Dollars To Donuts: You’re Awesome

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(We have a late day at work, so I decide to go in early and splurge at a well-known donut establishment for breakfast. I pull into the drive-thru and everything goes well, until I get to the window. Note: I spoke with a woman at the drive-thru; there’s a gent at the window, who is, I assume, some kind of manager.)

Employee: “Miss! I’m very sorry, but we’re out of the breaded chicken until tomorrow. We have the same thing with ham or turkey.”

Me: “Oh, lame. Okay. Turkey?”

Employee: “Right. Do you want that with ranch or rancho-mayo?”

Me: “Um.”

Employee: “Rancho is basically just spicy.”

Me: “Yeah, sure; let’s go with that.”

Employee: “Okay, great. And here. Let me buy you a donut.”

Me: “Wait; what?”

Employee: “It’s no problem, miss! I hate being out of things. What kind do you like?”

Me: “Dude! Um. I dunno; pick something?” *I’m trying not to laugh as this guy is practically doing flips for me!*

Employee: “Well, we’re kind of known for donuts. I mean, we’ve got a bunch. How about… vanilla or chocolate?”

Me: *actually laughing now* “Chocolate!”

Employee: “There we go!” *leaves for a second, comes back* “Here: chocolate sprinkles. I’ll get the coffee and the sandwich.”

Me: “That wasn’t necessary!”

Employee: “Don’t worry about it! Here’s the coffee. And… here’s the sandwich! You have a great weekend!”

Me: “You, too! Thanks so much!”

(I really wanted to tell him he was wearing an awesome hat, the bright neon colors of the company, but as they were running around I didn’t want to bother them. Thanks so much, dude! The donut made an amazing snack! It wasn’t necessary, but it made my day so much better.)

Prioritize Yourself

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I suffer from many disabilities, including one that causes debilitating chronic pain. I was having an awful day. I was told by an office they couldn’t hire me because I was a liability (uncontrolled seizures), and because some of the other office workers were afraid of dogs. (I have a service dog.)

On top of that, one of my clients for my virtual assistant business was dragging his feet on paying me. It got to the point that I refused to help him with anything else until I got at least half of what he owed me. That resulted in a less than kind email about how I was terrible and would never get ahead if I behaved this way to all of my clients.

Unfortunately, I had very few people to help me financially. My boyfriend, who I lived with and was one of my caretakers, was leaving for deployment in just two months, and I was having a very hard time. My parents were going through financial issues. Then, I found out some bills were about to be sent to collection. I panicked, ready to call it quits, when I tried my last-ditch effort.

I had another client who was amazing. She was always good at giving me work, and was on time with her payments. Even though she was not due to pay me for another week, and I was not high-priority, I sent her a text to see if she would pay me early. Her response left me in tears.

“[My Name], you are ALWAYS a priority. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Of course I’ll pay you today. You’re a blessing to me and deserve to be treated as such. God bless!”

Her kindness and encouragement meant so much to me. My future is still scary and uncertain, but I feel better knowing that I have people like her in my life.


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That’s One Stocking-Filler Of A Story

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(I am about 10 years old and am shopping for Christmas presents for my family. I am allowed to go off by myself, with strict instructions from my parents when and where to meet up with them. I go into one shop and notice one of those interactive dance mats you plug into a TV, like they have in games arcades, and I know my sister really wants one, so I purchase it. The shop is also running a promotion where you get a free stocking with every purchase, and I am SO excited. When I meet up with my parents, I proudly show them the gift I bought and gush about my stocking.)

Me: *excitedly* “Mum, Dad, look! Isn’t it great?!”

(My parents exchange a look.)

Mum: “Well done, sweetheart; I know she wanted one. But Dad and I have actually already bought her one. You’ll have to take it back.”

(I am crushed. I head back to the shop very upset; not only am I very disappointed that I don’t have an awesome gift for my sister and am going to lose my stocking, I have severe anxiety and am convinced the shop workers will be angry with me or think I’m stupid for returning something half an hour after buying it.)

Sales Assistant: “How can I help you?”

Me: “Hi, I… um… I need to return this.” *hands over dance mat*

Sales Assistant: “Okay, is there anything wrong with it?”

Me: *tearing up* “No, it’s just not needed anymore.”

(The sales assistant looks at me for a minute.)

Sales Assistant: “Are you sure? If it’s just unwanted we can offer store credit, but if it’s broken I can give you your money back.” *she smiles* “So… is there anything wrong with it?”

(She nods at me encouragingly.)

Me: “Um… yes? It’s broken.”

Sales Assistant: *brightly* “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that! Here; let me get you your refund.” *she hands me the money* “And please keep the stocking as a gift from us, to make up for the inconvenience!”

(She winked at me. Stammering my thanks, I left and rejoined my parents. That was 18 years ago now, and I still remember that worker’s kindness to a sad little girl on what must have been a difficult shift. Thinking about it restores my faith in humanity, even now. Thank you, lady.)

That’s Some Seriously Cute Ohana

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(I work at popular “emo” store, but we also sell things relating to Harry Potter, anime, etc. One day, a mom walks in followed by the most adorable little girl I have ever seen. They look around awhile before finding something they like.)

Girl: “Look, Mommy! A Stitch onesie!”

Mom: *looking at me* “Can she try it on?”

Me: “Of course!”

(The little girl puts on the onesie and it basically maximizes her cuteness factor. You know that warm, fuzzy feeling of, “Holy f***; that’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen,” when you’re looking at, like, chinchillas? That is what I am getting from this.)

Mom: “You look so cute! How much?”

Girl: “Forty bucks.”

Mom: “Oh… that’s a little expensive.”

(I can’t take the cute. It’s too much.)

Me: “You know what? We have coupons for twenty percent off for extra-special customers. And that was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Girl: “Yeah! Thank Miss Store Lady! You’re awesome!”

(She gave me a hug before taking the onesie off and running to the checkout with her mom. The little girl has come in since then, and is always just as adorable, but this was definitely the cutest.)

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