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(I had just gotten off of work and my depression was really hitting me hard. I was sitting in my car setting up my music when started to rain with the wind blowing hard. A knock on my window made me look up at this woman who was standing by my car with her arms folded in a vain attempted to block out the wind.)

Me: *opens car door* Can I help you?

Woman: You look like you’re having a crappy day, so I want you to take this and treat yourself *hands me a $20 bill*

Me: Oh, I can’t take this

Woman: I want you to. You look like you need a pick me up and I don’t need this.

Me: *holding back tears* thank you, I really appreciate this!
Woman: *also holding back tears* just go treat yourself, and I hope you have a better day!

(She then went into her car and drove off while I sat there crying, looking down at the $20 in my hand. I don’t know who she was and I never saw her again, but her kindness really helped lift me up out of a dark place, so thank you kind woman for risking the awful weather to help a random stranger!)

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(My family somehow has trouble remembering my birthday because it’s on or around Thanksgiving every year. They manage to remember my sister’s birthday, even though they should remember by now that I was born one year and twenty days later. It’s really not that hard. But this year on November 5…)


Me: Dad, [My sister’s] birthday is on November 6. Every year.

Dad: Now, I feel silly.

Me (to roommate): That’s NOT why we remember, remember the 5th of November.

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(I work as a security guard in an office building. I’m at the front desk when an employee opens the front door with her bike.)

Employee #1: “Can I bring my bike in?”

Me: “Sorry, but no. There’s a bike rack just around the corner” *I point in the direction of the bike rack 20 feet from her* “or there’s an indoor bike locker in the parking garage across the street.”

Employee #1: “Oh, okay. Thank you.”

(She steps away to use her phone. A couple minutes later another employee comes up to the desk.)

Employee #2: “Hi! My husband is coming to visit this afternoon. Do I have to get him a visitor’s pass?”

(The second Employee #1 notices that I’m distracted, she barrels in with her bike and is up the elevator before I can stop her.)

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(So, I just out at the park with the kid I babysit for a least an hour a day 3 days a week and everything is going good. He wants me to play with him and his friends which I do. I then feel like someone is watching me and I turned around to see a woman most likely one of the kids mom. I go onto the ground wondering why she’s staring and she comes to me and starts to rant. I am 21 years old in this story)

Woman: Shameful having a kid at your age and whats worth your playing with the others kids! Do you want to have them catch you w***reness!

(I look at her and keep a straight face)

Woman: A young adult your age showing off your kid if he is okay to have, disgraceful!

(I don’t say anything as I see the kid I’m babysitting runs to his mom. The woman then turns around to see that and goes red faced)

Me: Yeah, I’m babysitting and that’s his mom. Also He’s 11 years old and I’m 21. I would have to of been 10 years old having him and if I did have him, it would of been through r*pe.

(The woman gulped and left the park, with a young boy trailing behind)

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[A young teenager who has purchased tickets to a PG-rated film has just been caught sneaking into an R-Rated film. I happen to recall this customer, as I sold him the ticket.]

Me: Excuse me, sir. Do you have tickets for this film?

Customer: Yeah.

Me: May I see them.

Customer: I left them in the theater.

Me: Which theater? We can go find them.

Customer: Nah, my cousin has them?

Me: You do know you need to be 17 or older to see this film, correct?

Customer: Yes.

Me: May I see some ID?

Customer: i don’t have it.

Me: OK, that is fine. I recall you purchasing a ticket for [movie name], if you would like to go back in there, that is OK.

Customer: F*** you, man.

Me: Well, in that case, you’re welcome to head through that door over there.

[I gesture to the exit.]

Customer: I want my money back.

Me: Sure. If we can get your tickets, we can return them to the box office for a refund.

Customer: I don’t want a refund, i want my money back.

Me: Well, you can either get your money back or get a refund. Pick one, because they’re both the same thing.

Customer: I don’t need this s***. F*** you.

Me: Well, in that case, let me walk you to this door.

[I proceed to escort him out of the building, sans refund.]

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