Pay It Forward Becomes Fling It Backward

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(I work at a place where it’s common for customers to pay for the person behind them in the drive-thru. I help a customer who intended to pay only for her $4 drink, but upon hearing that the customer in front of her had paid it, insisted on paying for the $11 total behind her. The customers with that total pull up, and I notice they are all teenage girls.)

Me: “Actually, guys, the lady in front of you paid for your order!”

Driver: “What? Why?”

Me: “It’s kind of a pay-it-forward thing; it happens pretty often here.”

Driver: *to her friends* “Sweet guys! Free drinks!”

(I hand them their four drinks and ask if they’d like to pay it forward.)

Driver: “Why would I? I just saved 11 bucks!”

Me: “Well, have a good day!”

Coworker: “I get it when someone intends to pay for one drink, and can’t afford a huge total of the person behind them. But when that happens it just makes me want to throw things.”

Switcheroo Boo Boo

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(A client walks in with her dog. Since I recognize the client, I print out a confirmation sheet, just asking to check the accuracy of all of her information, such as the spelling of her name, address, phone number, and email address.)

Client: *with a BIG smile on her face* “I pulled a switcheroo on you guys!” *gestures to her dog* “This is Linus, not Ella; Linus is having ear troubles. Also, I will only be boarding Buttons with you, not Ella or Linus, so we don’t need to have Ella in for her exam and vaccines.”

Me: *strained smile* “All righty, then. You said that Linus is having trouble with his ears, so let’s get you into a room.”

(Seriously, if you have two children and you set up an appointment for an annual well-check with the pediatrician for one child, would you not only switch the child that you are bringing in, but change the reason for the visit, and not bother telling the doctor’s office what you are doing? If not, why do you think it is okay to do that to a vet?)

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(I work at a store headquartered in Denver, but we are similar to another store, which is headquartered in France. I am the manager on duty when a man with long dark hair and dark sunglasses walks in wearing a black trench coat. He’s throwing off enough odd vibes that the other employees go into the back room while I approach him. During our conversation he continually shifts his eyes to the back room.)

Me: “Hello, welcome to [store]. Can I help you find anything?”
Customer: “Yes, I am looking to purchase some of those round balls you use in the bath tub.”
Me: “Oh, you mean bath bombs. I’m sorry, we don’t carry those here.”
Customer: “Nonsense! I’ve been to your stores in France, and have purchased them before.”
Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but that’s impossible. We only have stores in Colorado.”
Customer: “Don’t be ridiculous. I was just there last month. Now, show me the items I wish to purchase.”
Me: “Sir, we don’t sell those items here. We do not have any stores outside of Colorado, much less outside of the country.”
Customer: “Now you’re just being obstinate. I’ve been to your stores in France, and I know what you sell or do not sell. I demand to speak to your manager.”
Me: “I am the manager on duty, sir. And I’m sorry, but I do know what we sell or don’t sell here. If you’d like to purchase any other items that we have in the store, I’d be happy to assist you.”
Customer: “Well this is just unheard of. I cannot believe this service.”

The customer proceeds to pull out a wallet from his purse, and he shakes it at me, then turns and shakes it at the back room.

Customer: “You won’t be seeing any of this money today. This is not the last you’ve heard from me! I’ll be contacting your store owner in France!”

He replaces his wallet and storms out. I notice a red handkerchief has fallen out of his purse, and I pick it up. It’s very dirty, and when I open it up, a braided lock of blonde hair tied with a pink a ribbon falls out.

A Disturbing Lack Of Understanding of How Hotels Work

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(I love my aunt, I really do, but sometimes she doesn’t grasp the concepts of customer service, as the only job she’s had is being a teacher for high-schoolers. I have to call her out on her complaints about customer service; this one I particularly remember. She’s visiting my family in Denver; she and her husband are staying at a hotel nearby. They pick me up one day to go shopping, and we are riding in the car.)

Aunt: “I’m so pissed off at the hotel. We are not getting what we are paying for.”

Me: “What happened?”

Aunt: “They didn’t clean our room while we were out yesterday.”

Me: “That’s weird.”

Aunt: “We had to call down and ask for clean towels.”

Me: “Did you complain?”

Aunt: “Yes, but they said we had our ‘do not disturb’ sign on the knob to our room.”

Me: “Well, did you?”

Aunt: “Yes.”

Me: “Did you leave it there by accident?”

Aunt: “No, we wanted it there; we didn’t want to be disturbed.”

Me: “So, you’re mad they obeyed the ‘do not disturb’ sign?”

Aunt: “They should clean the room!”

Your Gun Policy Is Quackers

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(Because it is private property, this amusement park does not have to let guns onto the premises, even on off-duty police officers or others licensed to carry. A man is trying to get through the metal detectors with a gun. One of the security members at the gates stops him.)

Guest: “Hey, it’s okay; I’m a government official.”

Coworker: “I’m sorry, but we can’t allow guns on the premises.”

Guest: “That’s unconstitutional!”

Coworker: “Actually, we’re private property and we can restrict firearms, same as a school could. Only on-duty police can bring in guns. If you’re concerned about your safety, we have armed on-duty police in the park at all times. We have our own force.”

Guest: “But I’m a government official! I can carry this!”

(My coworker looks skeptical.)

Coworker: “What kind of government official?”

Guest: *drawing himself up proudly* “Fish and wildlife!”

(It takes all the power of the security staff not to crack up right there. He continues badgering us for nearly an hour, eventually becoming angry, shouting, and throwing small objects at us, at which point we are allowed to threaten him with a ban. As he leaves:)

Coworker #2: “Don’t worry! If I see a duck in danger, I’ll be sure to call you!”

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