The Final Ruling

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(For my 13th birthday party, I have a sleepover with about half a dozen of my friends, most of whom know my mom pretty well already. We’re a generally well-behaved bunch, but before she goes to bed, my mom comes into the living room to make sure we’re all right for the night. My friends and I are all feeling a little silly at this point.)

Mom: “All right, I’m going to head back upstairs. But before I go, I want you to know that I just have one rule–“

Friend #1: “No burning the house down?”

Mom: “All right, I just have two rules–“

Friend #2: “No stealing your car?”

Mom: “I just have three rules–“

Me: “No sneaking out to meet boys?”

Mom: “Stop! Okay, I have a lot of rules!”

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(I’m a delivery driver for a flower shop. I go to an address but no one answers. My boss tells me to call the customer’s number. When I dial it, it shows up as a number from Pennsylvania.)

Customer: “Uh…hello?”

Me: “Hi, this the deliveryperson from [Flower Company] and…”

Customer: “Huh?!”

Me: “There’s flowers for you, do you want me to leave it on your doorstep or have you pick it up later from the shop?”

Customer: “What? I don’t understand? Sweetie, you know that you’re calling Pennsylvania, right? My phone’s showing you as a Virginian?”

Me: “Yes, I know. This is the number that was given to me when the order was placed.”

Customer: “No, you’re calling Pennsylvania, understand? You’re from Virginia and you’re calling Pennsylvania!” *laughs like I’m absurd*

Me: *getting frustrated* “I said I know and…oh never mind.”

Customer: “Hold on, let me put my husband on.”

(Her husband came on and he understood immediately what I was trying to ask and told me to leave it at the door. Apparently his wife didn’t understand that different states could call one another or that doing so was silly.)

Parents Are (Pea)Nuts!

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(At our store, there is an open bin of salted peanuts, still in the shell, that you can scoop into bags. As I am finishing up with a round of stocking, I notice a kid holding himself up over the edge of the bin, grabbing peanuts, licking the salt off the outside, then dropping them back into the bin. I immediately hurry over.)

Me: “Hey, bud. I need you to get down from there. You can’t be licking the peanuts; you don’t know how many people have been touching them with dirty hands before you.”

Kid: “Eww!”

(He hops down, and I start reaching for a bag so I can try to scoop out the contaminated nuts as best I can. Then, I feel a hand on my arm which yanks me backward. I turn, just in time to duck away from a swatting hand. There is a lady standing behind me, looking livid.)

Woman: “How dare you?! Who gave you the right to talk to my son like that?”

Me: “Ma’am, he was licking the peanuts, which is unhygienic and a health hazard. He can’t…”

Woman: *red-faced* “GET ME YOUR MANAGER!”

(She tries to swing at me again, and I duck backward. One of the managers from the deli comes hurrying up.)

Manager: “What’s the matter? What’s going on here?”

(I speak up before the woman can shout some more.)

Me: “This lady is upset that I told her child to stop licking the peanuts.”

(The manager’s face screws up in a look of distaste.)

Manager: “Yuck.”

(The woman let out a wordless scream and dragged her son towards the front of the store, leaving her cart behind. I ended up putting it away after scooping the top layer of peanuts into bags to be written off.)

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So I was at work sweeping near the window, and I see this man in a hoodie looking suspicious staring inside, and I couldn’t see his face. And honestly I got really scared. And since there is a gun range right next to my work, we’re always on high alert. So I told my boss. And my boss goes and looks for him. Once she found him, he starts yelling saying that he saw me “run” to my manager and say something about him. And that he thought I was his wife (keep in mind his wife is about 5’7. And is like a freaking bus wide. And then he bought up the race card saying just because he’s black and wearing a hood, he’s automatically a suspect and trying to start something. (Keep in mind he is yelling. Causing a scene. And EVERYBODY who is working at this very moment is black including myself ) and he points at me and yells, THIS IS HER FAULT. And then my Co worker jumped in about the gun range next to us and high alert. That’s when the wife jumped in saying that my co-worker called her ignorant (Which never happened since all she said during the entire scene was about the gun range). At that point, I went in the back and started crying. My boss was about to call the police, but then they cancelled their order and stormed out.

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(I am working the box office with an employee who needs to be trained in a few things—he knows the basics, but hasn’t worked a busy night. A man exits the theater and waits in the line to buy tickets from my coworker. Neither I nor my coworker recognize him. Note that it is our policy not to assume anyone is a senior.)

Customer: I asked for senior tickets!

Coworker: Alright, sir, just a moment, I’ll take care of that. [To me] How do I do this?

[I have my own line, but give instructions as best as I can—he’s having to learn on the fly, but he’s patient as I walk him through, as is my customer.]

Coworker: Okay, do I just give him the five dollars?

Me: No, you have to click “Sell,” and it’ll take you to the screen—it will say how he paid. [I finish my current customer and look at my coworker’s screen. It appears that he paid with a gift card, and we have to put the balance back on that, or we have to have a manager.] Okay, sir, I just need the gift card you paid with to give you the refund for the lower price.

Customer: I don’t have it!

Coworker: [To me] What do I do?

Me: You’ll have to get a manager.

Coworker: Okay.

Customer: You should’ve sold me the right tickets in the first place! You don’t know what you’re doing!

[I’m already taking care of another customer, and the family behind him has children—they’re snickering at how abrupt and mean the customer is being.]

Me: Sir, he’s learning.

Customer: I SEE THAT!

Me: No one learns instantly, sir, and he’s doing his best.

Customer: Well, while he’s doing that, my movie’s ticking away! You stay out of it!

[I’m utterly appalled. I can’t even find something to say to him, and turn back to my customer, who’s waited with utter patience for me to help my coworker.]

Customer: I’ll just come back AFTER my movie, when you figure it out!

[My coworker stares, just as I do, and watches him stalk away.]

Coworker: …What do I do?

Me: Go ahead and sell tickets. When we find a manager, we’ll explain what happened. I’ll write a note to go with the tickets. [Turning back to my customer, I can tell I’m shaking—I’m upset, as there was no reason for him to abuse my coworker that way.] Sorry about that, sir. Here’s your tickets, and your 3D glasses.

My customer: I hope he was abused as a child to treat you like that. [Scowling, but then he smiles.] Thank you. [Meets my eyes.] You look like you could use a genuine one of those.

Me: [My mouth falls open, and I don’t know what to say to the first part of that, but I’m thankful he’s not angry for the wait.] …Thank you, sir. Truly.

[The following customers are also very kind, and when the line is gone, a manager finally arrives. After explaining the situation, she puts the refunded amount on a new gift card, and promises she will wait outside the theater as the movie ends so that he can’t cause more trouble, and assures both of us that we’re not in trouble.]

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