The Art Of Potato-Fu

, , , , | Related | February 3, 2020

(I have a younger cousin who is studying in the UK. He’s returned for Christmas and is answering our grandparent’s questions about the food in his boarding school.)

Cousin: “Potatoes. Day in day out. Three meals a day. Name every type of potato dish you know of and I will have eaten it, and more.”

Grandpa: “No variation at all? Every day you have potatoes?”

Cousin: “Yes. Potato soup, smoked potato, steamed potato, mashed potato, mashed sweet potato, sweet potato fries, even potato tofu.”

Wife: “I’m sorry, what?”

Grandma: “Potato tofu?”

Me: “That’s a thing?”

Cousin: “Yeah, I didn’t believe it, either. I thought my seniors were joking until I actually had it. Wasn’t actually too bad.”

Me: “What did it taste like?”

(My wife and I then got into an intense debate/interrogation about everything my cousin knew about that potato tofu he had, which allowed us to approximate the recipe. When my cousin returned back to Singapore after graduation, we disguised it as normal tofu, which he loves, and served it to him. He flipped out when he ate it, screaming that he did not want to see a single potato again for the rest of his life. After he calmed down, we had a good laugh about it and began plotting to serve the same dish to the rest of his fellow students at their next get-together.)

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Engaged To The House

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(I am roughly nine years old when this happens. I have stolen several of my mother’s rings and am running around and proposing to any girl I see. My mother is very annoyed at that and begins scolding me. After ten minutes of scolding, she gives this lecture as a means of getting me to stop stealing her jewellery.)

Mom: “Besides, in Singapore, guys don’t use rings when they ask girls to marry them. They ask if they want to get a [slang for government flat] together.”

(There is apparently a law in Singapore that states that if someone wants to buy property, they must be over 35 or married.)

Me: “But that’s not how [Cousin] proposed to [Cousin’s Wife]! He knelt and had a ring.”

Mom: “[Cousin] has watched too many Hollywood movies and is not a good example. He is an outlier. That wasn’t normal.”

Me: “I don’t believe you!”

Mom: “Ask your sister how she got engaged then.”

(So, that’s what I do, immediately running out of the room and going to my big sister and her fiancé in the dining room.)

Me: “[Sister] how did [Fiancé] propose to you?”

Sister: “He didn’t.”

Fiancé: “Your big sister was the one that proposed.”

Me: *befuddled* “Huh, but don’t guys… Never mind. How did you do it?”

Sister: “I asked if [Fiancé] wanted to get a [slang for government flat] together with me.”

Fiancé: “I said yes.”

Mom: *triumphantly* “I told you so!”

Me: *speechless*

(That was, apparently, indeed how my big sister proposed to her childhood sweetheart. She asked if he wanted to get a flat with her and when he pointed out that they couldn’t buy property, she wordlessly slipped a marriage registration form across the table. It took me quite a while to realise that my mother was conning me. My big sister was an outlier and not the norm. Regardless, I stopped stealing my mom’s rings and getting down onto one knee. Instead of “Will you marry me?”, I began asking the much less volatile “Shall we get a house together?” instead.)

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Nacho Average “Regular”  

, , , | Right | January 10, 2020

(It’s my first month as a manager at a craft beer bar with incredibly low prices. We serve free-flow nachos chips; dips are a dollar and there’s signage at all the self-service stations where customers get the nachos.)

Customer #1: “The bill looks about right; you can charge my card.”

Customer  #2: “Hold on. Here’s what you are going to do for me: remove the cheese because nobody told me it costs a dollar.”

Me: “That can’t be the case. I always mention dips are a dollar when I ask what you’d like, and there are signs up.”

Customer #2: “Oh, then it wasn’t you! It was her!” *points to my new part-timer* “I come here every Thursday; don’t you recognise me? You should remember your regular customers and treat them well! You need to remember me for next time!”

Me: “What is my name? Or, what is the name of my staff behind the bar? Do you know any of our names?”

Customer #2: “Uh…”

Me: “See, that’s the difference between someone who comes here because of the value we offer at our prices for top-tier products and someone who has made a personal connection with one of our staff. So, which are you?”

Customer #1: “Please stop harassing him over a dollar! You can charge my card.”

Me: “I’ve taken the cheese off your bill. See you next Thursday.”

(To the fuming tomato imploding from lack of a comeback: rest assured, I will remember you.)

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This Technology Is Not So Hot

, , | Right | January 7, 2020

(My uncle just bought a water heater with delivery and installation.)

Tech: “So, you see, over here are the three settings for heat. If you turn the dial this way, you will get low heat. To get more hot water, you just continue turning the dial until you get the heat you want.”

Uncle: “But what if I want cold water?”

Tech: “Uh, turn the heat off?”

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Stay In Receipt Of Your Receipt

, , | Right | December 20, 2019

(The gas station I work in rewards points for every liter of fuel, which can be used to redeem items in the store. The line goes down, so I can’t give anyone any points and have to instead stamp their receipts so they can redeem them at a later time.)

Me: “Sorry, the reward point line is down. I’ll stamp your receipt so you can get your points again when the line’s working.”

Customer: “I’ll lose the receipt.”

Me: *chuckles, assuming it’s a joke* “Sorry, I can’t really do anything else.”

Customer: “Yes, you can.”

Me: *blinks, half-chuckles, thinking it might still be a joke* “Um, okay. What?”

Customer: “Well, like not telling me you can’t do anything, for a start!” *stalks off*

Me: “…”

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