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(teacher puts up map of continental US)

Teacher: “This is the MIssissippi watershed. M-I-S-S-I-P-P-I-P-P-I.”

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*I am a senior girl in high school and a huge Dr. Who fan. This happens right before bed soon before ED applications are due. I am torn between 2 schools and can’t decide which to go with.* My mom: [my name], You have got to stop avoiding it and pick your ED college

Me: uhhhhh

My mom: well where do you want to go?


My mom: ok Mrs. Who *sees me smirking and quickly adds* I mean Ms. Who.

Me: Mrs. Who? Since when am I River Song?

My mom: … [my name] …

Me: Since when am I named after myself? I don’t want to be named after myself…

*goes on a little more with me making who references and her trying to get me to stop* My mom: fine just go to bed…

Me: thank you. *gets up and walks away*

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My friend recently got a new car that he’s obsessed over ever since. He spent a good 20 minutes drying it when there was a break in the rain, although I had text him afterwards that it would rain all weekend. He promptly text me back saying to “Let me have just this one thing!” Later that day we went for a drive, and we were finally pulling into the carport.

Him: HA! See, not a single water drop on her.

Right at that moment, a huge water drop lands on his window shield right in front of me on the passenger side, while I stare at it and try not to die laughing. It takes him just a second to notice.

Him: OH COME ON!!!!!

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(I’m at an airport and I head over to buy a pack of cigarettes from a store. By then I know the drill and since I look young I’ve got my passport ready.)

Me: [Brand of cigarettes] please. Thanks.

Employee: Okay, can I see your ID?

*I give him my passport and he starts looking at me funny.

Employee: I can’t sell you these. Yo have to be over 25.

*The law in the UK states that you have to be 18 or older in over to buy them, at least to my knowledge, but employees are normally required to ask for ID if anyone looks like they’re under 25. As such, there are signs pretty much everywhere stating this.*

Me: *looking at him sceptically* Sir, I’m over 18, so I should be able to buy these.

Employee: No, that’s against the law. See? *points at the ‘under 25?’ sign.

Me: Actually that means you’re required to ask for my ID if I look under 25. As you can see from my passport, I’m 22.

*He still refuses to sell me the cigarettes and I would have walked away but there were no other shops open at that time so I had nowhere else to go. I ask to see the manager.*

Manager: What seems to be the problem? *He asks me, but before I can say anything the cashier jumps in*

Employee: She’s trying to illegally purchase cigarettes. *glares*

Me: *A bit taken aback* Sir, could you verify that I am over 18 so I can buy some cigarettes? *I hand him my passport*

Manager: Yes, you are.

*The manager politely informed the employee that he can sell me the cigarettes, and I was very happy that it was too early for a line to form in the small shop. I found it very strange since I’m not even a UK citizen and knew the law whereas the employee didn’t. I felt bad for any travellers that had been turned away because of him until then, and I would guess there would have been many if they weren’t aware of this.*

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(Today has been a bad day at work, and it’s almost closing time when a 12 year-old kid walks in.)

Kid: “Hey, how’s it going?”

Me: “Not very good, but I can stand it.”

Kid: “Can I pick up an order for [Kid’s Name]?”

Me: “Sure, the order is $10.”

Kid: *pays with 50*

Me: “Alright, your change is $40. Have a great day!”

Kid: “Hmmmm…” *gives me 40″ And you have a great day too!” *runs away before I can give it back*

Me: *turns around to see manager* “What should I do with the $40?”

Manager: “What $40? Let’s close up.”

(Ever since then, that kid has came in weekly, always being helpful and nice to the employees. If you’re out there kid, I hope you grow up to be a great adult!)