Excuse Their French, Part 2

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I work in a bookshop in a small-enough town in the west of Ireland. I am serving behind the till when two twenty-something French couples walk in. The men are in high spirits and having a laugh, and they look at me, a fairly typical-looking Irish girl.

French Man: *In French* “My friend’s a right a**hole, isn’t he?”

And they both start laughing at how they’ve stupefied this little Irish cailin.

Me: *In fluent French* “I’m sorry, I really can’t comment as I don’t know him well enough.”

Both wives burst out laughing and both men turned bright red and swiftly headed to the end of the shop!

Excuse Their French

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The More Grisly The Threat The Less Seriously It’s Taken

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A customer’s young son, maybe age three or so, is standing in the shopping trolley dancing and jumping around.

Mother: “If you don’t sit down, you will fall out. You will fall out and crack your head open when you hit the ground, and your brains will fall out, and you will need to go to the hospital and go to intensive care, and I will not take you!”

Little Boy: “Okay!”

He kept jumping around.

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At work we’ve been running a deal through a local coupon website. For €60 you get a 3 course meal for 2, a bottle of wine for the table and a cocktail each. If you were to pay for everything separately you’d pay €130. As per of the deal, you have to call to make a reservation as the number we can take per day is limited. It’s a slow Wednesday evening, and a late web booking comes in. The reservation notes state they have a “voucher” which could also be a gift voucher.

The couple check in and hand over their voucher for the deal and say “we bought this online, but we don’t like the set menu. We’re gonna order off the a la carte menu.
My manager tells them if they want to do that she’ll take €60 off their bill and they pay the final balance.
The couple told her they only wanted to pay the €60 and order off the a la carte menu. They caught her on a bad day. She replied
“You bought the voucher and saw the menu you before you bought. The T&Cs state you must call to make a reservation and you booked online. I don’t have to honour your booking and I don’t have to offer you an alternative. Your choices are theses: use the voucher, use the voucher as credit, or come back another time!” They used it as credit and left a big tip

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I’m the bad customer in this story. The cut-off for child price in this cinema is age 15. My friend and I are both 16 but look younger.

Me: Two 15-year-olds for [movie] please.
Cashier: That’s an 18s movie.

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(I work on the tills and salesfloor of a clothing store and we have 2 big sales a year and 2 small ones. This happened at a small sale when a customer came up to the till almost tripping with a huge pile of clothes.)

Me: Hi, how are you? Before I start, can I just ask if you need a bag so I can pack as I go?

(Customer looks at me with such rage and contempt.)

Customer: Well I’m hardly going to carry ALL this without a bag, AM I???? (She screws up her face mockingly.)

Me: Oh, that’s ok. I was just wondering if you brought your own bags with you so I could reuse them. (Most people do when going to buy 16 armfulls of clothes ..)

Customer: *sarcastically* Well my bags are in the car soooooooooo I do need one, is that alright?

Me: That’s fine.

(I don’t speak for the rest of the tedious transaction, except to say the total price. It didn’t seem unreasonable to think someone buying 10+ items would bring a bag considering we charge for them.)