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The Wheels Of Good Deeds Come Back Around

, , , , | Hopeless | March 23, 2016

(I’m on my way to pick up my toddler from nursery. It’s a lovely spring day and the small park is full of people. I’m passing a group of teenage boys, when one of them asks:)

Teenage Boy: “Can I have a go on your wheelchair?”

(Since I’m running early, can walk short distances, and know how much fun wheelchairs can be, I surprise them.)

Me: “Sure, you can use it for a few minutes.”

(They have their fun on the chair, and then reclaim it and continue on my way. Several weeks later, I am on my way home, the back of my chair loaded with shopping and my toddler on my knee, when the heavens open. We’re getting more and more drenched, when I hear a shout from behind me.)

Teenage Boy: “Hey, missus, do you want a hand?”

(In a seafront shelter on the other side of the road is the same group of lads, with the one who tried out my chair heading towards me. He could have stayed in the dry, but he got soaked making sure that my daughter and I got home quickly. Teenagers can be great.)

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Unseen Gym Buddy

, , , , , | Hopeless | March 17, 2016

(I have been trying to get into shape as I am a bit overweight. I’m not very athletic and it’s obvious. One day I had just finished running on the indoor track at the University’s gym and I see a note under my water bottle by the bench.)

Note: “It’s always nice to get a note of encouragement! Keep up the good work. You’re doing great! =)”

(Thank you mystery running buddy. I appreciate it more than you know!)

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I Smell The Beer Of An Englishman

, , , , | Hopeless | March 17, 2016

(I have flown from the US to London, with a layover in NYC, and land on a Friday afternoon. I was not able to sleep on the flight at all, despite trying. Then, I have to take a one-hour train ride to London from the airport, followed by what feels like a very long walk to the office building where my best friend works. I’ve now gone almost twenty-four hours without sleep, and the walk has drained me much more than expected. I don’t yet have a UK SIM card for my phone, and I don’t know where to find wifi near his office, so all I can do is wait for my friend to get off work and meet me at the spot he asked me to be. I sit down on the steps with my bag, and without realizing it, I’ve nodded off to sleep. Some businessmen across the street enjoying some drinks at a pub call out to me.)

Businessman #1: “Oi, mate! You all right?”

Me: *bleary-eyed* “Huh? Oh, sorry. I’m fine; I haven’t slept in over a day… I just flew in from the US. I’m meeting my friend here. He should be out in…” *checks watch* “…a few minutes.”

(I stand up; obviously sitting won’t work.)

Businessman #2: “Oh, good, okay. We thought you were drugged out or something!” *mimes the motion of a head nodding side to side and forward* “Looked like you were on a bad trip!”

Businessman #1: “Hey, why not let me buy you a pint, mate? Help keep you awake!”

(I should have said yes, but politely declined, thinking in my state a beer was not the best idea. I did thank them for waking me up, as a police officer went by just as they did so. My friend found me a few minutes later, and as we left, the businessmen waved and wished me a good trip. Plenty of friendly Brits in England!)

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Once A Marine, Always A Marine

, , , , | Hopeless | March 17, 2016

(I am a bookseller working toward a teaching credential. While I am not exactly poor, my pay is not stellar, and it is occasionally a stretch for me to manage loans and bills. While walking home from work, I see a middle-aged man asking for money on the corner. He appears to be a veteran. I scrounge around in my purse for change and only find a penny, but I walk up to him, anyway.)

Me: “Hey. I’m one of those jerks who doesn’t carry a lot of cash. So, this is all I have. I hope it helps.”

(I press the penny into the palm of the veteran’s hand. He looks at me. When he speaks, I can tell that he’s not all there, but he sounds genuine.)

Veteran: “You know what? If that’s all you have, then take this.”

(To my amazement, he presses a one dollar bill into my palm. I shake my head and try to give it back to him.)

Me: “No. You need it more than I do.”

Veteran: “You know what? Take it. I was in the Marines. And my job was to protect this country. And help poor people.”

(Overcome with emotion, I impulsively salute at the veteran. He immediately snaps into a military salute in response. I thank him and start walking again, and he calls after me.)

Veteran: “Hey! Don’t you be spending that on alcohol, now!”

Me: “I won’t, sir!”

(True to my word, I converted the dollar into quarters for laundry, which I desperately needed to do. It really goes to show how some people, even in their greatest hours of need, will still go out of their way to help others out. Wherever you are now, sir, thank you – and to everyone else, please remember to support your troops, since many of them, after the fight, will need all the love they can get.)

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Cosplay Makes My Day

, , , , , | Hopeless | March 16, 2016

(I’m at an anime convention, and go to a fast food place down the road from the hotel. There’s also a big biker’s event nearby, and the building is crowded with rather intimidating men. As I have my cosplay on still, I fear harassment. While waiting for a table, one of the bikers comes up to me.)

Biker: “Hey, I love your outfit. Did you make that yourself?”

Me: “Uh… Yeah… Thanks…”

Biker: “Do you mind if I take a picture?”

Me: “Oh, not at all. Go ahead!”

(He takes a quick picture, then goes back to his table. Later, I ask my waitress for my bill, and she shakes her head.)

Waitress: “Someone else paid for your meal. And he said to give you this.”

(She hands me a note.)

Note: “Thank you for letting me take a picture of your cosplay. My son is home with cancer, and loves [Anime]. I sent him the picture, and he’s smiled for the first time since he got sick. Thank you.”

(I almost started crying. I didn’t see the man after that.)

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