Green Versus Blue

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(I have stopped at a popular fabric store on my way home from work during the holiday season. I’m picking up supplies for my boss and me to put together stockings for our coworkers.)

Me: *muttering to myself* “Red or black? Hmm…”

(A woman approaches me.)

Woman: “Excuse me? Miss? Can you show me where [sewing materials] are?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I don’t work here.”

Woman: “Of course you do; you’re in uniform.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I work in security and this is my site’s uniform. I don’t work for [Fabric Store].”

(I point at the company name on my button-down shirt and motion to my black slacks.)

Me: “They wear green aprons and jeans.”

Woman: “Nonsense. If you’re in work clothes, you work here.”

(This goes back and forth several more times, with me getting more frustrated because I want to leave and she won’t let me.)

Me: “Ma’am, I do not know what to tell you! I don’t work here! Besides, I don’t even shop here that much, so I couldn’t even help you as a fellow customer!”

Woman: “Don’t take that tone with me! I know you work here, so you need to do your job! Stop being lazy and telling me you don’t work here! I see your lanyard around your neck, and a lanyard means you work here!”

(A lightbulb goes off in my head and I realize that I’ve left my lanyard with my badge and licenses on in my haste.)

Me: “Oh, you mean this lanyard?”

(I grab and yank on it, causing the plastic safety breakaway to come apart. I shove the cards on it into my back pocket and leave the ends to hang free.)

Me: “There. Now that I’m not wearing it anymore. I don’t work here.”

Woman: “You are so rude!”

(I reach out and grab what I need, my patience gone.) 

Me: “Call me rude all you want, but maybe if you went and found someone who actually works here instead of wasting both of our time, you could have been shown what you’re looking for. Go find someone in a green apron and ask them.”

(I got past her and went to the registers. On my way out, I saw a manager talking to her and heard him say, “Ma’am, we don’t have blue uniform shirts; we have green aprons. Did you harass a customer?”)

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Sometimes It Pays To Wait

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(I’m a customer in this story. I’m shopping in a craft and fabric store that tends to sometimes have long lines at the register materialize unpredictably. I’ve been waiting patiently for a while and I’m finally at the front of the line.)

Cashier: “Next!”

(I begin to approach the open register when another customer comes in the front door, goes straight to that cashier, and starts asking a bunch of questions.)

Cashier: *shoots me a concerned/apologetic look*

Me: *just smiles and shrugs understandingly*

(The customer continues asking a bunch of questions about items they may or may not sell and where they might be, as I continue to wait patiently. Finally, the customer seems to have all his questions answered, notices something near the register he wants, grabs it, and walks to that register, ignoring the line of people waiting.)

Cashier: *nervously looks at me to see how I’m going to react*

Me: *shrugs, smiles, and nods towards the customer*

Cashier: *relaxes a bit, rings up the customer, finally sends him on his way, and then it’s finally my turn* “Sorry about that!”

Me: *smiles* “Oh, it’s okay! It’s not a problem. It happens.”

(The cashier rings up my purchases and I realize I didn’t bring enough cash.)

Me: *pulls out my two $20s* “Oh, no. I don’t have enough!”

Cashier: *quickly scans some coupons from behind the counter, bringing the total to just under $40* “Yes, you do!”

(Thank you, fabric store cashier!)

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A woman comes up to me holding a scrap of fabric, the fabric is a stretchy net fabric, which has holes like a very fine fishing net but with lots of stretch.

Customer “I want something like this for a dress I am making”.

Me “I don’t think we have that fabric”

Customer “But I want something like it, doesn’t have to be exact”

Me “The closest we have would be our tulle netting”

Customer “I don’t want the holes like this one has, it has to be see through but with no holes”

Me “Sorry but we don’t have sheer stretch fabric”

Customer “I don’t want stretch fabric”

Me “Ok if you don’t want stretch sheer then I can suggest chiffon” I take her to the chiffon”.

Customer “Yes that will do, now get me this colour.”

Me *picks up closest we have “This is the closest we have that colour”.

Customer “I want this colour, where is it?”

Me “We don’t have that exact colour, I’ve just shown you the closest we have to that colour”

Customer “Well can’t you order it?”

Me “No because it doesn’t come in that exact tone”

Customer “Can’t you just tell them I want it in this colour, it’s sort of beigey”

Me “No, I can’t just order a ‘sort of beigey’ colour when the fabric isn’t made in that colour.”

Customer *snorts and leaves in a huff

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(I’ve been helping an older couple around the store for a good forty minutes, taking them section to section for all the items they need.)

Me: Is there anything else I can help you find?
The Wife: Oh, no! You’ve been great… What’s your name?
The Husband: Well, it’s JoAnn of course! That’s a prerequisite for working here, right?
Me: *looks at the camera like I’m in The Office*

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(Due to it being my time of month with a heavy flow and a very nasty sinus and ear infection, there are a ton of medications in my system but I still get myself to work as I don’t feel that bad. A half hour into my shift I suddenly become very weak and my legs become very shaky. Still I put on a brave face to not worry my coworkers and customers and just lean on the counter and carts for balance. I’m catching my breath when I notice a customer coming up to the counter.)

Me: *assume acting face* Hi, how can I help you.

Customer: *not convinced* Are you alright? You weren’t looking that good and you’re pale.

Me: I’ll be alright it will pass.

Customer: Are you sure? Do you need anything like water or food?

Me: Maybe but I’ll hold off till my break, how much do you need?

Customer: Four yards and I’ll be right back.

(I begin to measure out her material while she runs up to the front. She returns a few minutes later with a chocolate bar in hand.)

Customer: There you go.

Me: *shocked* Oh wow…you didn’t have too.

Customer: Chocolate makes everything better. You’re blood sugar might be low so this should help.

(She was right. After a few nibbles on the chocolate and a quick break, my strength returned and I was able to finish my shift with no problems. I saw the same customer a few days later and she was very happy to see that I was doing better and that the chocolate helped.)

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