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I am stocking the mobile accessories section, while wearing the company’s distinctive shirt, and a man approaches me.
Guy: Do you work here?
Me: Yes.
Guy: How much do your phone cases cost?
Me: *thinking he is joking, I don’t say anything for a minute. When he doesn’t say anything, I answer* It depends on what brand and model phone case you want.
Guy: *pulls his old phone case out of pocket* I want this one.
Me: Let me get a sales associate for you.
I can’t believe this guy actually expected me to know not only what brand and model his phone case was, but to also know how much he paid for it.

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(In my time since I was first employed I’ve gotten some pretty “interesting” costumers that get stranger after the next. Now in this incident, I was working a short shift on the weekday by myself and was hanging around the counter and all when a guy in a camo coat waltzed in. I gave him the usual ‘Welcome to (Electronics store), what brings you in today sir/mam?’)
Customer: “Yeah, do you put your ammo on the shelves or in the back with all the other stuff?”
(I took awhile to respond because I thought I misheard him so I asked him to clarify.)
Customer: Ya know, ammunition? For guns and rifles and stuff like that.
Me: Well, um sir……we don’t carry ammo in this store or in any other (electronic store chain).
(He just looks at me as if I just said the silliest thing he heard)
Customer: That can’t be right, I know for a fact that you have sold ammo since the 30’s and have continued to sell them…..
(I couldn’t believe what I was hearing as the sales of guns and ammunition in the state have been heavily regulated and I only know of a few store that sell them. And it bothered me that the customer, who looked no older than 40 was insisting that (Electronics store) used to sell guns and ammunitions when I know that is far from the truth.)
Me: I do apologize sir, but even if we did sell ammunition in the past, we currently don’t anymore.
Customer: We’ll, too bad. You guys used to make a killing!
(And with that he walked out of the store, leaving me confused with what just happened and asking myself how in the world did he believe an electronics store could possibly sell ammunition?)

Wireless, Clueless, Hopeless, Part 38

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I work at a small electronics chain which carries everything from batteries, to cell phones, to cables, to gaming consoles. It is Back to School week and we are getting all sorts of calls for random cables and adaptors.

Me: “Thanks for calling [Store]. How can I help you?”

Customer: “Hi. Do you have wireless ethernet cords?”

Me: “I’m sorry. Did you say, ‘wireless ethernet cords’?”

Customer: “Yeah. Wireless ethernet cords. Do you have them?”

Me: “Do you mean wireless adaptors or do you mean you need an ethernet cord?”

Customer: “No. I need a wireless ethernet cord.”

Me: “By definition, an ethernet ‘cord’ cannot be wireless.”

Customer: “Yeah, sure. Whatever, man.” *Click*

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(The debit/credit machine at our store is different from most others, because it asks you to confirm the price and press ‘ok’ after tapping. We have a sticker across the top of the machine that says ‘press ok after tap’, and the digital instructions screen also gives you the price and prompts you to press ok. the following transaction happens far too often)

Customer: Ok, I’ll tap my card

Me: Ok, it’ll just prompt you to press ok after.

*customer taps card and doesn’t press ok*

Me: Is it asking you to press ok now?

Customer: No.

Me: It isn’t asking you to confirm the price?

Customer: No. Oh. Wait. I don’t know.

(By this point the machine times out and cancels)

Me: It just cancelled. I’ll put it through again for you.

Customer: So I have to press ok before I tap, then?

Me: No, you press ok after. It’ll prompt you on the screen there.

*Customer taps and then immediately presses ok before the machine has time prompt*

Customer: It didn’t work. Do I have to tap it again? I tap it, press ok, and then tap again?

*face palm*

Unable To Think Outside The Xbox, Part 2

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An irate customer calls the store, demanding to speak to a manager. I am that lucky manager.

Me: “Thank you for holding; this is [My Name]—”

Caller: “Now look—” *butchers my name* “—I am not going to listen to you give me the run-around. Do you understand?”

Me: “Okay.”

Caller: “I bought this DVD player from you guys and it didn’t even work. I want my money back. Now.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll be happy to refund you. Just bring the DVD player and the receipt back to us and I—”

Caller: “No! I am never setting foot in your store again!”

Me: “Umm. I’m sorry, sir, but unless you go through the manufacturer, returning the item to the store is the only other way to get a refund.”

Caller: *Stubbornly* “I’m not coming in. You can’t make me.”

Me: “I can’t make you come in; that is true. But if you want your money back, you can either go through the manufacturer or bring it to the store.”

Caller: “No.”

Me: “I… What’s wrong with the DVD player?”

Caller: “My son wanted to play [Xbox Game] and it didn’t work!”

Me: “Ah. Well, an Xbox is not the same as a DVD player.”

Caller: “Yes, it is. They’re both disks.”

Me: “Sir, could you play a VHS in a cassette player?”

Caller: “Oh, my God, kids today are so stupid. They’re completely different things!”

Me: “DVDs and game disks are different, too.”

Caller: “No, they’re not!”

Me: *Sighs* “Okay, sir. I will refund your DVD player—”

Caller: “Good! Finally!”

Me: “In store. I’m here until 7:00. Have a nice night.”

I hung up. He didn’t come in that night, but he did come by the next evening when I was working and claimed he spoke to a “foreign guy” — I am neither foreign nor a guy — who said he could exchange his $50 DVD player for an XBox console with two free games for his trouble.

When I identified myself as the manager he spoke with, he threw the DVD player on the ground, stomped on it a few times, and stared at me. 

Definitely no refund. 

Unable To Think Outside The XBox

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