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(I’m very short and petite, so I’m quite used to customers mistaking me for being a lot younger then what I am and talking down to me. On this particular day an older woman approached the counter.)
Customer (angry): You look far too young to be standing behind that counter!
Me: I’m 20…
Customer (instantly calm): Oh, really? That’s fine then. I’ll have two metres of this fabric.

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(I am the customer in this story. I am in a rush and just wanted to run in quick and grab one thing. I look around but can’t find what I am looking for so I search for an employee and finally find one about 5 minutes later)

Me: Can you tell me where I could find (item)
Employee: It’s in aisle 7
Me: Thanks!

(I go to aisle 7, but it isn’t there so I go to aisle 8. There are two ladies standing in the aisle talking. I do my best to look around them, but I don’t see what I am looking for. They are oblivious. I go to another aisle and look and come back to aisle 8. The ladies haven’t moved so I just stand there awkwardly. They eventually notice me and move and right where they were standing is the item I was looking for!! I grab the item and head to the register. There is a line.
I wait in the line for about 4 minutes before finally deciding I really need to go and I don’t have anymore time to wait.)

Me: I don’t have time for this!!

(I put my item down and leave the store. People must have thought I was crazy.)

Wish We Could Wipe You From Our Memory

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(I work at a decently large craft and fabric store. A customer comes in wanting to do a return on an item she purchased by accident and lost the receipt to. Our system is weird and requires a lot of personal information to process a return without a receipt, such as a name and an address. Mind you, this return is on an item that costs literally $1.50; I don’t even know why she’s bothering.)

Me: “Ma’am, I’m going to need your information for this return.”

Customer: “Are you going to send me anything?”

Me: “No, ma’am, this is purely for identification purposes. We need you in our system if you are returning an item without a receipt.”

(I input her information, process her return, and give her the merchandise return card. She makes the purchase she was going to make, and then she just stands there for a second.)

Me: *staring inquisitively*

Customer: “Now wipe me from your system.”

Me: “Ma’am, I’ll see if I can, but I doubt I can do that.”

Customer: “I’ll wait.”

(There’s a line forming behind her; I just need her out of the way so I can help other customers.)

Me: “How about I’ll just tell a manager about this and they’ll do it?”

Customer: “Fine. I’ll need them to send me proof that they did it.”

Me: “Okay, ma’am. Have a nice day.”

(Dumbfounded. Just… dumbfounded.)

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No Clever Title Required, Because Chocolate DOES Make Everything Better  

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(It’s my time of the month with a heavy flow and I have a very nasty sinus and ear infection, so there are a ton of medications in my system. I still get myself to work at the fabric store as I don’t feel that bad. A half-hour into my shift, I suddenly become very weak and my legs become very shaky. Still, I put on a brave face to not worry my coworkers and customers and just lean on the counter and carts for balance. I’m catching my breath when I notice a customer coming up to the counter.)

Me: *assume an acting face* “Hi. How can I help you?”

Customer: *not convinced* “Are you all right? You weren’t looking that good a moment ago, and you’re pale.”

Me: “I’ll be all right; it will pass.”

Customer: “Are you sure? Do you need anything, like water or food?”

Me: “Maybe, but I’ll hold off until my break. How much do you need?”

Customer: “Four yards, and I’ll be right back.”

(I begin to measure out her material while she runs up to the front. She returns a few minutes later with a chocolate bar in hand.)

Customer: “There you go.”

Me: *shocked* “Oh, wow… You didn’t have to.”

Customer: “Chocolate makes everything better. Your blood sugar might be low so this should help.”

(She was right. After a few nibbles on the chocolate and a quick break, my strength returned and I was able to finish my shift with no problems. I saw the same customer a few days later and she was very happy to see that I was doing better and that the chocolate had helped.)

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(I pick up a call from a customer who wants to know if we have a particular dress pattern in stock. I inform her that we do. It’s Monday afternoon.)
Me: So would you like me to hold it aside so you can collect it?
Customer: Are you able to transfer it to (other location)? I live quite far from your store.
Me: Yes, I can do that.
Customer: Can you please make sure it gets done? It’s for a bridesmaids dress so it’s very important.
Me: Absolutely. I will make sure your order is processed and ready for the post before my shift ends today.
(I didn’t want the item to get lost or forgotten about, so I go to a lot of trouble that day to process the transfer, put it out to post and inform the other store that I am sending an item to them. On Friday I get a call from the same customer, this time very angry).
Customer: Why hasn’t my pattern arrived at (other location) yet?!
Me: I’m sorry it hasn’t arrived yet ma’am, I assure you I personally processed it on Monday. It’s definitely on the way.
Customer: But (other location) is not that far away! How could it be taking this long?
Me: The postman only comes to our store on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon, so he wouldn’t have collected your package until Wednesday. Additionally, the receiving store may need some time to process the transfer at their end. You’ll likely get a call on Monday or Tuesday.
Customer: I would never have agreed if I knew it was going to take this long! Why didn’t you tell me this? It’s urgent, I need it for my bridesmaids!
Me: With respect, you said it was important that you receive the pattern but you never informed me that it was urgent, nor did you inquire about how long the transfer would take. One week is quite standard, and I would have explained the postman situation if you’d asked. I’m very sorry for delaying your wedding plans.
Customer: Incompetent girl. I could have driven to your store and gotten the pattern last Monday! (*hangs up*)
Me (to coworker): Remind me never to go out of my way for a customer again.
Coworker: You said that last time.