Defeat Of The Couponator

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I am checking out customers at the register. We usually keep a stack of sales papers by the front door that have coupons in them for the customers but we have run out of them today.

Customer: “Do you have any coupons here that I can use?”

Me: “No, unfortunately, we are all out of them. But there is an app you can download on your smartphone that has scannable coupons every day. It’s free to download.”

Customer: *Very disgusted* “No! I don’t wanna fool with that. I want the real coupons.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. But the coupons you can get on your phone are the same ones we usually have in the sales paper. We just ran out of them today.”

Customer: “You know, that is very discouraging. You should talk to a manager about that!”

I am already checking the next person out.

Me: “Pardon me?”

Customer: “I said you should talk to a manager about that. It’s very bad practice!”

The manager happens to be standing right next to me.

Manager: “I’m a manager; is there a problem I can help you with?”

Customer: *Shakes head in defeat* “No, no. Never mind.”

She walked away frowning and grumbling. 

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*Its a Sunday at a chain fabric store on an exceptionally stormy day. Tornado watches have been in place all day and as such, the winds are very high. This exchange happens right after our power goes out, rendering the checkout computers useless*

Me to customer 1: “I’m very sorry about this inconvenience, but I can’t take your card. I’ll be happy to put your items on hold though. Again, I’m really sorry.”
Customer 1: “What do you have to be sorry about? You cant control the weather.”
Me: “I assure you someone would have yelled at me for this.”

*Customer 1 leaves and as I’m putting up a sign explaining that we’re closed due to the weather, an older woman walks up to the door*

Woman: “Closed?! What do you mean you’re closed?”
Me: “Ma’am we have no power, nothing inside is working”
Woman: “But I need *extremely specific item*!”
Me: ” Well in sorry, but there would be no way to check you out.”
Woman: “What if I pay in cash?”
Me: “The computers aren’t working, we still can’t check you out or give you change.”
Woman: “Well where am I supposed to go?! I drove two hours to get here!*
*My manager goes up to try to calm her down, giving her various other locations to try in the area but as it is Sunday, the pickings are slim. She shoots down every one of his suggestions.*
Woman: “Well will you be reopening?!”
Manager: “I understand your frustration, but I will have to call my supervisor an hour from now to see if we will be able to reopen, and that’s only if the power comes back on.”
Woman: “Well, my friend has *specific item* I suppose I can ask to borrow hers. But I’ll be back in an hour.”
*she never came back.*

It’s Curtains For Your Career As A Traitor

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I work in a craft and fabric store but often shop at our competitor because they have a better range than we do. I have also worked with them in the past so I do know quite a bit about their stock.

I am waiting to have fabric cut because the only staff member is trying to serve a woman who keeps shooting questions at her and then not listening to the answers before asking the same things over and over again. An elderly man has joined me in waiting.

Man: “Oh, that poor girl, having to put up with that. I hope she’s not going to be too long; I don’t have much time.”

Me: “I’ve already been waiting for ten minutes; the woman won’t let her go.”

Man: “Oh, I was just wanting to ask about curtains. I’m going to have to leave as I don’t have much time.”

Me: “I can probably help you; what is it you were after?”

He tells me he doesn’t know the name but tries to explain what he needs and the sizes, apologising that he’s not explaining himself well.

Me: “I think I know what you are after. I’ll show you”

I take him to the area and explain about sizing; he chooses some packaged curtains.  

Man: “Oh, thank you very much, but she’s still not finished with that lady. I can’t wait to be served.”

Me: “There’s another counter at the front of the store and they can serve you there.”

He thanks me again before leaving. A few minutes later, the staff member comes back to the counter.

Staff Member: “I saw what you did for that man. Thank you. You should get a job here; you really know what you’re talking about.”

Me: “Ah, thanks, but I actually work for [Competitor].”

Staff Member: *Deadpan* “Traitor.” 

Me: *Grins* “Yeah, but I used to work here.”

Staff Member: “Double traitor.”

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I work registers at a chain fabric and craft store. On a busy day with endless lines I ring out a woman with a stack of notions and a couple of magazines. After ringing up all of the items and coupons and bagging everything-
Me: Your total is *total*
Woman: No, no no! I had a return! (grabs at one of the magazines in her bag, pulling it out and pulling a receipt out of it).
Me: Oh ok, soryy! You didn’t mention it. The magazine is the return item?
Woman: Yes
Me: Ok, let me take that off of the purchase for you and I’ll run the return after.
(we finish the purchase and I go through the receipt to find the return item. I can’t find the item)
Me: Do you happen to have another receipt? The magazine isn’t on this one.
Woman: What? The other woman circled the items for you already!
Me: You mean the fabric at the bottom? I thought you were returning the magazine?
Woman: NO! I’m returning fabric!
Me: Ok, we can do that. Did you bring the magazine from home then?
Woman: No! I want to BUY it!
(After a deep breath I managed to do her return and ring her up for the magazine and get her out of there. Apparently someone doesn’t know how to listen…)

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(I have worked at a popular chain fabric store for two years while I’m finishing up my schooling. We have a large cast of regular customers. Some are pleasant and always want our advice and opinions on their projects. Some are absolutely nightmarish and always need our advice and opinions on our projects. But there’s one terrible customer that stands out to me. We call her the “Ashton Kutcher customer.” This is why.)
Me: Hi. What can I get for you today?
Customer: I’m making a skirt. I need to line it. How much fabric do I need?
Me: Well, since a lining is the same size as the skirt, you’ll just need the same amount of fabric you purchased for the skirt.
Customer: Noooooooo because don’t I need to cut it on the bias?
(the bias of a fabric is the grain of the thread at a 45 degree angle)
Me: I never do, but if you’d rather cut it on the bias, then I would probably recommend getting [amount] yards.
Customer: Nooooooo because that seems like too much.
Me: Well cutting on the bias takes more fabric so you’d need to buy a lot more fabric. I also recommend getting more in case you mess up.
Customer: So how much should I get?
Me: Well do you want to cut on the bias or not?
Customer: Well don’t I have to cut on the bias?
Me: Again, no. That’s personal preference.
(Customer hands me her pattern)
Customer: How much should I get?
(I study the pattern.)
Me: Well if your making this skirt, you’d probably need [amount] yards.
Customer: Noooooo. That’s not enough to cut on the bias.
Me: Well as I said before, if you want to cut on the bias, you probably need [amount] yards.
Customer: Nooooooo…
(We continued in this fashion for 45 minutes. At this point I am drained of all life, and energy)
Me: Okay, Ma’am. How much fabric would you like me to cut for you?
Customer: Better give me [original amount I suggested]
(I quickly cut her fabric and send her on her way to the register to pay. I lean against the counter, exhausted. My coworker, who fortunately had been cutting for other customers and had completely cleared the line while I was working with my single customer, comes up to me and just stares after the Ashton Kutcher Customer, before looking around the area.
Coworker: Am I being Punked? Ashton Kutcher is that you?
(For those of you who don’t know, Ashton Kutcher used to host a tv prank show called Punked.)
(This became a running joke between my coworker and I. Many customers over time made us stop and say “Am I being Punked? Ashton Kutcher is that you?” but there will always be only one Ashton Kutcher customer. Every time she comes in its the same.)