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(I’m a cashier and at the time I’m also putting stock away from a truck we got a few days ago. As such I have a bell out that customers ring to let me know they are up there and I need to cash them out. It doesn’t ring very loud though, most of the time I have to go up there and see that someone is there.)

Customer: Your bell isn’t working.

Me: I guess not. I’ll have to test it later and see if I can fix it.

(A few customers go through the line and helpfully someone rings it just for fun. Loud and clear. It’s a typical hotel bell, you push the top and it rings the bell.)

Me: Oh, thank you. I won’t have to test it after all. *Laughs a bit and gets him through the line*

(A while later I hear the bell ringing, faintly, quite a bit. I’m a few aisles down so it takes me a moment to get up there and see what’s going on.)

Older Customer: *Shaking the bell near her ear, then she spies me* Your bell doesn’t work very well. *Puts it down on the counter again*

Me: *Really surprised and overall confused* I’ve been hearing that a lot. We’ll have to get it fixed…

(I’m not sure if all these customers just didn’t want it to make a loud noise or genuinely weren’t sure how to ring the bell loud and clear. Either way I’m still shocked a customer resorted to doing that when it’s not a bell you shake, which is very obvious. Or so I thought.)

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(I’m very short and petite, so I’m quite used to customers mistaking me for being a lot younger then what I am and talking down to me. On this particular day an older woman approached the counter.)
Customer (angry): You look far too young to be standing behind that counter!
Me: I’m 20…
Customer (instantly calm): Oh, really? That’s fine then. I’ll have two metres of this fabric.

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(I am the customer in this story. I am in a rush and just wanted to run in quick and grab one thing. I look around but can’t find what I am looking for so I search for an employee and finally find one about 5 minutes later)

Me: Can you tell me where I could find (item)
Employee: It’s in aisle 7
Me: Thanks!

(I go to aisle 7, but it isn’t there so I go to aisle 8. There are two ladies standing in the aisle talking. I do my best to look around them, but I don’t see what I am looking for. They are oblivious. I go to another aisle and look and come back to aisle 8. The ladies haven’t moved so I just stand there awkwardly. They eventually notice me and move and right where they were standing is the item I was looking for!! I grab the item and head to the register. There is a line.
I wait in the line for about 4 minutes before finally deciding I really need to go and I don’t have anymore time to wait.)

Me: I don’t have time for this!!

(I put my item down and leave the store. People must have thought I was crazy.)

Wish We Could Wipe You From Our Memory

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(I work at a decently large craft and fabric store. A customer comes in wanting to do a return on an item she purchased by accident and lost the receipt to. Our system is weird and requires a lot of personal information to process a return without a receipt, such as a name and an address. Mind you, this return is on an item that costs literally $1.50; I don’t even know why she’s bothering.)

Me: “Ma’am, I’m going to need your information for this return.”

Customer: “Are you going to send me anything?”

Me: “No, ma’am, this is purely for identification purposes. We need you in our system if you are returning an item without a receipt.”

(I input her information, process her return, and give her the merchandise return card. She makes the purchase she was going to make, and then she just stands there for a second.)

Me: *staring inquisitively*

Customer: “Now wipe me from your system.”

Me: “Ma’am, I’ll see if I can, but I doubt I can do that.”

Customer: “I’ll wait.”

(There’s a line forming behind her; I just need her out of the way so I can help other customers.)

Me: “How about I’ll just tell a manager about this and they’ll do it?”

Customer: “Fine. I’ll need them to send me proof that they did it.”

Me: “Okay, ma’am. Have a nice day.”

(Dumbfounded. Just… dumbfounded.)

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No Clever Title Required, Because Chocolate DOES Make Everything Better  

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(It’s my time of the month with a heavy flow and I have a very nasty sinus and ear infection, so there are a ton of medications in my system. I still get myself to work at the fabric store as I don’t feel that bad. A half-hour into my shift, I suddenly become very weak and my legs become very shaky. Still, I put on a brave face to not worry my coworkers and customers and just lean on the counter and carts for balance. I’m catching my breath when I notice a customer coming up to the counter.)

Me: *assume an acting face* “Hi. How can I help you?”

Customer: *not convinced* “Are you all right? You weren’t looking that good a moment ago, and you’re pale.”

Me: “I’ll be all right; it will pass.”

Customer: “Are you sure? Do you need anything, like water or food?”

Me: “Maybe, but I’ll hold off until my break. How much do you need?”

Customer: “Four yards, and I’ll be right back.”

(I begin to measure out her material while she runs up to the front. She returns a few minutes later with a chocolate bar in hand.)

Customer: “There you go.”

Me: *shocked* “Oh, wow… You didn’t have to.”

Customer: “Chocolate makes everything better. Your blood sugar might be low so this should help.”

(She was right. After a few nibbles on the chocolate and a quick break, my strength returned and I was able to finish my shift with no problems. I saw the same customer a few days later and she was very happy to see that I was doing better and that the chocolate had helped.)

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