A Literally Sweet Thing To Do

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(I’m with my family at Hershey Park for the day. It is also my youngest sister’s tenth birthday. As part of her gift, I got her a small hair ornament that looks like a tiara that says, “Happy Birthday.” We have just finished a tour, and at the end an elderly man is handing out small Hershey bars — one for each person.)

Man: *squinting at my sister’s tiara* “What does that say?”

Me: “‘Happy Birthday.’”

Man: “How old are you today?”

Sister: “Ten!”

(The man proceeds to slowly count out and perfectly line up ten chocolate bars, then pushes them toward my sister.)

Man: *smiling* “Don’t tell anyone I did this. This is on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Hershey. They would want you to have this on your birthday.”

(One of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen!)

Time For A Kindness Sandwich

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(My mother and I are just about to start a four-hour drive home after her childhood best friend’s funeral. It has been a very long day for my poor mother and myself, as you can imagine, and my mother is emotionally very tired. We spend most of our day either traveling or crying. I have managed to convince my mother that she should eat something before we start the long journey home. We pull into the car park of a well-known fast food chain, and I go in to get us a sandwich each.)

Me: “Two [sandwiches], please.”

Young Girl: *behind the counter* “Of course. Have you had a good day today?”

(She’s a very smiley, cheery girl, but after the day we’ve had, I can’t bring myself to say yes.)

Me: “Not really.”

Young Girl: *a bit taken aback* “Oh, I’m sorry. May I ask why?”

Me: “It’s been a bad day; we buried my mother’s childhood friend today.”

(I gesture in our car’s general direction, to where my mother is sitting there having a private little cry.)

Young Girl: *silence for a second* “Hold on…”

(She walks out the back into the kitchen. When she comes back, she has two full bags with her, instead of the small bag it would have taken for just two sandwiches.)

Young Girl: “Here. I know it won’t help much, but there’s two full free meals, instead of just the two sandwiches. We all hope your mother is okay.”

(I couldn’t quite believe it. I was so grateful, and so was my mother. We were both sobbing when I told her. She sent a handwritten letter to the company after we were home and a few days had gone by, which we both signed. I’ll never forget that young girl and her kindness.)

Coming Soon: The Not Always Right Store!

Friendly Healthy Hopeless Learning Legal Related Right Romantic Working | June 17, 2018

Hey readers!

Soooo the other day we accidentally posted an announcement for a secret project we have been working hard on for you: the Not Always Right Store!

As some of our witty readers commented, we were definitely not always right! We are still putting the finishing touches on the store and making sure everything is perfect for you.

In the meantime, we’d like to thank you for your patience and understanding.

Be sure to check back again when we have our grand opening of the Not Always Right Store on Monday, June 25, 2018.

We hope you are all just as excited as we are!

The Not Always Right Team

PS – If any of you happen to be the owner’s father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate, this makes us absolutely nothing! May the schwartz be with you!

The Worst Of Times Brings Out The Best In People

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(I live in New York. It’s the evening of September 11, 2001. I am eleven years old, in middle school. The teachers let us watch the news, but my parents are working late, and the elementary school my eight-year-old brother goes to has not let the kids see. I am at a loss to explain things to him, and really worried, myself. The phone rings. I pounce, thinking it’s my mom, but it’s a very long, unfamiliar number.)

Me: “Hello?”

(I hear a voice I haven’t heard in ages, and realize why the number on the caller ID was so long. It’s my mom’s colleague, from Germany.)

Colleague: “[My Name]? You’re okay! You know about the terrorist attack, don’t you? I’m so sorry. Let me talk to your mom, all right?”

Me: “I’m fine… I don’t know where my mom is… Still at work I guess. Dad, too. I haven’t been able to reach them. And my brother doesn’t know. They haven’t told the little kids. I don’t know what’s happening.”

(I start to cry.)

Colleague: “But you and [Brother] are okay. Don’t let him turn on the TV or radio. I’m sure your mom and dad are fine, too. The phone lines are just so packed with people calling; it takes several times to get through. You’ll be okay. Hug [Dog], all right? Don’t cry… Shh, don’t cry… Give the phone to your brother, okay? I’ll explain.”

(I get my brother and turn on the speakerphone; the colleague explains in a way a kid can understand, without scaring my brother too much.)

Colleague: “Okay, I have to go to bed, but I’ll let your mother’s other colleagues know you’re all okay. You’re home alone?”

Me: *sniffling* “Yes.”

Colleague: “Don’t cry. I’ll pass the news on.”

(From then on, I ended up fielding calls from everyone my mom knows overseas; I was prepared to tell them that yes, we were all fine, but instead, people I hadn’t seen since I was a toddler just seemed to want to comfort us, since we were alone. To top it off, I realized that by the time the calls ended, it was nearly two am German time; they stayed up, just for us.)

Sometimes Life Sends You A Win – Literature-ly

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Money was fairly tight when I graduated from college. I always had some food at home and never missed rent and bills, but other luxuries weren’t always a possibility. One particularly tight period I went to the local bookshop to see what kind of general-purpose traditional cookbooks they had for when I had some spare cash, since the charity shops didn’t have what I had in mind. Just as I got up the steps to the cooking section, a staff member asked if I wanted to join in a promotional event for their anniversary — so I ended up playing Pass The Parcel with several kids and their parents.

The game went as it usually does, until the music stopped when I was holding a fairly large parcel. I quickly passed it to the little girl beside me, who opened a really nice [Major Animation Company] storybook that I’d have loved at her age and she seemed delighted with.

The game kept going on, until the music stopped while I was holding a much smaller parcel with a lot less wiggle room to pass it on. I opened it to find a gift card! Someone up there liked me that day, since I got my cookbook and have made some big advancements in my cooking since — even sharing some of the recipes from it when people particularly liked them.

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