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10 Funny Fables About Fourth Graders!

| Right | January 19, 2022

Dear readers,

Saturday the 15th was National Fourth Graders Day! Fourth graders are certainly a… special breed of kiddo, but in fairness, it’s hard being nine or ten years old. You’re learning about things like earthquakes, the water cycle, word roots, encyclopedias, and… *shudders* …fractions.

In honor of the awkward phase of fourth-grade days, here are 10 stories about quirky teachers, funny kids, and memories that will last all the way until graduation!


Not In Good Standing With The Teacher – This kid takes their “class clown” title very seriously.

Trying To Even The Odds – An understanding parent can make fourth grade way less of a pain.

Fourth Grade Is Just Murder – When I was a kid, they just vaguely warned us about strangers.


10 More Punny Stories To Groan Over And Share With Your Friends!

, | Right | January 14, 2022

Dear readers,

PUNS. They make us groan, they make us chortle and slap our knees, and they make language a lot more fun. We love puns around here (and our commenters do, too!), and even more than that, we love inflicting them on our readers!

Please enjoy these 10 pun-tacular stories from our archives, and be sure to leave some of your own in the comments!


I’ll Raise A Glass To That Pun! – The mark of a good pun is a response like this.

Death By Chocolate, Part 8 – We’d make an ice cream joke, but it’s too spoon.

Hammering Home The Dad Jokes – He has truly ascended to Peak Dad Status.


12 Strange Stories About Weird, Odd, Bizarre, And Curious Customers!

| Right | January 10, 2022

Dear readers,

According to our calculations, today is Peculiar People Day. Let’s face it: if you’ve worked in any customer-facing position, you’ve met more than your fair share of weirdos. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re creepy, and sometimes, they’re just plain baffling.

Today, we dove into the dizzying depths of the Bizarre tag for 12 strange stories about truly Peculiar People!


Perhaps A Little Bit Too Free – You have to be really secure or really nuts to do this.

I’m Sure They Can Make An Exception – She really took “You get what you pay for” to heart.

The Commute Must Be Out Of This World – I wonder if he knows Zaphod Beeblebrox.


The Best 20 Stories Of 2021 – As Chosen By Our Editors!

| Right | December 23, 2021

Dear readers,

As 2021 draws to a close, it’s time to take a look back at some of the best and brightest of our stories. We had nearly 10,000 stories published this year, submitted by you, our lovely readers! Thank you! It was a journey and a half to narrow it down to our favorites.

Please enjoy these top 20 stories of 2021, as chosen by the editing staff here at Not Always Right!


We’re Pretty Sure We’ve Never Partied This Hard – This person really got the year started with a bang!

As British As Eating Gelato On A Vespa – Awww, they found a little piece of home!

We Really Admire That Dog – The comments on this one are chock-full of clever pet tales and tails!


The 28 Highest Voted Stories Of 2021 – As Chosen By Our Readers!

| Right | December 22, 2021

Dear readers,

Let’s face it. 2021 was not the great cleansing hope we all wanted after 2020. But we still managed to have a little fun! You, our fine readers, sent us thousands of funny, bewildering, and relatable stories this year, and we’re here to take a look back at some of the best! For this roundup, we looked to you for your favorites, as indicated by all the times you’ve hit that fancy up arrow button at the bottom of each post. (Never tried it before? Give it a try with this post! You’ll love it, we promise!) And, as an added bonus, we’re featuring our favorite Hits From The Comments by our readers as the captions for all the stories today!

Please enjoy these 28 top stories of 2021 as voted on by you, our readers! These stories are presented from lowest to highest votes, so be sure to stick around for the best ones at the end!


This Is One Scrambled Scam – “That’s a way to put egg on their face.”

Out Of Uniform And Out Of Line – “So I guess that sign is a military variant on ‘no shirt, no shoes – no service’?”

No One Messes With My Sister But Me – “That’s not a tear, I just have some mimosa in my eye.”