Carrier-ing On Anyway

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(I work in the mobile phone department that sells services for various carriers. An older couple catches me while I am putting product away.)

Wife: “Hello, would you know what sales you have going on for [Phone]?”

Me: “Sure, who is your service provider? Do you have [Carrier #1], [Carrier #2], or [Carrier #3]?” *sales and promotions vary from carrier to carrier*

Husband: “Why don’t you give us [Carrier #1] and [Carrier #2]?”

Me: *goes through the promotions for both their chosen carriers*

Husband: “Oh, we don’t use [Carrier #2]! They don’t have good service where we live!”

Wife: “Well, thank you, anyway! We’ll try again later.”

Me: “…”

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Getting Long Distance Fixed

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(I’m trying to figure out how to get a replacement phone. The one the store sent me was defective, and because it was a refurbished phone, the physical store in town says they can’t help. They give me the number to call and I do. I’ve talked to about five people and been transferred to multiple departments, and I’m getting irritated.)

Me: “I really need this fixed. It’s not acceptable that I was sent a defective phone.”

Employee: “I completely understand. I’m going to get this fixed.”

Me: “Great. Thank you.”

Employee: “Okay, which location did you bring the phone to?”

Me: “The one at [Street in Town].”

Employee: “Okay, I need you to take it to [Store in City I haven’t lived in for a decade].”

(I’m stunned, because this information has certainly been updated then. All bills and new orders have been delivered to my new address.)

Me: “What? I haven’t lived there since I was twelve. Why is this location being brought up?”

Employee: “I need you to bring it there. That’s how it will get fixed.”

Me: *sighs and hangs up*

(I eventually called back after the rage passed, got it worked out by someone who didn’t want me to travel 1,000 miles.)

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Unfiltered Story #105423

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(A mother and her 14-year-old son enter the shop.)

Mother: “Hi, I have to pay an extra 60 euro on my phone bill because of payments to p*rnographic websites. Why is that?”

( I take a look at her son who’s staring at his shoes…)

Me : Well, mostly because there are… certain websites… you can only enter when giving up your phone number.


Mother : Can I stop his tariff plan?

Me : Yes you can… what’s the number?

Mother : Let me have a look because I don’t know it either. Or wait, [ name of son ], what’s your number?

The son proudly dictates me his entire telephone number.

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Not Much Assurance About The Insurance, Part 8

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(I work in a major wireless retail store. A customer comes in with a newer smartphone that he recently purchased. It is no longer working after being dropped in a pool. After going over multiple options, including insurance which ships overnight, the customer opts to buy out his current phone agreement in order to get a new device in store.)

Me: “Today you’ll have to pay the remaining amount of your current device, which is $450, plus the tax on the new phone, and then your monthly payments will start over on the new phone.”

Customer: “But you said I’m buying out of my agreement? I don’t want to have a payment.”

Me: “Yes, sir. You’re buying out your broken device that you still owe on, but then you said you would like to purchase a new phone today in the store instead of going with the insurance.”

Customer: “You mean because I broke my phone, you’re going to charge me for a new one?”

Me: “Yes, sir, electronics do cost money. Again, if you do insurance, you’ll just pay a small deductible and you’ll get a new phone tomorrow; that would be cheaper.”

Customer: “I told you I don’t want to do the God**** insurance, but it’s poor business to charge me for a new phone just because I destroyed my other one.”

Me: “If I go out and wreck my car, and want a brand new one, I still have to pay off the old loan, and then I’d start a fresh loan on a new car. I don’t get a free one.”

Customer: “Well, no one would do that. That’s why you have insurance!”

Me: “…”

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He Is All Talk… And That’s It

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(I work for a cell phone retailer. An older gentleman comes into the store and states that he has lost his phone. We go over the process of checking if he has insurance on his device, as well as going through the steps for filing a claim. He opts to file the claim in-store. While going through the automated steps on the phone with the insurance company, and as we are issuing him a loaner device, we hear things like this:)

Customer: “Why do I have to talk to a robot?”

Customer: “These d*** robots are taking over everything!”

Customer: “I don’t understand what this robot is asking me.”

(Not many people enjoy automated systems, so though this is a wee bit strange and annoying, it is understandable. Once his claim is filed, we begin to issue him a loaner phone. Since one of our devices is malfunctioning, we have to remove that one and activate another one. While thanking him for being patient as we do this, he completely ignores us, which we don’t mind. He is muttering profanities as well as having a full on conversation — with no one. My manager and I exchange confused looks. My manager then pulls up the memo pad on the computer while waiting for the claim to fall through. I think she is making account notes, but she is actually writing a message for me to read over her shoulder. She writes:)

Manager: “I’m pretty sure he’s talking to himself…”

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