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(I work at a fabric and craft store during the months between the times I traveled out of state for college. During my time there, there was a regular that all of us dreaded seeing. She would stay in the store for several hours, be very particular about how her fabric gets cut, be very vocal about people and things she didn’t like, and every visit would grantee that she could call the corporate office to file a complaint about someone for something, even about managers. It got to the point that corporate stopped listening to her due to finding her claims false when they would investigate or find the employee in the right. I’ve returned from college and resumed working for a few weeks when I noticed that I have not seen [Regular] at all. I ask my coworker about this…)

Me: Hey I haven’t seen [Regular] for sometime….has she been in here?

Coworker: Oh her? She got banned.

Me: What?! Why?

Coworker: So she came in and tried to check out using wanting to use one coupon over and over again on everything she got because she was ‘such a good customer’ and [Manager] explained to her several times about why we can’t do that. She got so mad that she went to all the customers in the store and told them about how much she hated [Manager] using the N-word and that she was going to shoot her in the parking lot.

Me: She threatened to shoot [Manager]!!??

(I should note that [Regular] is a older white woman and [Manager] is a tall black woman)

Coworker: Yep, [Manager] was pissed so when [Regular] finally left she called to police to file a report. They said that we should not let [Regular] on the property anymore and they were go to her house and inform her that she is now banned from the store.

Me: Sheesh….I knew she was bad but I didn’t know she was that bad….

Coworker: Yeah, [Manager] said that she could handle complaining and yelling customers but whenever someone uses racism or threatens her life, she will get serious.

(It has been a few years since then and [Regular] has never returned to the store. [Manager] had always been my favorite to work with because of her strong work ethic and caring attitude to all the employees. She eventually left when she got a promotion at her other job but it was moments like this that make me respect her so much.)

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When I worked a service desk, I had several customers come up to me with problems. One said her 50% and 40% coupons came off the wrong items. One item was 3.99 and the other 4.99. The phones have been ringing off the hook all day and I have to answer it if not to put it on hold. The transaction went something like this:
*on the phone with a guest finishing up when the woman comes up to the register. She’s sighing and tapping. I wrap up with my phone customer and put the next caller on hold.*
me: Hi, what can I help you with today?
Customer: Your cashier f***** up and took the coupons off the wrong items! She needs to be fired! (continues to rant for a few minutes)
Me: I’m sorry about that. It’ll be just one moment while I get the return processed and I can ring the items up with the correct coupons. If the phone rings I’ll have to answer it, but I will put them on hold until I’m done with your transaction.
Customer: If you answer that phone I’m walking out! (more complaining)
Me: I’m sorry ma’am but I will have to answer the phone. I will be putting your transaction first as priority and they will be served after you.
Customer: *grumbles under her breath*
*I finish up the return and ring up the correct prices*
Me: Alright there’s your return and receipt.
Customer: *stares at her money back* This can’t be right.
Me: I assure you it is correct. Have a good day and come again ma’am! *smiling widely before answering the phone line on hold*
Customer: *stands there for a good 5 minutes while I’m taking care of registering the customer on the phone in a class*
Me: *finished with phone guest* Oh, was there something else you needed ma’am?
Customer: IT’S NOT RIGHT!!!
*At this point I realize she didn’t realize her entire freakout was over less than 15 cents in return and demonstrate the math to her with a calculator and a piece of receipt paper during which she turned beet red and stormed out of the store*

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We often give damaged goods discounts to customers. Foam is not one of them, but every once in awhile something is butchered mercilessly by a hapless new person and their electric knife.
So I’m ringing up a woman and everything is going normally. I’ve printed off her ticket and she stares at it for a few seconds.
Customer: Where’s my damage discount?
Me: I’m sorry ma’am we don’t give damage discounts on this item and there’s nothing wrong with it that I see. Did you still want the item? I can reshelf it if you like.
Customer: There’s a FOOTPRINT on it.
* A footprint is not considered damage. Even on foam. Especially when it wipes off very very easily*
Me: That isn’t considered damage to the product. I can wipe it off for you if you would like?
*I walkie my store manager to come to the front of the store. Not a typical manager. This is one who carries rolls of quarters to get rid of customers who complain over 10 cents. It happens a lot*
Manager: No ma’am this is not considered damage and I will not be giving you a damage discount on this item.
Customer: *turns red and starts screaming*
Manager: *waits until her tantrum is over* Occasionally I give a customer a discount due to their behavior in the store, and their basic human decency in my store. And for this today I would like to offer you a discount.
Suddenly sweet customer: Oh thank you. I knew you could be reasoned with. This item will be such a hassle for me to fix, and I *am* doing the store such a favor by taking it after all.
Manager: I will give you 2% off at the register. Just have the cashier radio me to confirm. You have a great day ma’am.
*He walks away*
Customer: *blankly stares before starting to scream at other customers about how unfair it is we sell dirty items for the same price as clean items before storming out of the store*

*My manager was elderly and had already turned in his notice for retirement.*

Little Cuts Of Understanding

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I am working on a sewing project for which I need very small amounts of a very large number of different fabrics. On this trip to the fabric store, I am very excited because I have found SEVEN fabrics that will work. I go up to the cutting counter a bit hesitant, putting seven bolts of fabric on it.

Me: “You are going to hate me, and I’m really sorry, but I need a quarter yard of each of these.”

The employee behind the counter dies a little inside.

Employee: “Hey, [Coworker], I think it’s time for my break.”

I saw the lady he called over also die a little inside, but she cut my fabric and we had a good conversation while she did it. I apologized again when she had finished, but she laughed and told me that’s what she was there for. She was right, but I still felt bad.

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Got A Complaint? Take A Number

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A craft/fabric store in our town has recently started using a ticket numbering system for the fabric cutting counter. The first time I see it I think it’s a great idea, since you can take a number and continue browsing while waiting for your number to be called instead of standing in a long line.

So, the first time I need fabric cut, I walk up to the counter where one woman is getting fabric measured, and I take a number. I see my number is 26 and the big overhead screen shows they are currently serving 22. Cool, I’ll look at the clearance fabric next to the counter while I wait. I’m still right there; I just have my back to the counter. 

After what seems like a long time of not hearing any other numbers called, I turn to look since I’m curious why that one woman’s order is taking so long. To my surprise, someone else is getting fabric cut, and there’s a line of three little old ladies at the counter. Confused, I walk up and see that yes, they still say they are serving 22.

When I ask the employee cutting fabric what’s going on with the number system, she laughs and tells me that corporate made them put it in and she thinks it’s a stupid system. I look up at the screen and then at the ticket in my hand, and I ask, “What happened to 23 to 25?” The employee shrugs and tells me to get to the back of the line. I decline, put my fabric down, and head towards the front door.

On the way, I see a manager, and I complain about them having all these signs telling people to use the new “avoid the line!” ticket system when they aren’t actually using it, because I wasted time waiting for my number to be called when it was never going to be. The manager looks confused.

The next time I go into that store I walk past the fabric counter. “You need a ticket!” an employee shouts at me. I look over, confused since I don’t even have any fabric in my hand. The employees behind the counter start ranting about how they got in trouble because a customer complained they weren’t using the new system, and how “dumb snowflake didn’t want to wait in line.” A customer who was walking up to the counter with a bolt of fabric joins in mocking this mysterious customer who was too spoiled to wait in line.

Again, I left without buying anything. This time I called in to talk to a manager. I get that change is hard, but I’m still surprised I got so much hate from the employees for trying to read the signs and follow instructions.

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