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(I work at a well known retail store, its near closing time and I’m on a till cleaning up before cashing off, a gentleman came over to my till with his son. he pulled out an iron from his bag, plonked it on the counter)

Customer: I’d like to give you this iron in exchange for my son.

me: pardon?

Customer: yea! he can cook…

me: thats very nice of you but-

customer: he can clean, hoover, do the ironing…

me: yes but-

customer: he’s a very talented artist, he can sing, play the guitar…..

(He then continues to ramble on all the while not letting me get a word in edgeways, his son had his head in his hands muttering to his dad to stop)

customer: aaaaand hes also great in bed! so, what do you say? fancy going on a date with my handsome son?

me: ………. I have a boyfriend.

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Dad: *singing* “When the moon a-hits you’re eye like a big a-pizza pie,” *normal voice* “What’s that, [Dog]?” *singing* “That’s amore…” *normal voice* “Eel.”

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In one year of high school, our beloved math teacher passed away from an out-of-the-blue heart attack. While we were understandably mournful, a substitute came in to cover his classes for the last couple of months. She apparently did well enough that they kept her on for the next year, when I had her for honors calculus. Suffice to say, she was NOT impressive, constantly sounding more confused than the students were, relying on the sample problems in the book and the teacher’s primer with no improvisation, etc. The running joke was that she was only learning the concepts a week before teaching us!

The crown jewel was working with “i”, the imaginary number that’s the square root of negative one. It’s a wonky concept in and of itself, but “the exponential powers of i” turned out to be the easiest lesson because they just went in a loop: i, -1, -i, 1, then start again. So while there were three different ways to figure out the answer, they should have all come out the same… SHOULD.

One problem was “i to the 40th power.” Every student in the class got the same correct answer, 1, except for ONE STUDENT who got -i. It turns out she was the only one who was using the “count out the steps a total number of times” method, because she couldn’t figure out the multiples (this was, again, a Junior honors calculus class.) I and two others help her out, and she did it 39 times instead of 40… She says she did it 40, despite having three other people help her. So she asks the teacher.

The teacher looks over the work. Looks it over again. WRITES IT ON THE BOARD… And having just copied the student’s work verbatim, not listening to the rest of us that you just needed to do the step ONE MORE TIME, comes to the conclusion that “when you do it with different methods, as you get into the higher exponents you get different results.”

Someone yelled out “That is literally not how math works!” She just said “it did this time.” This teacher left after the mid-terms, at which point we hadn’t even finished chapter 2 of an 8 chapter book, with the average grade in the class being a C+. Somehow, she’d gotten a job teaching ADVANCED PLACEMENT math in another school! At least the replacement who ended up becoming the permanent teacher was a joy: we not only finished the book almost a month before the school year ended, the average class grade was now up to a B+ and final exams averaged an A-, and that was WITH us spending about half that last month just doing reviews, and the other half watching movies!

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(I have been tasked with researching and ordering new nameplate holders for all the cubicles and desks in our entire office. After comparing prices, colors, materials, and quality, I place an order for about 60 nameplates, and a set of adhesive for them, from what seems like a pretty reputable company. A few days later, a package arrives, containing about 20 nameplates, no adhesive, and a packing slip that makes no mention of the missing pieces of my order. Wondering if maybe my order just got mixed up with someone else’s, I call their customer service line.)

Me: Hi, I placed an order for 60 nameplates and adhesive, but a box arrived today that only contained 20 nameplates and no adhesive.

Rep 1: Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that. I will look up your order and find out what’s going on, and have a representative get in contact with you right away.

Me: Great, thanks!

(The next day I receive an email from the Customer Service Manager)

Manager: Hi [my name], your nameplate adhesive was shipped separately from the rest of your order, and should arrive within a few days. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Me: (in a reply email) Hi [manager], thank you for the update, but will this shipment include the 40 nameplates I am also missing from my order?

(Several days go by and I get no response. I decide to try calling customer service again.)

Me: Hi, I called a few days ago to ask about a bunch of nameplates that were missing from my order, and have still not received a response about where they might be.

Rep 2: Okay, I’m looking at your order now… Oh, it says this was already handled by [manager]. She sent a response a few days go about your missing adhesive. Did you not get that email?

Me: Yes, I did, but that’s not what my concern is. I ordered 60 nameplates and only received 20, so I would like to know where the rest of them are.

Rep 2: Oh, I’m so sorry about that! I will talk to [manager] and find out what’s going on.

(The next day I get another email from the manager.)

Manager: Hi [my name], your nameplates already shipped under [tracking number] and show they were delivered and signed for on [date]. Your adhesive has shipped under [tracking number] and will be delivered on Friday.

Me: (seeing that the problem was miscommunicated a second time, and starting to get impatient) As I explained on the phone with customer service twice now, the delivery was missing two thirds of my order. I should have received 60 nameplates and only received 20. The packing slip in the box also only listed 20, but I was definitely charged for 60. I understand that the adhesive shipped separately, and that is fine. My concern is, and always has been, the 40 missing nameplates. What do I need to do to get this addressed?

(A few more days go by, and I finally get a response with several apologies. Apparently the warehouse ran out of what I ordered, and instead of notifying me or customer service, they just sent the 20 they had in stock. I did finally receive the nameplates once they were back in stock, and they look great, but at the cost of plenty of unanticipated waiting and headaches!)

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(During breakfast, our busiest hours, I have to ask a woman to repeat her order. She does and pulls around to the window.)

Customer: I was wondering if I could change my Sprite for an orange juice?

Me: [Manager], I need you to adjust this order!

(This somehow offends the customer who complains to her friend.)

Manager: Is something wrong?

Customer: I was just saying how rude that white girl is, being rude and sucking on her teeth.

Manager: Okay, I’ll make sure to talk to her.

(After the customer leaves)

Me: What the ****? I’m sorry I didn’t bow down and beg her forgiveness, but there was four cars behind her! And what does sucking on teeth even mean?

Manager: I don’t know, sucking air in through your teeth? I don’t think she had a problem with your service so much as that you’re white.

Me: Really? So that’s why the only person they’ve spoken to is ‘the white girl’ rather than ‘the girl over there’? What’s her problem?

(Pretty much we share bafflement at this woman’s attitude, and when she comes in later to complain to the General Manager, I roll my eyes. After she leaves the General Manager, a black woman herself, starts walking toward me with a write-up sheet.)

Me: (Without looking away from the ordering screen) She’s racist, [General Manager]!

General Manager: (Pauses, turns around and walks away. I was not written up.)