Apple And Samsung Have Finally Reconciled

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(I am calling customers who we are only billing for a sim card. I am offering them an upgrade to include a mobile handset. I am near the end of my shift and the following conversation occurs with a customer who sounds like she is in her 40s:)

Me: “Hi. My name is [My Name], and I’m calling from [Company] to offer you a new mobile deal.”

Customer: “Oh, great. What can you do for me?”

Me: “Well, first of all, we are only charging you for a sim card. What kind of handset do you have for it?”

Customer: “I don’t have one!”

Me: “Okay… so, what do have your sim card in?”

Customer: “I have it in my mobile phone!”

Me: *face-palm* “Okay, that’s your handset. Do you know what make it is?”

Customer: “I’m not sure.”

Me: “Okay, is it an iPhone or Samsung or…”

Customer: “YES! IT’S THAT ONE!”

Me: “Erm, which one? iPhone or Samsung?”

Customer: “It’s an iPhone Samsung!”

Me: *face-palm* “No, miss, they are two different brands. Either an iPhone or a Samsung.”

Customer: “Oh, it’s a Samsung.”

Me: “Okay, do you know what model?”

Customer: “It’s a Samsung Galaxy.”

Me: “Do you know which kind? There a quite a few of them.”

Customer: “No, I’m not sure.”

Me: “Okay, because one of the older models would be a galaxy s5…”

Customer: “YES! THAT WHAT I HAVE!”

Me: “Okay and would you be interested in an upgrade?”

Customer: “Oh, no, it’s okay, dear. I’m happy with what I have. Thank you.”

Me: “No problem. Sorry to bother you.”

(I knew I wasn’t going to get very far, anyway.)

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We have a colour co-ordinated system of in trays in my office, with labels in in yellow, green, blue and pink.

Customer: Can I give you this?
Me: Yep, just pop it in the top blue tray there.
C: *Stares at wall*
M: The blue tray…
C: *points to the green labelled tray* This one?
M: No, to your right, the blue one…

Don’t Count On Them Changing

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(I work in a mid-end clothing store where customers can have a store credit account and pay it off monthly or in other installments online or at a till in-store. This is 9:05 am on a Saturday, minutes after we open. A customer walks to my register.)

Me: “Hi. How are you?”

Customer: “Hi. I would like to pay the full balance on my account, please. Here’s my card.”

Me: *enters details* “Ah, yes, the full balance is £88; is that okay to pay?”

Customer: *places notes and a bag full of coins on the counter* “Here you go.”

(I count the notes — a £10 and £20 note makes £30 — and I proceed to count twenty-nine individual £2 coins.)

Me: “Okay, £30 in notes and twenty-nine £2 coins is £58 in coi—“

Customer: *interrupting impatiently* “Which makes £88.”

Me: “Yeah, I know.”

(Not sure if she thought I was stupid, or if she was impatient that I had to count all twenty-nine coins individually, or both.)

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I am the breakfast chef in a hotel and received an order.

Customer: Eggs Benedict no muffin no sauce with bacon.

Me: So poached eggs and bacon 😞

PDF = Pretty Darn Flimsy

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(As I’m unemployed, I was assigned to a year-long jobseekers’ assistance program, which is farmed out to a UK-based company. I knew it was going to be awful from the stories I heard from friends who had also been on it, but this is one instance that I will share of how bad their employee training standards are. I have to sign up to a job search website and upload a copy of my CV. The site will only accept it in PDF format for some weird reason. I’m not a tech genius but I’ve learned a lot of basic troubleshooting from my husband and friends in various IT roles, and I manage to figure out how to convert my .doc file on the unfamiliar-to-me word processing program.)

Advisor: “So, how’s it going?”

Me: “Grand, now that I got the PDF converted and uploaded.”

Advisor: *shocked* “How did you do it? We haven’t been able to work it out and it’s made everything so slow! “

Me: “It’s… this button here.” *points to the toolbar on [Word Program] then politely shrugs* “Once I found that it was easy. It’s amazing what you can learn just on Google.”

(She calls over another advisor and tells him about my amazing discovery.)

Advisor: “Oh, my God, we’ve been printing files out and scanning them back in as a PDF! [My Name] should be working here with us! “

Me: *laughing politely along but cringing inside* “Well, if you need tech support, I am looking for a job!”

(I know I have a slightly higher-than-average competence and some office experience, but this was about the second time I’d used this software. They worked with it every day and the solution to their issue was literally staring them in the face. Needless to say, they did not help me find a job. I’m dreading the thought of being called back to that office.)

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