11 Stories About How Some People Don’t Quite Understand The Olympics

| Right | July 23, 2021

Dear readers,

It’s Olympic season again! While Japan 2020 was supposed to be last year (obviously!) we get to enjoy it starting from today. For the next nineteen days, we get to see who around the world is at their peak in more sporting events than you can throw a discus at, including a bunch of new ones such as karate, skateboarding, sports climbing, and surfing!

To celebrate this event going ahead in such trying times, we’ve decided to round up eleven Olympics-themed stories from the Not Always Right archives about how, even though not everyone fully understands the Olympics, it’s still a great opportunity to bring people and the world together for positive reasons, which we all need more of more than ever these days!

So, put the country medal-boards in your browser favorites, circle the times for your most-anticipated events, and get ready for the largest sporting bonanza the world puts together!


A Gold Medal For Meddling With Time – If you could schedule the entire Olympic games to fit around my schedule, that would be great k thx bai…

As Cold As Ice – Every four years, the most polite nation on Earth has its purge…

United States Of Alphabetization – America should be first in everything! U…S…A! U…S…A!


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11 Awesome Stories About Great Managers Who Have Your Back

| Right | July 22, 2021

Dear readers,

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from reading over eighty-thousand of your stories (so far!) is that a manager that has your back makes all the difference! If the bad customer knows all they have to do is make that infamous request “I’d like to speak with the manager” to get their own way, then that’s what they’ll always do. Therefore, we’ve rounded up eleven stories from our archives about managers that stood their ground against bad customers or stepped in to rescue their staff when the going got tough.


Best Idea I’ve Heard All Day – This must have been totally satisfying.

Chlorine Wishes And Door Knob Dreams – And “I am the manager” story and an “Instant Karma” story rolled into one?! Score!

My Life Coach Went To Film [Processing] School – All managers should be fluent in well-timed sarcasm.


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12 Funny Stories About Customers Who Were Their Own Worst Enemy

| Right | July 21, 2021

Dear readers,

The majority of the customers that appear on these pages aren’t the brightest bunch. We’ve covered some truly inept encounters over the years, but there are some customers who are so desperate to “be right” that they become their own worst enemy. Cases of entitlement gone too far, or lies that push the boundaries into unbelievability, you’ll find them here in these twelve stories rounded up from our archives.

Enjoy these stories about customers that brought all their misfortune down upon themselves…


A Reversal Of Fortune – “He had it comin’! He only had himself to blame!”

The Problem Was Licked – Do you have any idea how filthy phones are?!

Brazen Overtures Like Mints On Pillows – I never thought I’d say this, but I wish someone would “harass” me like this.


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11 Sweltering Stories About Heatwaves… Again!

| Right | July 20, 2021

Dear readers,

Last August, we brought you a roundup about heatwaves. Where I live, we’re currently enjoying some (relative) relief in the upper nineties (Fahrenheit) after a couple of solid weeks above 105! And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the truly obscene heat the Pacific Northwest just went through. I saw pictures of people’s homes literally melting.

SO! It’s time for another heatwave roundup! Here are 11 stories from our archives about people who lost their heads in the heat!


Putting The Parent Into Park For A Minute – Some people should probably not be parents.

Customer Service Is Collapsing – No matter how hot it is, some customers can be so cold.

No Point Gagging Over Spoiled Milk – You may want to wait until you’ve finished your breakfast before you read this one.


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11 Maddening Stories About Massages!

| Right | July 19, 2021

Dear readers,

We’re back at it again with another weird “holiday”. This week, it’s Everybody Deserves A Massage Week! No, we’re not making that up; in fact, this week was established by the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, the largest massage therapy membership organization in the USA, twenty-six years ago!

A massage is usually a soothing experience that leaves you feeling loose and relaxed and pampered. But we actually take issue with the name of this holiday; anyone who’s worked with any kind of customer knows that everyone certainly does not deserve a massage. To prove our point, here are 11 stories from our archives about massages that were way more stressful than anyone expected!


A Touch Too Much Inappropriate Behavior – I’d stick a picture of her on the wall of shame. Gross.

We’ll Stretch Your Muscles And Offend You At The Same Time – Hits from the comments: “Send him to a misogynistic masochistic massagenist; that should fix him right up.”

Not Even Going To Try To Massage The Truth – This kind of person rubs me the wrong way.


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