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(Some years ago, our pastor went on vacation. Since we are a smaller church, we did not have a vicar, so we instead had to use a pre-recorded service.)

Pastor (on recording): “The Book of Proverbs is sometimes also called the Book of Wi-Wi-Wi-Wi-Wi-Wi-Wisdo-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-dom.”

(I try not to laugh, but the harder I try not to, the harder I laugh anyway.)

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(My friend is a science teacher. Her students are 13-14 years old.)

Friend: What are ways to prevent pregnancy?

Female student: Sleep with other women. And men can sleep with other men.

Friend: That is…one way I suppose.

(She told me that evening.)

Me: Well, to me, I would say preventing pregnancy is more for when you can get pregnant but you choose to do something that won’t get you pregnant. If you are gay, getting pregnant by having sex is not possible, so you don’t “prevent pregnancy”. If you are straight and don’t want to get pregnant you don’t just go have gay sex instead. You can’t tell someone to cheat nor be gay when they aren’t. And if someone is bi, you still can’t tell them to cheat.

Friend: Hmm…that does make sense. You do have some great thoughts.

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This took place a fair fee years ago, when my class was on a school trip to see a musical at a nearby theatre. Some friends and I decide to go get some cheaper snacks from a corner shop nearby. As we’re walking, a girl who just showed up marches up behind one of my friends and yanks on her hair, pulling her to the floor, screaming something about a dad. We separate them, and I hear more shouting. A guy outside a pub is yelling at the girl, telling her off, while she yells back. The teacher quickly runs over and firmly tells the girl to get back in her mums car: she will not be seeing the performance. The girl and her mum argue with him for a bit but he stands his ground, and as soon as he mentions calling the police they stop and they leave. My friend is alright, but a little shaken.

Our next drama lesson the girl came in looking incredibly sheepish. I never really got a clear story on why she’d attacked, but I heard about a year later she was arrested for assaulting someone else.

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I was working as a waitress in a small town, big name pizza place. We had the not so uncommon sign that advised diners to please wait to be seated. I saw 4 well-to-do members of our community ignore the sign, walk right past it and seat themselves in my section. After an adequate amount of time I approached their table. I inquired if they were ready to order to which they replied that they did not have menus. I then advised them that the next time they take matters into their own hands by ignoring our sign and seating themselves to remember to grab their menus on the way by.

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Customer (to me): “Can you tell me how much my medication is that I forgot to bring the script for and have forgotten the name of is?”

Me: “……”