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(I work at a gym, and just finished my shift. I head to my car in the parking lot and get in. I turn on the engine and back away. There is a little sports car aka midlife crisis car parked behind me . I stop, then begin moving forward. But before I can, an old man white pure white hair that is very tall and buff runs up really fast and bangs on my window.)

Old Man: “Hey!! Get away from my car!!”

Me: “Huh?!”

Old Man: *screeching* “You’re about to hit my car!! Stop!!”

(For the record, I was nowhere near his car. You could fit two of him in the space between mine and his car. And he was a very large, muscular man. We argue for a bit, and he gets more upset and shouty, so then I decided to just go. I guess there really is such a thing as roid rage!)

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We have a sale going on but there’s a complication with adding a coupon to the sale that causes the prices to go back to full price. Our IT department sends a message to say that if it happens to call them and they’ll walk us through the process. I get a customer with the coupon so call IT, there’s no answer. I call three times and finally am able to leave a message. The customer is being patient but has a couple of toddlers with her and one is screaming.

Me “I’m so sorry about this, I am supposed to wait for head office to help fix this.”

Customer is still being patient and is trying to placate her child but it’s not working, it’s getting close to ten minutes.

Me “I’m sorry, I will make an executive decision, I’m going to try to do this another way, just bare with me while I sort this out.”

I manually change each price, giving them the discount and finally the very patient customer is on her way.

15 minutes later the phone rings.

IT “Hi you called me for help putting a coupon sale through”

Me “Yes I did but I had to sort it out myself and put a manager’s discount on everything”.

IT “That’s not the way it’s supposed to be done”.

Me “I had a customer with a screaming toddler, she was starting to get upset with waiting for you to call back.”

IT “Oh, ok, you did the right thing then”

Me “Ok thanks”

IT “But in future it has to be done the right way……………oh do you want me to tell you the right way?”

Me “Yes that would be helpful”

IT “You take the coupon and do (very simple procedure).”

Me “Ok thanks, bye”.

What got me is that they sent a message that said to call them and they will walk us through the process, it would have saved time if they put the one step process on the message in the first place. Would have saved the poor customer 10 minutes waiting, she would have walked out long before 25 minutes was up. I would have joined her.

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This story happened when I moved from France to Wales. It was the first time I ever traveled away from home on my own. I had been accepted into a university in wales, however the university was located in a very small town, lost in the welsh countryside. After successfully landing in Cardiff, I realized I had no clue how to even get to that small town. So I looked for some staff member in the airport in order to ask for some help.

Me: “Excuse me, would you happen to know how to go to [Small town]
Staff member 1: “I am afraid I don’t.”

At that moment I had been travelling for 5 hours, the battery of my phone was dead, and I had no clue as to where to go. I was completely lost and panicked.

Staff member 1: “You know what? I think someone here comes from this town. Let me check.”

She then proceed to call one of her colleague who promptly told her that the one working at the currency exchange does come from [Small town]. She walked with me to find him. As soon as I asked how to go there, I saw the staff member take a paper and a pen.

Staff Member 2: “It’s a bit complicated so I will write it down for you.”

I look at him write to me in great details which bus to take, where to stop and so on. After thanking him a lot (mainly because the welsh accent was too hard for me to understand back then), I go on the bus he told me to, stops at the train station, which is no more than a platform in the middle of nowhere, and sit down. I didn’t see anyone at all for 10 min, until a woman who appeared to be in her 70’s arrived. I was completely exhausted and even more panicked due to the fact the train stop had no name, nor a machine to buy a train ticket. to see me panicked, wondering if I am even in the right place or not.

Old woman: Darling, are you alright? Where are you going?”
Me: “To [Small town] But I have no clue if I am at the right station. I can’t even buy a train ticket, there is no machine…”

She looks at my paper and confirm that I am at the right place, then explains to me that I can simply wait for the train controller and buy my ticket from him (something that is not possible in France, you must have your ticket before boarding otherwise you will get fined). She even went as far as stopping two teenagers who walked past us, literally grabbing them by the collar of their shirts.

Old woman: “Hey, you two! Help the young lady with her luggage! Don’t you see she got two suitcases?”
Me: “Oh no that’s alright, I can do it”
Teenagers: “It’s alright, we are happy to help!”

Then finally helped me carry my suitcases as soon as my train arrived, without ever losing their smiles.

This made my day, even my whole week. I have now been living for 8 years in UK, but I will never forget the kindness of those staff members in Cardiff, nor that old woman or those two teenagers who helped a lost and panicked foreigner. Welsh people are truly amazing!

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(The classroom we were in had projects hung up about presidential candidates)

Me: Whoever wrote the one about Ben Carson does realize the fact he dropped out.

Classmate 1: I wish he didn’t he is very smart because he is a neurologist.

(Me and my friend face palm)

Me: just because he is a neurologist does not make him fit for president

Class: are you calling doctors dumb

Me: she may be book smart but it doesn’t mean he is street smart I mean some of the candidates are so new to this they may not handle i with the nonsense brought along.

Classmate 1: are so saying that all candidates that run for president are stupid

( I the. face palm)

Random classmates: next thing you know she will say feminists are idiots and that people in America are dumb

(My friend and I are baffled at this point)

Me: let’s change the subject you guys watching the new dead pool movie it is awesome and sd you know he is the only one who really kills thanos

(I then hear people saying how we are loners and have no life because we are such geeks)

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[A young teenager who has purchased tickets to a PG-rated film has just been caught sneaking into an R-Rated film. I happen to recall this customer, as I sold him the ticket.]

Me: Excuse me, sir. Do you have tickets for this film?

Customer: Yeah.

Me: May I see them.

Customer: I left them in the theater.

Me: Which theater? We can go find them.

Customer: Nah, my cousin has them?

Me: You do know you need to be 17 or older to see this film, correct?

Customer: Yes.

Me: May I see some ID?

Customer: i don’t have it.

Me: OK, that is fine. I recall you purchasing a ticket for [movie name], if you would like to go back in there, that is OK.

Customer: F*** you, man.

Me: Well, in that case, you’re welcome to head through that door over there.

[I gesture to the exit.]

Customer: I want my money back.

Me: Sure. If we can get your tickets, we can return them to the box office for a refund.

Customer: I don’t want a refund, i want my money back.

Me: Well, you can either get your money back or get a refund. Pick one, because they’re both the same thing.

Customer: I don’t need this s***. F*** you.

Me: Well, in that case, let me walk you to this door.

[I proceed to escort him out of the building, sans refund.]

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