A Yummy Meal AND Good Advice?!

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My mom had had her eyes dilated at an eye doctor appointment, and I’d had a long day on four hours of sleep and was in no real mood to cook, so I decided to order a pizza for us.

When it arrived, I signed the receipt and handed it back, but as I reached into my pocket for the tip, the delivery guy imparted some advice: he pointed out two other blanks on the receipt — one for a credit card tip, and one for the post-tip total — and told me that, since I ordered with a debit card but was tipping him in cash, I should write “cash” in the tip line and the original total for the post-tip total, so that no one less honest could write in a massive tip and steal from my account, which would definitely have been a pain to dispute.

Massive thanks to him for the advice! It was good to see an employee that looks out for the customers.

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