Regular Race Issues

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(In between my semesters at college, I work at the local fabric and craft store. During my years working, we come to know this one regular that most of the staff hates seeing. She will be in the store for several hours shopping, and when she finally comes to the cutting counter, she is very particular about who cuts her material and how they cut it — in other words, a huge pain. She is also known for being a pain at the checkout and each visit always involves her calling corporate with a complaint that, when investigated, proves she is making things up. Eventually, corporate starts ignoring her calls. In one of my last encounters with her, she wished that another customer would get into a car accident after she let them cut in line and they didn’t thank her. I’ve returned for a summer and I’m working closing when I realize that I have not seen this regular yet, so I ask my coworker about her.)

Me: “So, [Coworker], I haven’t seen [Regular] in some time. Has she been in here?”

Coworker: “You didn’t know? She got banned.”

Me: “Banned?! But how?”

Coworker: “It started when she tried to use one 40% coupon on every single item she had, claiming that because she was such a valued customer buying so much stuff, we should do that for her. [Manager] explained that our policy was one coupon per item and that we cannot change it. So, [Regular] then started calling [Manager] the N-word.”

(For context, [Manager] is a six-foot-tall black woman.)

Me: “I knew [Regular] was bad, but I didn’t know she was racist!”

Coworker: “It gets better. [Regular] then hung around telling every customer in the store about the terrible N-word woman and how she was going to shoot her in the parking lot later! [Manager] had enough and, once she got word of this, called the police.”

Me: “Did [Regular] get arrested?”

Coworker: “No, she was long gone before they came. But they got her information and recommend that [Manager] never let [Regular] into the store again, and that they were going to her house to let her know that she’s not allowed at the store anymore.”

(Sure enough, it’s been years and that regular has never once returned to store.)

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(I work at a fabric store measuring and cutting fabric, from quilting cottons to upholstery. One guy comes in, a little confused as to how the process works, but he needs vinyl to repair a seat on his boat)
Customer #1: (After some haggling about how much vinyl he needs) Okay, so I need 20 inches of this stuff then
Me: Okay! (Measures and begins cutting)
Customer #1: Oh! Make sure you cut it straight. Last time they didn’t cut it straight and it messed me up
Me: (Nods, continues cutting)
Customer #1: Okay, now measure that side again?
Me: (Checks) 20 inches
Customer #1: (Grabs other side of fabric, throws it across the table at me) Now measure that side.
Me: (Measures) 20 inches
Customer #1: …Okay then
(He pays and leaves. My manager is cutting some batting for another lady at the table. She glances over her shoulder as she begins to confirm the man has left)
Manager: (To lady, jokingly) I apologize in advance if it’s not cut exactly straight.
Customer #2: (Jokingly) Oh, well if it’s not exactly straight I don’t want it! (laughs)

Let Me Cut You Off Right There

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(This exchange happens at least once every time I am working at the fabric counter.)

Me: “Hi. Are you ready to have your fabric cut?”

Customer: “Yes! I’m ready!”

Me: “Great! How much would you like?”

Customer: “I’m not sure. Let me think about it for a minute.”

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I’m stocking when I hear a group of women loudly wandering around the aisle next to mine.  A middle aged woman comes storming up to me and very rudely asks for assistance finding something.
Woman: Do you have something you can draw on that you make into temporary tattoos?
Me: I’m not sure, I’ve never seen that but I can check with someone else to see if we carry it. (I then page over the radio to see if anyone knows where/what it is)
Woman: Oh, and don’t tell me you don’t have it, because we checked online and you have it in stock!
Me: Well, no one else knows quite what you’re looking for either, do you have the item number from our website with you so I could look it up for you?
Woman: What? Seriously? I didn’t think I’d have to do that much *work*! (She then promptly storms of complaining loudly to the two women with her. I was getting pretty irritated at this point, I can’t be expected to know where ever item is, out of the hundreds of items we have in stock. So, I go to my manager who’s setting up a display a few aisles over and ask him if he knows where the item is.)
Manager: Well, I know we have it, but I don’t know where it is.
(At this point the woman comes up behind me and starts complaining again)
Woman: Can’t you just look it up or something? Can’t you just go online and look it up? None of us even have our phones on us, and you have it in stock so you should have to look it up for us.
(After a while of this, my manager and I finally just go out back and look it up, even though we’re not really supposed to. By the time we locate the item and go out to get it for her, she’s already in the aisle with it! We didn’t even get a thanks, she just stormed off again. Not really sure how writing down a number or even writing it down is to much work for something they apparently needed so much…)

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I work in a fabric store that has a senior discount promotion on certain Wednesday every month. We even have several large signs posted throughout the store giving the specific dates for that month.  I am the MOD on duty when this happens.
Customer, at the register making a small purchase of some thread” ”  And I want my discount too.”
Co-worker:  I’m sorry do you have a coupon?
Customer:  No , but I get the discount.
Co-worker:  Was the thread on sale?  It’s not ringing up that way.  I can go check though.
Customer:  It’s not on sale.  But I want the discount.  I’m entitled to it. Stop being so stupid and just give it to me.
I decide to step in.
Me:  What seems to be the trouble?  Can I help.
Customer:  Your cashier is so stupid,  She won”t give me my discount. If you advertise it, you have to give it to me.  It’s the Law.  I can report you.
Why are you all being so stupid?
Me:  Well Ma’am if this is ringing up wrong, we can fix it
Show me the sign and I’ll see what is wrong.
Customer lead me to the sign all the while telling me how stupid we all are and how lousy customer service is and  how we are all trying to rip her off.
Customer (pointing to sign on door for senior discount)  There it say senior discount, you have to honor it.
Me:  Yes Ma’am and if you come  back on the right dates we will certainly give you the discount.
Customer:  Well why can’t I have it now.  Do you have to be stupid to work here.  Why do I have to come back for the discount.
Me:  Well, for starters the senior discount is only offered on certain Wednesdays each month.
Customer:  So?
Me: Well Ma’am, today is Friday.
Customer:  Oh, well then.
She turned red, paid for her items and practically ran out of the store.
Stupid us, we can at least read.

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