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Top 25 Stories Of 2022 So Far!

| Right | July 1, 2022

Dear readers,

Can you believe we’re at the halfway mark of 2022 already? It seems like only yesterday we were learning yet another letter in the Greek alphabet and being cautiously optimistic that 2022 would be better than the last couple of years. Well, even though 2022 might not exactly be what the optimists were hoping for, we were still blessed with plenty of great stories from our amazing readers.

We’d like to share the stories you loved the most by rounding up the top twenty-five performing stories of the year so far!


Secretaries Run The World – We would absolutely watch a movie made out of this story.

Taking Notes To Use This One In The Future – This story is good. [Customer #2] pushes it into greatness.

And Now You Get No Cokes! – The ending of this one literally made me cheer out loud when I edited it.


10 Stories About Customers Getting Lost In Time

, | Right | June 23, 2022

Dear readers,

According to some dictionary I found online, “time” is defined as: “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.” Time is a complex concept to contemplate.

Telling time, however, is generally less difficult to understand… unless you’re one of the people in these stories. We’ve rounded up 10 stories from our archives about people who just don’t quite understand how to tell time!


Close-Minded – What part of “always” did you not understand?

Time Waits For No Ham – Who just casually waits three hours for a sandwich?

As Easy As 1, 3, 2 – Hits from the comments: “Obviously the customer was a time traveler. Just, not a very smart one.”


12 Stories That Prove That Yes… Bisexuals Do Exist.

, | Right | June 16, 2022

Dear readers,

This pride month, we’re creating a new series of LGBTQIA-themed roundups. Now, this might come as a surprise to some of you, but bisexual people… exist! They’re not just stopping for a while on their way to “gay-town,” but due to this, they do tend to go unnoticed by pretty much everyone.

Even the colors of the bisexual flag (pink represents sexual attraction to the same sex only [gay and lesbian], blue represents sexual attraction to the opposite sex only [straight], and the resultant overlap color purple represents sexual attraction to both sexes [bi]) showcase how the purple middle strip blends unnoticeably into the other colors. Bisexual people tend to just “blend in” with either gay or straight people – but not today!

We’ve uncovered twelve stories from the NAR archives about bisexual people and their struggle to be seen as their own orientation within the LGBTQIA community.

Saying Bi To This Friendship – Think outside the bi-nary, friendo.

A Sexual-Orientation Nazi – And here we have an example of an entirely different, weird-a** binary.

Won’t Bi From Here Again – This cashier is completely lacking in charm.

12 Stories About How Lesbians Are Perpetually Misunderstood

, | Right | June 15, 2022

Dear readers,

This pride month, we’re creating a new series of LGBTQIA-themed roundups. Today, we’re focusing on lesbians, who, despite coming in all shapes and sizes (just like everyone else!) seem to be the brunt of many jokes and stereotypes, even within the LGBTQIA community!

We’ve included the lesbian community flag to show that like all things, your sexual orientation is a spectrum, often within another spectrum, and all or few markers on this spectrum may or may not apply! The colors include dark orange for “gender non-conformity”, orange for “independence”, light orange for “community”, white for “unique relationships to womanhood”, pink for “serenity and peace”, dusty pink for “love and sex”, and dark rose for “femininity.”

We’ve dug up twelve stories from the Not Always Right archives about lesbians and how they seem to be perpetually misunderstood. We hope you find them interesting and informative, as well as revealing about the stigma and discrimination all members of the LGBTQIA community endure.


Sexually-Transmitted Translation – The good news is it seems to have worked out anyway.

Fruity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder – “No” means “no”!

I’m A Complete Lesbozionist – How you lasted an hour without laughing in her face is beyond us.


12 More Crazy Stories That Show What Transgender People Still Have To Put Up With

, | Right | June 14, 2022

Dear readers,

This pride month, we’re creating a new series of LGBTQIA-themed roundups. Following on from our first Transgender-themed roundup, we’ve made this new collection for you all to read and appreciate the ups and downs that members of this community experience on a daily basis.

Some of these stories contain positive experiences, some contain hurtful expressions from ignorant people, some just show little someone’s gender really should matter in the grand scheme of things. Either way, we hope you take what you need from this roundup to better appreciate your fellow human!

Transcending A**-Holes – At least the right people were kicked out.

Cats Know Better Than Some Humans – Further proof that we should all accept our fate as underlings to our cat overlords…

Store Of The D***ed, Part 2 – This story is almost ten years old but sadly we still see it happening today.