PDF = Pretty Darn Flimsy

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(As I’m unemployed, I was assigned to a year-long jobseekers’ assistance program, which is farmed out to a UK-based company. I knew it was going to be awful from the stories I heard from friends who had also been on it, but this is one instance that I will share of how bad their employee training standards are. I have to sign up to a job search website and upload a copy of my CV. The site will only accept it in PDF format for some weird reason. I’m not a tech genius but I’ve learned a lot of basic troubleshooting from my husband and friends in various IT roles, and I manage to figure out how to convert my .doc file on the unfamiliar-to-me word processing program.)

Advisor: “So, how’s it going?”

Me: “Grand, now that I got the PDF converted and uploaded.”

Advisor: *shocked* “How did you do it? We haven’t been able to work it out and it’s made everything so slow! “

Me: “It’s… this button here.” *points to the toolbar on [Word Program] then politely shrugs* “Once I found that it was easy. It’s amazing what you can learn just on Google.”

(She calls over another advisor and tells him about my amazing discovery.)

Advisor: “Oh, my God, we’ve been printing files out and scanning them back in as a PDF! [My Name] should be working here with us! “

Me: *laughing politely along but cringing inside* “Well, if you need tech support, I am looking for a job!”

(I know I have a slightly higher-than-average competence and some office experience, but this was about the second time I’d used this software. They worked with it every day and the solution to their issue was literally staring them in the face. Needless to say, they did not help me find a job. I’m dreading the thought of being called back to that office.)

Always Time For Baguettes

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(My brother comes to the cashier with a cart full of groceries. Behind him is an older man with only a baguette. He motions for the man to go first, but the old man shakes his head.)

Old Man: “Oh, no, don’t mind me. I have time. Probably not much of it left, but still enough for me to wait for my turn!”

(Both the cashier and my brother had a hard time keeping their faces straight.)

Someone Really Needed To Go

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(I need to use the bathroom while shopping with my ten-month-old, and as I’m definitely not going to leave her unattended I go to the baby changing room. As I’m finishing my own business someone tries to open the door. It’s clearly locked, so after a few seconds they knock.)

Me: *shouting* “Just a minute!”

(I didn’t think I’d be heard but continue washing my hands, taking my time as it’s somewhat common sense that the room is occupied if it’s locked. As I’m loudly babbling to my baby I hear voices and another knock at the door.)

Me: *more aggressively* “In a minute!!”

(Suddenly, the door unlocks and a cleaner puts her head around the door.)

Cleaner: “Oh, sorry!” *to whoever couldn’t wait* “There’s someone in there..”

(I didn’t respond, as I was somewhat stunned that anyone would get the cleaners to open the door rather than wait for less than five minutes..)

Taking Stock Of A Romantic Christmas

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(My husband has always earned more than I have, and I do feel bad about that sometimes. For Christmas, I usually get him one or two presents that he wants, a stocking full of sweets and fiddly bits, and a few craft beers to try and make myself feel better about my lower budget. I even made the stocking a few years back. We go out shopping today, Christmas Eve, to get some drinks for a party with his family, and I notice him looking at my preferred ciders while I wrangle our toddler.)

Husband: *looking up sheepishly* “I was trying to quietly get some for your stocking.”

Me: “Joke’s on you; I don’t even have a stocking!”

Husband: *laughing* “D*** it!”

Why Do Rude People Think Everyone Else Is?

, , , | Working | January 11, 2019

(I live in the Republic of Ireland, and my husband and I have planned a holiday in Northern Ireland for my birthday and our wedding anniversary. A few family members give me Sterling cash for my birthday to use while we’re away. Unfortunately, we have to cancel the holiday at the last minute, so I go to the post office to change the Sterling to Euro, as that’s where I’ve always changed my currency before.)

Me: “Hi. I just want to change this Sterling to Euro, please.”

Staff: “No.”

Me: “Uh… no?”

Staff: *rolling her eyes* “That’s what I said. No.”

Me: “Okay. Is there a reason why you can’t?”

Staff: *muttering under her breath* “For God’s sake.” *louder* “We don’t exchange Sterling to Euro anymore. We only change Euro to Sterling.”

Me: “Oh, right. Sorry, I didn’t know. Do you know of anywhere else that exchanges Sterling?”

Staff: *rolling her eyes and cursing under her breath* “No!”

(I see red and snap at this point. She’s being needlessly rude.)

Me: “Wow. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service. You really bent over backward to help me. Thank you for being so accommodating.”

Staff: “There’s no need to be rude. It’s not my fault we don’t exchange Sterling anymore. If you didn’t want it you shouldn’t have bought it in the first place.”

Me: “You’ve had an attitude since the minute I walked in here. Not that’s it any of your business, but I was given this Sterling to use on a holiday I was taking for my birthday and wedding anniversary. I’ve had to cancel at the last minute because my dad died. You are an ignorant f****** b****, and I don’t know why you work in customer service.”

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