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(My mother asked me to come along with her as she gets gas, clean her car etc. We stop at a local gas station which has a coffee shop attached to it. She has 90 cents off the gallon due to a local gas point program at a supermarket. I come back to the following conversation)

Mom: I got charged Credit price!

Me: How so?

Mom: I had 90 cents off the gallon, so my gas should’ve been $2.87 not $2.97!

(Gas price for Regular is $3.87 for cash/debit and $3.97 for credit)

Me: Let me see the reciept..

(I read the reciept which shows she paid Debit, meaning the price is correct.)

Me: This is correct.

Mom: No! I should’ve saved $1.00 of the gallon since I paid debit and got the extra 10 cents!

Me: Mom, do the math..you paid debit right?

Mom: Right!

Me: OK so look at the base price for Debit.

(She looks at the board)

Mom: Yeah? I had 90 cents off, but..

Me: But you didn’t pay with Credit. So you get the Debit or Cash price with the 90 cents.

(She thinks about this for a minute.)

Mom: I’m an idiot.

(I told this story to my father later who just quipped: “Your mother and sister have blonde moments all the time I swear.”)

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I started work for a local council, immediately the place seemed like a mess and everyone I spoke to looked fed up.

HR: so we have a system that requires you to log when you get here, and every time you leave your work station.

Me: ..Okay

HR: Not everyone uses it.

Me: Yeah, it sounds like a lot of work. But if it’s your system I will do as asked.

HR: Great! Oh ok can you email me when you start and when you leave for the day, and your lunch breaks?

Me: Sorry?! But won’t I have to register that on the system anyway?

HR: Yes, but not everyone uses it.

Me: Well I have no problem using the system I will log every time I leave my desk and when I start or finish.

HR: Yes but can you also email me?

(I could see this going nowhere, She just couldn’t understand that forcing people to email every day, meant that using their system was pointless. After a few weeks (and the system going down several times) I gave up with it and nobody seemed to care or notice!)

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(I take a class with a couple students in it and our teacher gets to know us all pretty well and in return we pull jokes on him. It is a couple minutes before the bell rings and my teacher is talking to a couple students leaving his phone on his desk and i pick it up and lock it out for 30 minutes for typing in the password wrong like crazy)

Me: welp bye human teacher and see you next week!

Teacher: Why next week? this week barely start–

*I hand him his phone and dash out the door*

Teacher: YOU DICK!

Entire class bursts laughing and i catch up with them as the bell rings still laughing.

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(I am the customer in the situation. My manager had offered to buy me a drink from the coffee place close to us, and I wrote down my order. Unfortunately because of the way I wrote it, and my bad hanwriting, I got the wrong drink. I ended up going back to fix it. The employee in question is always super nice and friendly to me)

Employee: *smiles* “Hello!”

Me: *smiles* “Hello! My manager had come here a few minutes ago and I had written my order down for her, but I got the wrong drink. But it was probably my fault because I have awful handwriting *laughs* and I am more than willing to pay for a new one”

Employee: “I’m sorry about that! What did you want?”

*tells him my order*

Employee: “Oh I remember that one. I thought you wanted 8 pumps of foffee”

Me: *laughs* “Oh no that’s a lot of coffee”

(He makes me a new drink for free. Now fast forward a few hours. It’s my lunch time and I head back there)

Me: “I don’t think you have seen me enough today!”

Same employee: “Too much!”

Me: *laughs and sets food on the counter* “Hey do you guys ge
Employee: *nods*

Me: *puts $20 in the tip jar*

Every employee: *freezes and stares at me*

Me: “You are always so nice to me and give me great service. I really appreciate it! *smiles*”

I had made everyone’s day there. It feels good!

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(Even though I’m a shorter person, I’ve always been a pretty fast walker. A lot of the time I try and pass people up when I’m walking on a sidewalk if they’re walking slower than I want to be. This usually isn’t a problem, but…)

Me: (passes older, very slow man on the sidewalk. Note that this was a very wide city sidewalk with only a couple people on it, so it’s not like I was in danger of knocking him over or anything)

Him: (somewhat shouting) Hey, you girl! Stop!

Me: (confused) Me?

Him: Yes, you! Didn’t anybody ever teach you to respect your elders!?

Me: I’m sorry, what?

Him: You can’t just blow past me on the sidewalk like that! It’s impolite!

Me: (stunned into silence)

Him: That’s right now you walk behind me like an obedient child.

Me: (even though I lived on that side of the street, I crossed the street to get away from him, and to walk at my own pace)