It’s A Small World After All

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(My last name is rare for my home area, and almost non-existent outside of it, due to going through at least five different spellings since my ancestors arrived through Ellis Island. For the sake of argument, I’ll just say it’s Krueger. I’ve arrived in Dublin for the first time ever and am checking into my hostel. I show the guy manning the desk my passport to verify my reservation. He checks me in, and then stares hard at my passport.)

Guy: *in a Midwest accent* “[My Name] Krueger? Are you related to [Female Name] Krueger, from [My Town], Wisconsin?”

Me: “Yeah… that’s my older sister.”

Guy: *laughing* “I dated her for a couple of months when I was living in [Town five miles away from my town] back in middle school.”

(My family and I have always joked that my very social sister has contacts all over the world, but this is getting ridiculous!)

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(This happen at the self service check out, if you want to buy alcohol and you look under 25, you will need to provide an ID to the employee managing the self service area, I’ve been buying alcohol since I arrived in Ireland at 22  and not once I was asked for my ID, I’m 25 by the time of that story)

employee : I will need to see your id.

Me:(surprised) I’ve never been asked it in the past 3 years

Employee: yeah but you don’t look like you’re 25…

( I pop out my foreign identity card, with all the info stating that I’m indeed 25)

Employee : No, this isn’t good, I need to see your passport…

Me (annoyed): I don’t have one, it’s not needed when traveling the european union…

Employee : then you will have to go to a regular till

(he start to cancel the transaction)

Me : Seriously ??? (I remove my beanie)

Employee:(look at me) Hum…okay… you’re 25…(approve the transaction)

Must’ve been a magic beanie !

Doesn’t Have An Eye For This Job

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My friends found a kitten when stuck in traffic a few years ago. He had a very badly infected eye, and after adopting him we opted to have it removed; the lid was stitched shut over the socket, and apart from some minor depth perception issues it never bothered him in the slightest in the three years he lived afterward. He was famous among friends, family, and neighbours for being the one-eyed tabby cat, so it was pretty obviously gone.

We always saw the same vet for every appointment and surgery, until his last yearly checkup and vaccinations. The vet we saw was either newly-trained or inexperienced, but fairly competent at what she did because that cat was never as quiet during a check-up!

Everything was going fine; weight was optimal, good overall condition, no unusual lumps or bumps, clean ears and teeth, right eye perfect… and then she tried to open his sewn-shut eyelid.

She was very apologetic to humans and cat alike upon realising her mistake. He was used to kids poking at him, but it still makes me giggle to think of her not noticing his one distinguishing feature.

Rob-bing You Of Your Name

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(My three-year-old constantly bounces from one thing to another, mentally and physically, so she sometimes mixes up the names of who she’s talking about. She knows exactly who she means and it’s pretty obvious who she’s talking about, but it just doesn’t come out right. Also, sometimes she randomly calls us by our first names every now and then. She has just spent a week with my parents and we are packing up to go home when my dad/her grandpa goes outside for a smoke.)

Daughter: *looking up and noticing him leave the room* “I want to go with Daddy!”

Husband: “I’m right here; I’m not going anywhere! “

Daughter: *in a condescending tone as she trots past him* “I’m not talking about you, Rob! I want to go with Grandma!”

Apple And Samsung Have Finally Reconciled

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(I am calling customers who we are only billing for a sim card. I am offering them an upgrade to include a mobile handset. I am near the end of my shift and the following conversation occurs with a customer who sounds like she is in her 40s:)

Me: “Hi. My name is [My Name], and I’m calling from [Company] to offer you a new mobile deal.”

Customer: “Oh, great. What can you do for me?”

Me: “Well, first of all, we are only charging you for a sim card. What kind of handset do you have for it?”

Customer: “I don’t have one!”

Me: “Okay… so, what do have your sim card in?”

Customer: “I have it in my mobile phone!”

Me: *face-palm* “Okay, that’s your handset. Do you know what make it is?”

Customer: “I’m not sure.”

Me: “Okay, is it an iPhone or Samsung or…”

Customer: “YES! IT’S THAT ONE!”

Me: “Erm, which one? iPhone or Samsung?”

Customer: “It’s an iPhone Samsung!”

Me: *face-palm* “No, miss, they are two different brands. Either an iPhone or a Samsung.”

Customer: “Oh, it’s a Samsung.”

Me: “Okay, do you know what model?”

Customer: “It’s a Samsung Galaxy.”

Me: “Do you know which kind? There a quite a few of them.”

Customer: “No, I’m not sure.”

Me: “Okay, because one of the older models would be a galaxy s5…”

Customer: “YES! THAT WHAT I HAVE!”

Me: “Okay and would you be interested in an upgrade?”

Customer: “Oh, no, it’s okay, dear. I’m happy with what I have. Thank you.”

Me: “No problem. Sorry to bother you.”

(I knew I wasn’t going to get very far, anyway.)

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