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(I provide various support for a popular video game, and at present am working on BIlling.)

Customer: Why are you rejecting my payment?

Me: I’m afraid that according to our records, we’re contacting your bank for payment and they are refusing it. Unfortunately you would actually need to ask them what’s going on to have it resolved. :)

Customer: There’s nothing wrong with my account, I’m using it daily for other transactions.

Me: I totally understand the frustration, but it is not actually use rejecting the charge. I’m afraid that the bank is refusing the payment when we contact them.

Customer: Listen mate, the card is fine, you are just refusing it. I don’t understand why you won’t take my payment.

Me: We would love to be able to accept it, but your bank is literally rejecting it and telling us there’s an issue you need to contact them about.

Customer: I don’t see why they would reject a charge from you and only you. No other company is having an issue so you are the only common denominator.

*internal screaming*

Me: Neither do I, but that seems to be what they are doing. Hopefully they can tell you why, *heavily accented* when you contact them.

Customer: Why won’t you just accept my payment? Good day.

(Tea break time before I punch through the screen because I go through this at least four times a day.)

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(I’m waiting in line for an appointment to make a witness statement. A woman and her adult son are in front of me and abusing the poor policeman while the son is rummaging in his backpack)

Woman: I said, I want to see the warrant!
Officer: Ma’am, I’ve already told you, the officer presented it to you when he called by.
Woman: HE DID NOT –
Son: Ma –
Woman: Shut up, [name]. Listen, you f***ing pig, I work from 7am to 7pm, I took a day off to sort this s*** out and you’re lying right to my face! My house was a mess and he just barged in like a [derogatory term for people who live in mobile homes]!
Son: Ma, I –
Officer: Ma’am, I’m sorry, [other officer] isn’t in a position to see you right now –
Woman: NOT IN A POSITION?! *begins ranting again*
Son: Ma! Will you listen –
Woman: I said, shut up! Go away!
Officer: Would you like to speak to the sergeant?
Woman: D*** right I would!

(Officer disappears behind a door, leaving the woman to mutter to herself. Her son, looking incredibly frustrated, finally loses it. He shoves a piece of paper at his mother and waits for her to read it. She pales, clutching the paper.)

Woman: Why the f*** did you not tell me you found it?!
Son: I tried!

(The woman crumples the warrant and throws it in the trash can, storming out, while her son trails behind, looking embarrassed. At that moment the officer comes out with the sergeant to see me and no one else in the station.)

Me: Hi! Sorry that you had to deal with that, but at least she didn’t litter!

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I’m the bad customer here. My friend and I were 16 but wanted to get the child price into the cinema.
Me: two 15-year-olds for [movie] please
Ticket guy: that’s an 18’s movie.

Stay-At-Home Slacker

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During the recent health crisis, my husband is minding and homeschooling the kids while I work from home upstairs. I was a stay-at-home mom when the kids were very young and he was away for work, and I found it extremely hard, which he knows.

“This is a piece of piss,” is Irish slang for, “This is really, really easy.”

Husband: “This stay-at-home parent thing is a piece of piss.”

Husband: “Of course, I haven’t transferred the money [to joint account] yet. I haven’t had time to do any of my personal admin!”

Husband: “You need to take a longer break in the middle of the day so I can go for a run.”

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Cold Insults

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I work with my uncle on the weekend. One of our regulars is chatting with my granny, aunt, and cousin who always come in on a Saturday.

My uncle walks back in from the store.

Regular: “Look at this f***er now with the hat on; he must be freezing.”

My uncle responds jokingly but quickly and sternly at the same time.

Uncle: “What did you call me?”

Regular: *Not skipping a beat* “Freezing!”

He got a good laugh out of us all.

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