Not In Line And Out Of Line

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(I am organizing the line for the next tour of one of our historic homes. Only the house itself is by tour; the gardens are free for guest to explore on their own. It has been unexpectedly busy, so the previous tour has filled up, and we’ve had a constant waiting line for about an hour.)

Me: “All right, everyone! Thank you so much for waiting. We should be stepping inside in just a moment.”

Guest: *coming from the garden* “Can we go in with that tour?” *pointing to the previous, full tour just finishing its orientation*

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but that tour is full. If you’d like to join the line for the next tour, it should be starting in just a moment.”

Guest: *annoyed* “Well, since we were in the garden, don’t we count as being in line?”

Me: “Uh… No, ma’am. You do have to be in line, to be in line.”

Guest: “Well! You should have told us that twenty minutes ago!”

(I thought for sure she was going to throw a fit, but the guest in the front of the line started giggling and that seemed to take the wind out of her sails. The kicker is, our tours go in every ten minutes. While she was “waiting” in the gardens for twenty minutes, two other tours would have gone in without her.)

Not In Line And Out Of Line

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(While I was working in the ticket booth…)

Customer: “What time does the 9:15 show start?”

Me: “8:20.”

No One Insults Quite Like The French

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(I am showing off some of my beginning French skills to my mom. She has taken French before, but doesn’t remember anything.)

Me: “So, I was talking to [Friend] and I told her, ‘Ma mere est drôle et trés bizarre.’”

(This translates to, “My mother is funny and very weird.” However, my mom doesn’t hear it correctly.)

Mom: “Did you just call me a drooling loser?”

Me: “No!”

(Ever since then she has told everyone that I called her a drooling loser.)

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I was at the craft store and asked an employee if they had any thin, nylon rope.
Employee: Hmm, I think we have some over in “crafts.”
Apparently, there’s a “craft” section in the “craft” store.

Mis-Managing Their Expectations

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(I am applying for a management position at a grocery store near me. They don’t have many requirements for the job, saying, “Some management experience may be required.” So, I go in, and they immediately say:)

Recruiter: “You’re not qualified for this position. You need at least ten years of experience in a management position.”

(I ask about the shift manager position, which is below what I am going for.)

Recruiter: “You need five years of management experience for that.”

(I’ve been out of college for a little over a year now. I’ve struggled to find a job that I’m qualified for, since most positions do require a lot of experience, and I’m working retail for now. However, in every other job description I’ve seen, it states exactly how much experience they want. The girl who was interviewing me, who wasn’t that much older than me, wasn’t rude, but she wasn’t polite either. They offered me a job as a store associate, but I turned it down. I would rather work where I am currently than work for a company like that.)

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