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(My roommates and I are all in the common area, doing our own thing. The roommate I am talking to and I are both tomboys.)

Roommate: “This is really weird, but have any of you ever thought about being a stripper?”

Me: “Yeah, but after a few seconds I remembered I’m unattractive so I went back to my homework.”

Roommate: “Actually, the whole androgynous thing is in right now. With the short hair and everything like we have. No offense, I’m not trying to insult you by calling you that, but, like, you know.”

Me: “…I wear men’s clothes half the time. This is the look I’m going for. Don’t worry.”

(In all honesty, I’m not going for androgynous so much as butch, but I had a laugh out of her stumbling. Don’t be afraid to call a spade a spade, folks.)

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( I am sitting in math class and working on an assignment while listening to one of the other students talk loudly to no one in particular. All of a sudden, he decideds he will start a chant.)

Student: I say hail, you say Satan. Hail!

Class: Satan!

Student and class: Hail Satan, hail Satan , hail –

Teacher: Stop that now!

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It is the Saturday before Christmas and the line is very long. I have been working for several hours with out a chance to catch my breath due to so many customers shopping. A father and his son walk up and plop two PS4 Controllers on the counter.

Me: *Scans them in* Did you find everything okay?

The Father: Yeah, your sales man said these were twenty dollars off so they should be twenty-five not forty-five.

Me: *Looks at my register and sees it is 44.99 with the twenty dollars taken off * Sir they are twenty off, that is why they are forty-five.

The Son: Well that sounds more right…

The Father: *starts to raise his voice at me and other customers are staring. * No! Your tag says 44.99, Save twenty dollars

Me: That’s right sir, you save twenty dollars by paying 44.99…

The father: That’s not right! stay right here I’m going to show you!

The son stays behind embarrassed and I move the stuff aside so I can take the next customer because the line is getting extremely long. The father comes back glaring at me as I finish with the customer and I move his stuff back over.

The Father: You need people who know Shit in the gaming department.

Me: I’m sorry sir, we are getting slammed today so we’re pulling people over to try to help everyone get exactly what they need.

The father: I don’t care; you should only have people there who know what their talking about.

At this point I’m shaking because he’s still raising his voice and getting hostile at me so I finish ringing him out in silence giving up talking to him. When I finished my manager walked up to me and said after we finished clearing the line I could go calm down in the back. The next customer was super nice; I am sure they saw everything….

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(My parents hosts a Bible study group, and this conversation happens after the discussion between my father and the mother of a seven-month old boy.)

The boy’s mother: We’re not going to pretend that Santa is real for (Boy’s name), because we don’t want that to take away from the true meaning of Christmas, Christ’s birth.

My dad: That’s a much better reason than mine. We never pretended for our girls, because it was just too much work keeping up the illusion that he is real.

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[Every year in the shopping centre where I work, a pop-up calendar and diary store appears between October and January. For work reasons, I always buy a diary which starts on a Sunday rather than a Monday. I go over to the store during my break and find the “Sunday” diaries. There’s a black one and a brown one next to it – having had a black one, I pick up the brown one and go to the till.]

Worker: Oh, are you not having a Sunday-start one this year?

[I look down and find out that indeed this is a Monday-start diary.]

Me: Ooops! Well spotted….. [I change it over] …and well remembered…