Ice Cream Of The Crop

, , , | VIC, Australia | Hopeless | May 3, 2016

(I’m 15. My St Bernard gets arthritis in his spine (a common disease for the breed) and due to his size, life in a sling would be very painful. He has to be put down as he can’t get off the ground on his own. After, I am sitting on the curb outside my house crying when the ice cream truck comes around the corner and stops in front of me.)

Me: *thinking that he thinks I’m waiting for the truck* “Sorry to make you stop. I’m not waiting for you to come around. You should keep going.”

Ice-Cream-Man: “What’s wrong? You’re usually quite cheery.”

Me: “My dog just had to be put down; I’ve had him since i was 5. He was way past his life-expectancy, so I knew it was coming, but i can’t help but miss him”

Ice-Cream-Man: “Hmm… one second.”

(He gets me my usual order of strawberry and blueberry.)

Ice-Cream-Man: “Here. I know it’s not much, but I hope this’ll cheer you up a bit.”

Me: “Thank you so much, but I don’t have any money on me… I could pay you back next time you come around.”

Ice-Cream-Man: *giving me the cone* “No, you won’t. It’s on the house. I’ve made enough profit from you and your brother that i can spare $4. Enjoy. I hope you feel better.”

Me: “Thank you so much… I don’t even know what to say…”

Ice-Cream-Man: “No problem. I hate seeing people upset.” *he walks back through to the driver’s seat of the truck and drives away*

(It wasn’t much, but this is quite possibly the best thing anyone has done for me so far.)

That’s The Freeway To Do It

, | SC, USA | Hopeless | May 3, 2016

(I run a traveling non-profit graphic novel library that travels all over the country helping kids learn how to read using comics. We transport everything in a 12ft trailer and drive it ourselves. One day on the way to a convention our trailer blows a tire. Thankfully, despite being a younger female, I know how to change tires. I’m by myself on the side of the interstate diligently changing the tire when I realize that I have no idea where the tire iron is in my new SUV. I climbed back into the cab to grab the owner’s manual when suddenly someone knocked on my window.)

Maintenance Fellow: “Everything okay here, ma’am? Need some help?”

Me: “Yeah, I just… can’t remember where my tire iron is.”

Maintenance Fellow: *laughs* “I have one.”

(In five minutes he had the blown tire off and the new one on. He even walked along the highway side of my trailer to put the tire away so I wouldn’t get rushed by the traffic. When I thanked him profusely he just laughed.)

Maintenance Fellow: “Well, I was traveling the other direction on the highway when I saw you all by yourself changing the tire. You were so intent that you didn’t even see me pull up behind you. I watched for a minute and you obviously knew what you were doing, but then I saw you get back in the car and just knew something wasn’t right. Glad I could help, even if you didn’t really need me!”

(I tried to pay him but he hugged me, took a business card for my nonprofit, and got back in his car. Thank you, Maintenance Fellow, for not only being courteously chivalrous, but for turning around on a highway to help a stranded motorist!)

Founded On Good Deeds

, | OH, USA | Hopeless | May 2, 2016

(I work in a small branch of a national discount store. I’m a manager, so I’m not always running a register. At the time, I am on a register so my cashier can take a break. A man comes up to the registers, looking concerned about something. I brace myself for a complaint.)

Customer: “Can I talk to you for a second?”

Me: “Sure. What can I do for you?”

Customer: “Well, about ten years ago, I lost the screw on my glasses. I looked everywhere for it, but I couldn’t find it. Then one day, I did something nice for someone. And when I got home, I found the screw.”

(He pauses and seems to be waiting for a response.)

Me: “Wow, that’s awesome.”

Customer: “Recently I lost something precious to me. So I’m going to do something nice in the hopes that it will come back to me. So this is for you.”

(He hands me a gift card for a different store nearby.)

Me: “Really? Thank you! I hope everything works out and you find what you’re looking for.”

Customer: “Me, too.”

(I took that gift card and bought doughnuts for my coworkers. I keep hoping he’ll come back in the store and tell me if he found whatever he was looking for. I hope he did!)

Hail To The Bus Driver

, , | Vancouver, BC, Canada | Hopeless | May 2, 2016

(I am having a terrible week and a particularly terrible day. I tell myself that I need to leave my apartment since I haven’t spoken to anyone in a few days and decide to go downtown by bus. The bus driver greets me very cheerfully, but gives me a worried look as a get on. I get out my book and start reading. I pull the cord to get off the next stop.)

Driver: “So, how is that book?”

Me: “It’s pretty good. I just started.”

Driver: “Yeah, I was looking at you read in my mirror and I was going to ask how it was, because through a mirror it looked like you were nearly done, but then I realized you were just starting!”

(He continued to chatter with me cheerfully for the remainder of my ride. I had a feeling that he could see that I was not feeling too happy. By the time I got off the bus I was smiling and felt better than I had in days. He greeted the next person just as cheerfully. I hope I will get on his bus again sometime.)

A Stranger Can Be A Friend You Haven’t Made Yet

, , , | MN, USA | Hopeless | May 2, 2016

(A friend that I haven’t talked to in nearly six months calls me, late at night, and tells me that she has an Internet friend who is stuck in the Twin Cities for the night before she can get a ride home to Duluth (about a three hour drive). She can’t bring the friend to her house because she still lives with her parents and they don’t trust anyone randomly met on the Internet. Although it seems really weird, my husband and I agree to let her stay with us for the night. The girl seems shy and is quiet.  We also have friends over, and after everyone leaves, we run to the store to pick up some essentials and food, and bring her with us.)

Me: “Okay, is this everything we need?”

Husband: “I think so.”

Me: *to girl* “Do you need anything, sweetie?”

Girl: *mumbles* “No.”

Me: “Okay, then let’s go home.”

(I suddenly realize the girl has started crying.)

Me: “Oh, my gosh; what’s wrong?”

Girl: *crying harder* “This whole weekend has been such a disaster! I spent all my money to fly all the way to Texas to see my boyfriend and none of his family or friends would talk to me the whole time I was there and now that I’m back my supposed best friend who was supposed to pick me up just calls after I land here to tell me she changed her mind and left me stranded hundreds of miles from my home with no money and you’re letting me stay at your home and are giving me food and I don’t even know you! You’re the only people who’ve been nice to me all weekend and you’re STRANGERS!”

(After this spiel I gave her a hug and she cried into my shoulder for five minutes. I felt really bad that she’d had such a terrible weekend, but it made me feel good to know that what I saw as a simple act of kindness meant so much to her.)

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