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That’s How We All Want To Go

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When I was four, my parents decided it was a good time to get a dog. My dad knew someone whose golden retriever had just had a litter of nine puppies, so we arranged to go meet them at her house when they were about five weeks old.

Golden retriever puppies are some of the cutest things ever, especially when they are tiny and sleepy like these were. They crawled in my lap, sucked my fingers, snuggled next to me, and were generally their adorable little selves. I loved every minute of it and chattered for the next several weeks about how excited I was to take our puppy home when he was ready.

What I didn’t realize was how fast puppies grow. By the time the pups were ready to leave their mother, they had doubled in size from the original meeting, becoming about ten pounds apiece, and had gotten a lot more active and energetic. Tiny little me got bowled over by ninety pounds of excitable puppies, and my dad took a couple of moments to fish me out of the pile because he was laughing so hard.

For the next two weeks, I refused to set foot on the floor. Fortunately, my mom eventually convinced me that one puppy couldn’t overwhelm me like the entire litter had been able to!

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