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Working in a garden center, my main duty is to water the plants when not helping customers. One day, I was watering in the shade section when a woman approached me.
Customer: Excuse me, where’s your Sweet Potato Vine?
Me: Oh, follow me.
Sweet Potato Vine is one of the most popular plants in our section. I turn off the hose, put it down, and take her to them. She looks them over. We have two or three green types, and two or three purple types.
Customer: Hm…which of these do you think would look best with this plant?
I look at the plant in her cart, then I pick one of the purple types.
Me: I personally like this one best, and I think it would look good with this.
I hold the vine near her plant.
Customer: Oh, I don’t like that.
She walks away before I can suggest another type, leaving me holding the Sweet Potato Vine.

Incorporate Knowledge Of ALL Your Employees

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I go in and out of the department manager’s office all day every day. However, because I’m part-time, I have not been issued a key, despite working there for over a year.

Today, someone from corporate is visiting the store. I knock on the door and she lets me in.

Corporate Worker: “Welcome to the department manager’s office, serving you since 2007. How can I help you?”

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It’s a slow day, and I was called over to the Customer Service desk to talk with the managers. While I’m talking, a bagger comes over to me and says I have a customer. I immediately go over to assist the woman. The Customer Service desk is maybe 15 feet away from my register, easily within view. The woman starts talking before I can even say a word.
Customer: Are you open?
Me: Yes I am.
Customer: Well, your light was on, so I assumed you were open, but you weren’t here.
I look over at the Customer Service desk and open my mouth to explain where I was, but she keeps going on about how I should stay at my post. I try and ring her up as fast as possible. She got three boxes of frozen pizza and one was ripped open sightly. I notice this and I try to tell her before she interrupts me again.
Customer: Is that pizza box open?
Me: Yes it is-
Customer: You should ALWAYS tell the customer when the product is damaged. (to bagger) Go get me another one!
The bagger runs and grabs her another pizza since I had already rung it through and she didn’t want to void it. She glared at me while I finished ringing up her things and while she paid. I was already having a bad day and I felt like crying after this.

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I work in a very busy retail store, with back to college going on it’s been all hands on deck. I usually work in our human resources department but today it’s been especially busy so I helped answer the phones.
Me: Hi! Thanks for calling [street address & company name] can I help you find something?
Customer: Yes I’m looking for the location on 1121 [street name]
Me: Hmmm…I’m not too familiar with that store, I’m pretty sure we’re the only store on this street. But I’m gonna put you on hold to verify, is that okay?
Customer: Yes that’s fine.
Me: [gets information from coworker about street address and phone number] hello, sir are you still there?
Customer: Do these cookies have extra sugar in them? [clearly carrying on another conversation]
Me: Sir? Sir? Sir? [hangs ip]
Coworker: What was that about?
Me: He wanted directions and a number to the other location but when I took him off of hold he was having a discussion with someone else so I hung up.
Phone rings again.
Me: Hi! Thanks for calling [street address & company] can I help you find something?
Customer: Hi, I was just on the phone with you and I’d like your corporate number.
Me: Certainly! Let me get it from our store manager. Please hold again?
Me: Hey [store managers name] can I get the number to our corporate office?
Store Manager: Sure, why? What’s going on?
Me: This guest is upset I “hung up on him” even though he was having a conversation with someone else.
Store Manager: [rolls eyes] whatever. [gives me bumber]
Me: Hi sir! Thanks for waiting again! Here’s the corporate number.
Customer: Thank you. I’m going to complain about how people keep hanging up on me!
Me: I apologize sir….[hears click] he hung up on me!
Store Manager: Some people are just never happy…

Totally Estúpido! Part 11

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I’m next in line waiting to check out, and the customer in front of me has inserted her card into the card reader and hit a button. She is staring blankly at the screen.

Cashier: “Is there a problem, ma’am?”

Customer: “I think something is wrong with the machine; it doesn’t make any sense.”

The cashier flips the screen around toward her.

Cashier: “Oh, it’s all right, ma’am; you’ve just selected Spanish language. Just enter your PIN and press the green button.”

The woman continues to stare blankly at the machine and then looks up at the cashier with a crestfallen face.

Customer: “I don’t know what my PIN is in Spanish!”

The cashier and I just looked at one another, speechless, as the woman walked away, leaving her entire cart of groceries behind.

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