Regroup When You Can’t Recoup

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(The store I work at has a “super double coupon week” every so often. However, there is a limit of twenty coupons per store card per day.)

Me: “Find everything okay?”

Customer: “Oh, yes.”

(I scan her store card and she tells me how she wishes she had more time to shop, but she has to pick up her grandkids from school. I see her with a big stack of coupons.)

Me: “Are you aware there is a twenty-coupon limit?”

Customer: “There is?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “I didn’t know that. I never coupon, and I don’t have time to go through and pick out what I want.”

Me: “I can get a manager over to void the whole transaction.”

Customer: “Yes.”

(I call the manager on duty over.)

Manager: “What’s the issue?”

Customer: “I didn’t know there was a twenty-coupon limit. I spent over two hours shopping and I need to get my grandkids!”

Me: “She wants the whole transaction voided.”

(The manager voided the transaction, and we gave her overflowing cart to a bagger to put back. The manager ran to catch the woman and give her the coupons back, but she didn’t want any of them back.)


Snaking Out Of That Argument

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(My husband and I are in a heated argument.)

Me: *at a volume of 11* “You are so inconsiderate. Acknowledge my feelings. You’re acting like an a**hole.”

Husband: “You know, one time I removed a pair of mating snakes from under the deck because I knew it would freak you out. That was pretty considerate of me.”

Me: “Really? Well, that was nice of you. Poor snakes, breaking up their sexy party.”

(We both laughed and that was that.)

Freeze, Turn Around, And Go Back

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(I’ve worked at a convenience store for almost three months, and a common problem we’ve been having is the customers not closing the sliding door to the ice-cream display freezer when they’ve chosen their treat. Because of this, I have to close it quite often, which is annoying to have to constantly do. Today, I close the door while a customer in their mid-30’s is browsing the popsicle freezer next to me.)

Customer: “Oh, that must be such a hassle, having to close that after some careless idiot!”

Me: “It’s really no problem, though I wish people would think about what they’re doing a bit more often.”

Customer: “Well, I hope it gets better!”

Me: “Thank you!”

(The customer then left the freezer door open and walked away.)

Unfiltered Story #124702

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(I’m bagging when a father and daughter come up to the register with 20 2-liter bottles of soda in their cart. The cashier rings them all up and I put them back in the cart.)

Father: “This should last us a week.”

Daughter: “Just a week?”

(They notice that I’m stacking them up in a pyramid shape in the cart. However, I cannot complete the pyramid as I am one short.)

Father: “Darn it! Now I want to go get one more.”

Daughter: “No!”

Father: “But it’s gonna bother me! If only it was 11 on sale and not 10.”

Daughter: “No.”

(As they leave, I notice them stop and father took a picture of the bottle pyramid. I have never had someone take a picture of a bagging job before.)

Senior’s Motto Expects Grins

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(I work at the checkout at a grocery store that, on Thursdays, offers a 5% discount to seniors. Naturally, we get a lot of seniors on Thursdays. Near the end of my shift, an elderly gentleman comes to my lane.)

Me: “Hello, do you have a [Store Card] today?”

Customer: ‘Yes, it’s [telephone number].’

Me: ‘Okay. Did you find everything okay today?”

Customer: “Yes, I did.”

Me: :Great. Are you having a good day so far?”

Customer: “Well, you know how people say T-G-I-F?”

Me: “Yeah…”

Customer: “Well I say, S-H-I-T. So Happy It’s Thursday.”

(I could only fake laugh and quickly get him out of there, making sure I give him his senior discount.)

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