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(I work in the former sales office of a terrestrial wireless (not cellular) internet provider, now operating as an installer warehouse. We are located next to a farming equipment dealer that owns a cellular dealership. Both farming and cellular dealers have the same name and logo, and my company’s name and logo look nothing like theirs, other than it also has the words “wireless” on the sign. Their cellular dealership is about 2-3 blocks away from the farming dealership, and you can see the signs for both on a good day. The following happens at least once a month.)

*Customer walks over from [Equipment Dealership], reads sign that says [Company] EMPLOYEES ONLY, tries locked handle, and hammers on front door.*

Me: *Unlocks door* “Can I help you?”

Customer: “Yeah, I’m here to buy a cell phone. Why was your door locked?”

Me: “Sorry, you must be looking for [Cellphone Dealership], they’re about 2 blocks down the street, look for the same sign as [Equipment Dealership].”

Customer: “But I need a cell phone!”

Me: “This is [Company], not [Dealership]. If all you want is wireless internet for your farm, I can give you the contact info for our sales team, but they do fixed location wireless, not cellular.”

Customer: “But the sign says [Dealership]…” *vaguely waves their hand at [Dealership] across the parking lot.*

Me: *Pointing up at our own sign above the door.* “Sorry, no, we’re [Company]. [Dealership]’s equipment sales is next door, and their cellular store is 2 blocks down the street.”

Customer: “So you won’t help me?”

Me: “I can help you if you want wireless internet at your farm, but if you want a cell phone, you’ll have to got to [Dealership]’s cell store.”

Customer: “But you’re with [Dealership].”

Me: “No, we’re not.”

*Repeat ad-nauseum until customer gives up and wanders back to their vehicle and drives off towards the actual cellular dealership.*

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(It was approximately 11:30PM only the drive through was open, I was the only worker dealing with customers, and there was the on duty manager and one in the kitchen making meals. This exchange was between me and the customer only. He is driving a diesel truck, and pulls through the sensor pad at the menu-board. I open the window and this is how the exchange proceeds)

Me: Hello, how can I help you? (Our boss, since we are a very small city, doesn’t discourage taking an order at the window)

Customer:*Yells irately* I was sitting at the menu board for over 10 minutes!

Me: *calmly realizing what has happened* I am sorry that you waited so long, however, you mustn’t have been fully on our sensor pad as it didn’t alert me as to someone being there until you drove through.

Customer: *Still irate* I am driving a f*****g diesel here, How could you not hear me?

Me: Sir, I can hear you are driving a Diesel. However as I said, you weren’t on the…

Customer: I don’t think you are listening to me, as I told you I am driving a f*****g diesel truck, you should have had no problem f*****g hearing it

Me: Yes I did hear that you told me you are driving a diesel, I also heard it when you triggered the sensor pad as you drove to the window, but I feel you aren’t listening to me. Your truck was not fully on the sensor pad, and as such it did not trigger the headset.

Customer: F**k. Whatever! Just f*****g give me the f*****g (Food).

I rang it in, told him his total and was happy it was a simple order that took 1 minute to make and hand out. I told the manager on duty who replied.

Manager: What a jerk.

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I work in the Social Services Offices as a receptionist. During this time, we were very short on social workers, so it was up to reception to “weed out” any clients that wanted to see a worker. Only issues of emergent or vital need were getting through to workers (utilities being disconnected, any criminal matters, etc.). I had this conversation more than three times a day:

Client: I’d like to see [worker].

Me: What do you need to see worker about?

Client: I just need to see them.

Me: I can’t get the worker down here for you unless you tell me why you need to see them.

Client: It’s none of your business why I need to see them. Just get them down here!

Me: Sir, there is no way for me to get the worker to come down unless there is an urgent need for you to talk to a worker in person. The only way I can convince the worker that you need to see them is if you tell me WHY you need to see them.

Client: *holds out paper* I need to give them this bill. It’s due next month and I need it to be paid.

Me: *Internally screaming*

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(I’m waiting for my coffee when a woman comes in and tries to order–she’s not actually in front of the till, just at the counter)

Customer: I need something caffeine free!

Barista: Well, we can do anything decaf…except for the chai tea latte.

Customer: I’ll get a chai tea latte.

(Yup, that’s what she got!)

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Customer: “I want my meal free for this!”

Me: “I’m… sorry, sir, what is the problem?”

Customer: “My burger is a little bit greasy.”

I work in the restaurant portion of, ostensibly, a truck stop. Burgers are greasy everywhere, but what do you expect? I examine the burger.

Me: “It doesn’t look any greasier than any of the other burgers we serve. It’s just the meat juices; it’s perfectly harmless.”

Customer: “It’s greasy, d*** you! I want my meal for free!”

Me: “Well, I could… get a napkin and soak up some of—”

Customer: “No, I want my meal free!”

Me: “Um, I’m not able to apply discounts to meals myself; I’ll have to get the manager for you. One moment.”

The guy started a scene and shouted quite a bit at the manager, who was adamant about not giving him a discount for acceptably-made food. The manager eventually kicked him out so he wouldn’t disturb the other customers and blacklisted his Trucker Rewards Card across our entire chain.

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