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I was about 17 at the time working in a farm supply store. I’m very friendly and out going which can lead people to be top comfortable with me. I am in the clothing section straightening up. A customer comes by
Customer *slaps my butt* are you wearing underwear?!”
I don’t like to be touched in general let alone by people I dont know… So rightfully I am livid.
Me ” NO, I’m not but that is none of your f****** business and If you touch me again I will break your nose”
C- ” I was just playing”
M- “play all you want but don’t EVER touch me”
He left, I went to my manager eho chased him to the parking lot. Not Sure what was said but I never saw him again.
I also had pink hair at the time and another customer asked me if the carpet matches the drapes. His wife was around so i replied ” perhaps, lets see what your wife thinks” he never came back either.

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The grocery store I work let’s people order their groceries online and pick them up later. I have just finished shopping an order and I call the woman to let her know and discuss any out of stock items.
Me: Hi, is this (Name)?
Woman: Yes.
Me: Hi, this is (My Name) with (Store) Online Shopping. How are you today?
Woman: I’m good.
Me: Good. I wanted to let you know I finished picking your order, and we did have some out of stock items today.
Woman: What store are you from?
Me: (Store).
Woman: I didn’t order anything from (Store).
Me: You didn’t order anything from (Store)?
At this point, my supervisor take over.
Supervisor: You didn’t order anything? Is this (Name)?
Woman: Yes.
Supervisor: Hm…is your number (Number)?
Woman: Yes. But I didn’t order anything from (Store).
Supervisor: That’s interesting…someone just probably put the number into computer wrong. Have a good day.
We never did figure out what happened, and we had to email the correct woman about her order.

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I was out on the floor when a woman and her teenage son approached me.
Woman: Excuse me, do you know where this item is? (She proceeds to search through her phone to find a picture of the item.)
Son: Mom…
Woman: Just a second. She’ll know exactly where it is.
(I look over and the son has found them at the end of aisle 7.)
Son: Mom…
Woman: …Here. Do you know where this is?
Me: Aisle 7.

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I am ringing up an elderly lady. Everything goes fine, then I hand her her change.
Woman: Oh, your hands are so smooth. Do you do dishes?
Woman: Okay. Have a good day.

This Is Why We’re In A Recession, Part 94

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I work for a credit card company.

Customer: “My card was declined. I need you to fix this right away!”

Me: “Ma’am, your card is over the $400 limit. Also, I see that you have never made a payment. You need to make a payment in order to keep using this card. I can take a payment over the phone.”

Customer: “I don’t have to pay for this! You guys sent me this card; I just use it!”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, but you need to make a payment in order to continue to use this card.”

Customer: “I thought this was all paid through advertisements! I don’t have to pay for this! You sent me the card!”

Me: “…”

This is not the first time this has happened to me. Nor will it be the last.

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