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Arizona | Unfiltered | October 31, 2015

(I am fluent in Spanish, however, only a couple of my friends are aware of this despite the fact that I’m Hispanic. I’m sitting with my best friend, who is light skinned and a redhead, in our digital media class. There are a couple guys who have been making fun of her in Spanish, not knowing that I know exactly what they are saying.)

Guy #1: *in Spanish* “That redhead needs to get a tan. She’s so ugly!”

Guy #2: *in Spanish* “She will be going to hell for looking like the devil’s child haha.”

Guy #3: *in Spanish* “Come on guys, there’s no need to be rude. I find her kind of pretty…”

Guy #2: Oh yeah, with those coke bottle glasses, she sureeeee is attractive.

Guy #3: Those aren’t even close to coke bottles glasses! You two are shallow.

Guy #1: Why does that other girl *gestures to me* even hang out with her? She should be hanging out with better people other than that piece of s***!

(At this point, my friend knows that they are talking about her and looks at me with a hurt expression and asking what they said about her. I ignore her question, stand up, walk over, and handle it myself.)

Me: *in Spanish* “You guys are by far, the rudest and most arrogant c**** I have ever come across in my life! Look at you guys, thinking you have the right to talk behind someone’s back and judge them so harshly.”

Guy #2: *in English* “You speak Spanish? *goes wide eyed*

Me: *in English* ” Yeah I do a**hole *in Spanish* and if I EVER hear you two talk about anyone like that again, I will personally make sure that you’re slapped so hard, that your s*** egos will go down with your nonexistent man hood.

(I turned and went back to my computer and hugged my friend. Hers, as well as the two guy’s jaws dropped to the floor, even though she didn’t fully understand what I said. Guy #3 came over at the end of class and apologized for their behavior, and even got my friend’s number! They’ve been dating since. If you’re going to talk crap, at least make sure no one around you can understand!)

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Northampton, UK | Unfiltered | October 31, 2015

(My sister and I are talking about the ‘Political Correctness Brigade’ that we have in the UK. They basically say that we cannot adhere to common traditions for fear of offending immigrants and foreign nationals).

Sister: *Quoting PC brigade* You can’t hang the British flag up on St. George’s Day.

Me: You wouldn’t the British flag up on St. George’s Day anyway.

Sister: No, it would be the Welsh flag, wouldn’t it?

Me: *Burst out laughing*.

Sister: Shut up.

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Oakland, CA | Unfiltered | October 30, 2015

(I’m in the middle of a crowded concert with a friend when my cell phone rings; I compulsively answer my phone, no matter of I recognize the number. I step to a less crowded spot on the floor, but don’t leave.)


Telemarketer*taken aback at my yelling*:”Um…yes, hello, may I speak to [My Name]?”


Telemarketer:”Geez, you don’t have to shout, you know.”


(He hung up.)

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MA, USA | Unfiltered | October 30, 2015

(My physical science teacher is fairly new to the school I currently attend, and doesn’t know many of the students well. This is how attendance in our class usually went when the school year started.)

Teacher: “[Student #1]?”

Student #1: “Here.”

Teacher: “[Student #2]?”

Student #2: “Here.”

Teacher: (getting the name wrong) “[Student #3]?”

Student #3: (sighs) “It’s (correct pronunciation)…”

Teacher: “Sorry, sorry.”

(He kept getting the name wrong for almost two weeks! My friends and I had started to wonder if he’d ever get it right, until one day…)

Teacher: (correctly) “[Student #3]?”

Student #3: “You said it right!”

(The entire class applauded.)

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Australia | Unfiltered | October 30, 2015

I work in a Council call center that deal with all Council related inquiries.

A new resident calls and queries a bill she’s received.

Customer: I have this $250 (this is a very high bill) bill what is it for?

Me: What does it say at the top of the bill?

Customer: [Council name] Water & waste.

Me: Well that’s your water bill.

Customer: Water bill for what?

Me: … The water you’ve used on your property.

Customer: Why do I have to pay this?

Me: Because we charge for water that is used at a property just the same as electricity.

Customer: Oh well I can understand paying for electricity cause that has to be like made but water falls from the sky and should be free.

Me: Well we have to collect the water from a dam, treat it so you can drink it and for you to use. That’s why we charge for it.

Customer: (starts getting angry) Well that’s just highway robbery. I can’t believe you do that to people. Water’s free from the sky’s and is a god given right and you shouldn’t be robbing people of something that is free. That’s f****** stupid.

Me: Well if you feel that way maybe think about getting a rain water tank? And then you won’t have to pay for water anymore.

Customer: And what waste more money on something I won’t use? You’re just f***** stupid if you think I’m going to waste more money.That is just f****** ridiculous.

[hangs up on me].

I had the agree with the last thing she said. Because I don’t quite understand how she won’t need to use water.

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