The Emphasis Was On The “Can You Run” Part

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For this particular group’s breakfast buffet, we put out a pitcher of orange juice on each table for the guests to help themselves.

Guest: “Hey, you! Waiter! C’mere!”

Me: “What can I do for you, sir?”

Guest: “Can you run and get me a glass of orange juice?”

Me: “Sure thing!”

I pick up his glass, pick up the pitcher of juice from his table, and pour it for him. The guest looks disappointed.

Guest: “ Oh. In that case, can you run and get me a glass of milk?”

Me: “Yes.” *eye-twitch*

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Customer: I’m just calling to tell you: I’m putting my computer on the grass.

Coworker: …sorry, what was that?

Customer: My computer doesn’t work. I’m putting it on the grass.

Coworker: Well, this is a [Computer Brand] customer support centre; I’d be happy to help…

Customer: Nope. I’m putting it on the grass! *hangs up*

(My stunned coworker told me what happened)

Me: You should’ve given her your address so she could send you the computer!

Sadly, This Conversation Is As Common As An Old Shoe

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Me: “Can I help you find something?”

Customer: “I’m looking for shoes for my child. He’s nine years old.”

Me: “Do you know what size he is?”

Customer: “No. What size should I get?”

Me: “There is no average, since children all grow at different rates. Have you brought your child with you? We could measure his feet.”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “…”

Customer: “So, what size shoes should I get?”

This conversation happens almost every day.

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I work in a dog boarding kennel, we are a large kennel with a few thousand clients, and “Charlie” is such a common name you mide as well be asking someone if they know “John from Canada”.

Custamer phones:

C- hi, I have my dog booked in with you but I need to change the date to a day earlier
Me- of coarse! Can I get your last name please?
C- its a dog..for boarding
M- yes I just need your last name to bring up your booking
C- it’s for boarding!
M- Um..yes I just need your name
C- oh! His name is Charlie
M- ok and what was YOUR name?
C- oh! I will spell it for you
M- perfect! So I will just get those dates changed for you!

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So I used to work at a dollar store as a cashier. I’ve experienced many stupid and rude customers, but I think this one I’m about to tell you about takes the cake.

An older lady, in her early to mid sixties and her granddaughter walk over to the till with a few items. The lady looks angry. She places the basket on the counter and just stands there. I start taking the items from the basket and scanning them and placing them into bags.
Me: Find everything you were looking for?
Customer: (ignores my greeting)
Customer:(rude tone) There’s a hole in the bag. (It was a bag made of mesh netting filled with fancy glass pebbles)
Me: okay. (I go to pick up the bag to enter the price, since there was no tag to scan, thinking that the hole was at the top. the pebbles fall from the bottom.)
Customer: Did I not speak English? I said there’s a hole. Now pick them up. And I want them in a separate bag from everything else.
Me: (Quietly gathers the pebbles and put them into a small bag.)
The customer is staring at me angrily through the whole process and making me uneasy. Soon, I finish up and give her the total. She pays for her stuff.
Customer: (demanding) I want it double bagged.
So I double bag her items and she grabs it and storms out.