Enough To Make You Want To Real Cry

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(A new colleague has just joined our company. For a 36-year-old, she is really weird and incredibly infantile; she does things like sticking out her tongue at us when she loses an argument, jumping out at the other staff, and once sneaking up on me and tickling me. For lunch, there’s a canteen nearby, and we usually call beforehand to place orders. They will pack it for us but we have to collect it in person. We take turns to collect the food for everyone. It happens to be my turn, and the newbie tags along to help me carry all the packets. [Newbie] almost goes up to grab a random food packet, thinking it’s hers. I tell her it’s still not ready. She sees the cook add some spring onions to the packet in front of her, and panics.)

Newbie: “I don’t want spring onions in mine!” 

Me: “Oh, let me tell the cook.”

Cook: “Sorry, it’s already packed.”

([Newbie] stops dead in the middle of the packed canteen and starts FAKE CRYING at the top of her voice. There’s no actual tears, just a loud, deafening wailing like a baby.)

Newbie: *wailing* “AH-HUH-HUH-HUH-HUH, I don’t want spring onions! I don’t want spring onions!”

(Her hands were on my shoulders and EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the immediate vicinity turned to gape at us. She had an enormous grin on her face, like she thought she was funny. It was clear she was not actually upset by the onions, just doing it for laughs. The cook gave us a weird look and pushed the packet to us to get rid of us quickly. I nearly died of embarrassment as she wailed all the way out of the canteen. A few weeks later, she started a petty fight with our supervisor, because the supervisor called her “Miss” and she deemed it insulting. She threatened to call the police for it, and the manager got tired of her squabbling and fired her for poor attitude.)

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The Great Coupon Hunt

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Me: “Hi, do you have International Reply Coupons in stock?”

Employee: “We sell IRCs, but this branch has no stock.”

Me: “Can you help me check which branches have stock?”

Employee: “No, I can’t check. Try a different branch.”

(I tried calling customer service to ask. The guy basically told me that IRCs are sold at every branch, but whether or not they have stock depends on the branch, and there’s no way to tell whether the branch has stock besides manually visiting it or calling that specific branch. There are 55 branches. One branch down, 54 to go. Thanks ever so much for the help.)

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Unfiltered Story #167689

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I worked an admin job in a hospital while waiting to enter university. It was a large, public hospital, so there were always too many patients and too little doctors, as such, follow up appointments were often difficult to book, and they rarely fit the doctor’s recommended follow up period. (We would check to make sure it was okay with the doctor before we booked it, otherwise special arrangements would be made between the patient and doctor)

Note: The department I was working in saw a lot of patients with tumors and/or cancer.

One day, I got a call from the daughter of an elderly patient, she wanted to check when her dad’s follow up appointment was.

Me: Oh, your dad’s appointment has been booked for [date]

Daughter: *Angrily* That’s too long! The doctor said one month, that’s more than one month! I want it earlier!

Me: I’m sorry, we don’t have any earlier slots, I’ve checked with the doctor, and she says the date is fine.

Daughter: *voice getting increasingly louder* THIS IS RIDICULOUS. HOW CAN YOU BOOK A DATE SO FAR OFF (It was only about two weeks off the recommended date, which is about as good as it gets. And the doctor had given us the green light to book that date for the patient) MY FATHER HAS A TUMOR.

Me: I’m sorry to hear that, I understand that you’re worried, but there are no earlier slots. The doctor has also confirmed (AGAIN) that the difference in dates is okay.


Me: *Starting to lose my patience* Unfortunately ma’am, many of our patients are tumor or cancer patients, and we are unable to give priority to ALL of them.


(I lost it here, what kind of human being are you? Many of them are in the exact same position as your dad.)

Me: *Curtly* Clearly you don’t, but I do.

She hung up on me after that. I told my supervisor about it in case she tried to make a fuss again. My supervisor simply sighed and said “Tell her that if she wants VIP treatment, she should have paid the extra for a private hospital”

Having A Senior Moment

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(I work as a part-time cashier at a grocery store. The store has a discount for seniors — 60 years old and above — on certain days. It can only be applied before the transaction finishes. Usually, I just immediately give the discount based on appearance. However, some seniors don’t look their age, and sometimes they forget to tell me beforehand.)

Me: *gives the receipt* “Thank you. Have a nice day!” 

Customer: *looks at receipt* “Wait… Why haven’t you given me my discount?”

Me: “Um… Do you mean the senior discount? Are you a senior?”

Customer: *raises her voice* “Of course!” *takes out her passport* “See this? I’m 71! I’ve been a senior for so long; how could you not tell?!”

(Keep in mind that this lady is wearing rather fashionable clothes that cover her arms, has light brown dyed hair, and is wearing a huge pair of sunglasses that cover half her face. I honestly thought she was in her 50s.)

Me: “Sorry, I thought you looked young, so I didn’t ask…”

Customer: *visibly gets more upset* “What a joke! I’m a senior and I deserve to get the discount! Call your manager now!”

(I have to call my manager to cancel the transaction and rescan the items so that the discount can be added.) 

Customer: “By the way, the last time I shopped here, the cashier also had to call the manager to give me my discount! Such terrible service!” *walks off in a huff* 

Another Customer: “Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen someone get upset when you tell them they don’t look like a senior citizen!” 

Me: “Yeah…” 

(The discount was only 90 cents.)

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The Principal Does Not Respect Books

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(I’m waiting to pick up my cousin from elementary school. I’m passing the teacher’s lounge when I see the new principal. She’s known for being very whiny, like the kids in the school. A pair of student leaders go by, carrying tall stacks of books for their teacher.)

Principal: “Good morning, children.”

(Likely the two students didn’t see her, as the stacks of books they’re carrying obscure their lines of sight. They don’t answer.)

Principal: *in a whiny, high-pitched voice* “Hello! Children! I said, ‘Good morning,’ to you!” *STAMPS HER FOOT like a kid*

Students: *looking nervous* “Good morning, Mrs. [Principal].”

Principal: “That’s better. You should greet your teachers when you see them! That’s so rude of you to walk by without even saying anything!”

(The students were having trouble with the stacks of books and looked like they would like to put them down, but the principal was whining on. I stepped up and helped. Turns out that there was supposed to be a third child, but he ran off to the bathroom, leaving the two struggling with the stacks that were more than they could handle. I wondered at the principal — who was supposed to be taking care of the students in her charge — who was more concerned about getting the respect she thought she was due than the welfare of the kids in front of her!)

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