Would Prefer To Keep This Private

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(I am an admin, and I’m in charge of booking a hotel room for my boss. I use the company card to pay for it, but since it has my name on it, I need to fill out a credit card authorization form. I call a particular hotel asking for the form and receive it via fax, except the form isn’t empty. It has another person’s credit card information on it! The credit card is in date, and from a stay in the hotel from six months ago! I call to ask them to check and make sure it won’t happen again and get an actual blank form.)

Desk Agent: “Hello, [Hotel] front desk. How can I help you?”

Me: “Hi I called a few moments ago about a credit card authorization form and—“

Desk Agent: *interrupting me* “Yes, I just sent it. Please check your fax machine.”

Me: “No, actually, I—“

Desk Agent: *still interrupting me* “Please check your fax machine, ma’am.” *click*

(I sit for a moment, staring at my phone, and then I call back.)

Desk Agent: “Hello, [Hotel] front desk. How can I help you?”

Me: “Hi. I received a filled-out credit card authorization form.”

Desk Agent: “Do you need help filling it out?”

Me: “No, I wanted you to know that you sent me one already filled out.”

Desk Agent: “That’s not possible, ma’am.”

Me: “It is, because it happened.”

Desk Agent: “You must be mistaken. There is no way a filled-out form made it to you. Just fill out the form.”

Me: “It’s filled out with another organization’s credit card.”

(We go back and forth like this for another few minutes until I finally have enough.)

Me: “Look, do you want me to believe me, or should I just call that other person and tell them that their credit card information was just randomly given out?”

Desk Agent: “Fine, I will send you another form via fax. Please fill it out.” *click*

(After getting the correct, blank form, I shred the filled out one. The exchange isn’t sitting well with me the next day, so I call the hotel back. The same desk agent answers the phone.)

Me: “Hi, I would like to speak to a manager.”

Desk Agent: “She’s quite busy right now; she can’t take a call.”

Me: “Oh, I think she will want to take a call about your hotel breaking all sorts of privacy.”

(The desk agent grumbled but finally passed me off to the manager. The manager was fairly grumpy at first but after I told her my story, she went silent. She very calmly thanked me for my honesty, and in a very angry voice told me that she will handle it. I’m hoping that front desk agent got a lesson in privacy and taking it seriously!)

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Full-Baked Stupidity

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(My wife works for a bakery and I help out sometimes. The recipe sheets are starting to look messy with all the changes written on them, and some of the steps aren’t in order. I decide to retype them with the changes and email them to the owner to print. The next day I walk into the bakery and the owner hands me the stack of recipes.)

Owner: “My husband made a few small changes.”

Me: *internally* “Oh, no… No, he can’t be that stupid.”

(He was that stupid. Her husband knew nothing about baking. One of his “changes” was replacing every instance of buttermilk with regular milk. He also reordered the list of ingredients, which I had put in the order they needed to be added to the batter.)

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I worked at a pharmacy that was  surrounded but seniors homes, so this made up the majority of our clientele, the pharmacy was in a mall which included a grocery store, when the grocery store was closed for Reno’s we brought in some basic staples like milk and bread and continued carrying them after the grocery store re-opened. our suplly was limited we carried only small CARTONS of milk, no jugs.

customer:(with a jug of milk) I want to return this, its passed the expiry date, and I lost the receipt.

me: Ma’am you didn’t purchase this from us, so I cannot process a return

customer: excuse me?! I KNOW where I purchased my milk from, I got from here and you need to return it for me!

me: we do not carry jugs of milk ma’am, only cartons, so you cannot possibly have purchased it from us, perhaps you got it from the grocery store down the hall?

(note I look a lot younger then I am, it is very likely the customer presumed I was in school and only worked part time)
Customer: I bought it from from here, you just must not have been here when the jugs came in.

me: Ma’am we are only open 9 hours a day Monday to Sat and 4 hours on Sundays and I work 8 of those hours Mon-Sat and all of them on Sundays. I place and accept all the orders, I am telling you, we have never had jugged milk in stock, you did not purchase this from us.

Customer:….. oh..sorry *hangs her head and leaves*:

Ewe Should Have Ignored Him

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(I am working the floor, helping a customer. I am talking with a customer when I hear shouting behind me. Sadly, people yelling at children is not unusual so I ignore it and try to help the woman I’m with. After a couple of moments, the customer I am with tells me:)

Customer #1: “I think that a**hole is trying to get your attention.”

(I turn around.)

Customer #2: *standing next to the washroom door* “YOU! ABOUT F****** TIME! OPEN THE S***TER!”

Customer #1: “Help that a**hole; I can wait.”

(I walk towards the washroom.)

Customer #2: “You should be paying attention; I was calling you for twenty minutes.”

Me: “My apologies, sir, I was helping a customer, and normally, when someone needs the washroom, they either go to the front and ask for assistance or walk up to an associate. Polite people don’t yell, ‘You!’ across the store.”

Customer #2: “Why not?”

Me: *now annoyed* “Because a ‘ewe’ is a female sheep; we are human beings, not animals.”

(By now I have the washroom door opened.)

Me: “Do you still need my help or may I return to the woman I was assisting?”

(Without saying anything, he entered the washroom and slammed the door in my face.)

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This Isn’t A Couch Gag

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Boss: “Okay. I know this sucks, but we can’t sell the couch in the display window because they sent it without legs, but we’re completely full and there’s literally nowhere else to put it. There’s no price on it, but if anyone gives you trouble you can call [Assistant Manager] at the other location.”

(Of course, as soon as he leaves…)

Customer: “So, how much is the couch in the window?”

Me: “I’m so sorry, that couch isn’t for sale right now; it’s missing parts.”

(The usual back and forth: “Sell it to me!” “No, I can’t.”)

Me: “If you’d like, I can call a manager to confirm what I’m telling you.”

Customer: *smugly, like she thinks I’m just being lazy and the manager is going to tell her something different* “Fine.”

(I call the manager and explain the situation.)

Manager: “Let me talk to her.”

(I hand the customer the phone, and the manager tells her exactly what I just did. The customer throws the phone at me and storms off. I pick up the phone.)

Manager: “I heard a crash; is everything okay?”

Me: “Yep.”

Manager: “Did she throw the phone at you?!”

Me: “Yep!”

(This happened when I was in high school, and the best part was I recognized the customer as a teacher at my school. You definitely want someone who gets aggressive about a couch teaching!)

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