, contact your bank
[Customer]: So i did receive refund to my account already?
[Customer]: i don’t understand

[Me]: (customer’s name) did you read what I just sent you ?
[Me]: I don’t know how to put it in a more simple way (customer’s name), I’m sorry
[Customer]: so this is very straight question
[Me]: in 10 days
[Me]: do you understand ?
[Me]: it is on its way to you bank account but your bank need to update your account before you can see it.
[Customer]: ?
[Customer]: So you already sent money to my account?
[Me]: YES, we already sent the money back to you
[Customer]: ok

(end of chat)


Shaping Up To Be A Sour Note

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(We are a corporate company that sells a lot of sheet music. I have only worked at this place for eight months. I am helping out with customer service calls, when a customer calls in asking me to explain something she sees on our website. I have been on the phone for the last ten minutes, trying to answer her questions.)

Customer: “So, the symbol doesn’t mean it has shaped notes?”

Me: “The symbol you are seeing only indicates that is a capella, not that is has shaped notes.”

Customer: “I know that is a capella, I just want to know if it has shaped notes. Can’t you hear? I’ll say it again… does the music have shaped notes?!”

Me: “[Customer], as far as I can tell, they are not shaped notes. There is no way for me to view the music, since it is an older piece. Is there a particular voicing you are looking for, so I can see if we have it in our store and can look at it for you?”

Customer: “I don’t care about the voicing, I just want to know if it is shaped-note. Is there a supervisor around I can talk to, since you apparently don’t know your product?”

Me: *tired of arguing with this customer* “Yes, hold on.” *I put her on hold, which she sighs at as I do, and ask my coworkers about it, and they tell me the same thing I’ve been telling her.* “Okay, they said that there is no way to tell if it is shaped-note if it does not specify it in the description.  Since it is not a common notation, they would have it in the description if it had shaped notes.”

Customer: “So, you’re saying it is not shaped-note? Are there any that are?”

Me: “As far as I can tell, we have none that are shaped-note for that specific piece. It might be in a collection book, but when I search for it, nothing comes up with that title.”

Customer: “Well, you are no help at all. You clearly should not be in the in music business if you don’t even know your own product that you sell! You have wasted my time. I hope you are happy.” *hangs up phone*

Me: *turning to my coworkers* “Well, apparently I have no idea what I’m doing in this business.”

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That Escalated Quickly

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(The teller next to me is very popular with customers and they sometimes get lost in conversation with her.)

Customer: “So, our barn cat had a litter and they’re just as precious as can be.”

Coworker & Me: “Awww!”

Customer: “Yup, we’re working on giving them away but…”

(I tune him out to help a couple of customers myself. When I come back…)

Customer: “…so they arrested my mom again, even though the neighbors had stolen every last thing out of her house! And that’s why I need to cash the check, to get her out.”

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Dying For This Job

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(I work in customer service for a phone company and a customer calls in to see where the technician assigned to his service installation is.)

Customer: “Hi. A technician was supposed to be here between one pm and three pm. It is now 3:30 pm and no one has showed up.”

Me: “I’ll check with dispatch and see what I can find out for you, sir.”

(I call dispatch to inquire on the order and receive some grim news. I go back to my customer.)

Me: “I have some terrible news, sir. The technician assigned to your order was in a motor vehicle accident about an hour ago, and was fatally injured.”

Customer: *with nasty tone of voice* “Well, then bloody well send another technician!”

Me: *briefly freezing from the sheer lack of compassion on the part of the customer, and then switching right to nasty mode* “Sir, this is our busy season, and the company is not in the habit of keeping spare technicians handy in case one gets killed on the job.”

Customer: “…f*** you!” *click*

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A customer approached me, wanting to know the air velocity of a leaf blower we carry. It wasn’t specified on the box, so I turned to the internet. This required walking away from the customer to our information desk. I began keying in the model number when another customer walked up and dropped two heavy bottles of lawn weed counter on the desk hard enough I worried it might break the glass top.

Customer: “I have a question for you.”
Me: Sure, I’ll be right with you, I’m helping that gentleman over there (pointing) with a request, then I’d be happy to answer your question.”
Customer: (looks all around) “Nope, don’t see anybody, so you’re not busy and you’ll answer my question. What’s the dif…”
Me: (cutting in) Sir, I can page someone over here to help you, or I’ll be just a moment. This gentleman was in line first, all I have to do is go give him this information and then I’ll be right back.”
Customer: But…I’m standing right in front of you and there’s nobody else here! Besides, you have glasses!”
Me: Pardon?
Customer: “You have glasses, I left mine in the car and I can’t read these bottles!”
At this juncture I’ve come from behind the desk and am walking over to give the air velocity customer his information. Mr. Impatient doesn’t seem to get that the time he has wasted demanding to be helped first would have more than allowed me to help the other customer, come back, and already be well on my way to helping him. He follows close beside me.
Customer: “Just let me see your glasses for a second.”
Me: “What?”
Customer: “Just let me use them long enough to read the label on this weed killer and I’ll give them right back.”
Me: “Sir, I’m not going to give you my glasses. If you’ll just wait two seconds…”
Customer: “Just gimme the glasses for a second, I’ll give them right back to you I promise!” (he reaches over as we’re walking and makes a swipe at trying to grab my glasses from my head).
Me: (backing up several steps) BACK OFF! DO NOT TOUCH ME SIR! I told you it would be just a moment and I would help you. I even offered to page someone to help you, but I must draw the line at you trying to put your hands on me. If you continue to do so I’ll be forced to defend myself.
The store wasn’t terribly busy, and sound carries, so three or four other customers, plus my original one, have now turned to see what’s going on.
Customer: This is f****n’ bulls**t! You refused to help to me and then you threatened me! I’m going to call the manager and have you fired!
Me: I’ll make it easy for you, I’m the manager.
Customer: Then I’m going to call your…boss…head office, district manager, WHATEVER!
Me: (calmly) Absolutely. The number is (I list number as he punches it into his phone) and here is the extension for the person you need to talk to.

The man storms off, but not before having a heated conversation with our cashier. When he left and I had taken care of my customer, I called our corporate office and relayed what had happened, then approached my cashier.
Me: What did he say on his way out?
Cashier: He said he asked for help reading something and you refused. When he asked again he said you threatened him and then took a swing at him.
Me: So his version is I refused service and went straight to taking a swing? (laughing) I must have really had it in for the guy to go from calm chat to full on bar brawl just like that! All this over a bottle of freaking weed killer? Remind me again why I’m in retail?