23 Crazy Stories About Anime, And Those Who Love It

| Right | August 6, 2020

Dear readers,

Anime is a huge and influential art-form all over the world, and one of the largest exports from Japan. It has fans in almost every country, and many are readers of Not Always Right! In celebration of this, we’ve rounded up 23 stories from our archives about the wonderful world of anime, it’s fans, and the struggles they go through to make others understand that it’s not just “cartoons”!


Kudos To Otaku Girls – It’s sad that even in the anime world, misogyny still exists.

This Troll Should Have Stuck At Home – Pray that some Hellsing cosplayers will walk past!

Watch What You Saiyan – We won’t stop until the likes of this story are over 9000!


23 Awesome Stories That Prove We Need Animal Shelters

| Right | August 5, 2020

Dear readers,

Pets are beautiful, wonderful beings who bring happiness and companionship to so many of us. It’s sad, then, that animal shelters and pet-fosterers are required to look after those poor animals who didn’t get the loving home they deserved.

We’ve rounded up 23 stories from our archives that show the hard work that animal shelters do while putting up with ignorant pet owners and poor confused animals, and helping to filter out adopters who have no business owning an animal!


This Problem Can’t Get Licked – Sounds like this kid was born to be a cat person.

The Situation Has Gone To The Dogs – Some people shouldn’t be allowed to even read stories about dogs.

A Little Bird Told Me That This Customer Is An A** – Even if the parrot talked, this guy wouldn’t listen anyway.


23 Crazy Stories About Water, And People Who So Stupid Their Brain Must Be Dehydrated

| Right | August 4, 2020

Dear readers,

Dihydrogen monoxide, that amazing stuff that keeps us all alive. We can survive two-weeks without food (or in the case of this editor, only two hours), but none of us can last more than three days without water. This leaves us very confused when considering the following stories, showcasing people who are so easily confused about what water is – or isn’t – that we’re left wondering how they’re still alive.

Please grab a refreshing cup of cold water, and enjoy the following 23 stories from our archives about people who are a bit H2-Slower than the average.


H2-Slow, Part 9 – This is what happens when people don’t understand what water actually does…

H2-Woah – We get it, movie theaters are expensive, but that dihydrogen doesn’t monoxide itself! (Oh wait – it actually does.)

H2Slow – Juice trumps water!


21 Crazy Stories About Customers Who Can’t Cope With Crafting

| Right | August 3, 2020

Dear readers,

Today, August third, home decor and hostessing goddess Martha Stewart turns seventy-nine, and if her Instagram is anything to go by, she is thriving. We can’t all be masters of crafting some of us should never be trusted around hot glue guns or scissors — but Martha’s calm advice always makes it seem like anyone can do anything with a little patience.

In honor of this occasion, we’ve assembled 21 stories about customers who should probably find other hobbies. We hope that these stories entertain you; maybe they’ll even inspire you to take on a new quarantine project!


They Haven’t Got A Glue – The thing about glue and paint is that you can use them again!

Not Too New For A Yard Sale – Even new employees usually know how to count to two.

They Need To Be Sharper With Safety Hazards – Even visiting a craft store can be dangerous, and not just for your wallet!


23 Hilarious Stories About Sisters, And How We Love/Hate Them!

| Related Right | August 2, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is Sisters’ Day! This is a day to celebrate the bond you have with your sister, even if they’re annoying! Don’t have a biological sister? No problem! Most of us have someone in our life who has our back who is like the “sister we never had.” Either way, we’re sure you can find someone to share some positivity with today, but after you’ve enjoyed our 23 sister-themed stories from our archives first!


Only Periodically Interrupted – Sisters in arms: together they can achieve anything!

Finish The Endgame Before Phase Parenting Starts – Getting your priorities sorted!

Underaged And Overspoken – When you’re one day away from being a legal adult, you can still behave childishly for a few more hours!